Very personal | Reviewer: Josh | 4/4/10

I think i say for all that this song really describes the personal feeling of being into the hell of addiction. And thats why its one of my fav because of i can relate to it so much especially the feelings of powerlessness, anger, longing for help and change, frustration and all that. This song is very personal to me and helped me cope with the mess i created for myself. DT is best band ever, period.

T.G.P | Reviewer: Migo | 11/6/09

This is my second favourite song from DT (My Fav is The Great Debate from the same album). The Twelve-Step suit ends with the song Shattered Fortress form their last album Black Clouds & Silver Linings.

Eerie Intro | Reviewer: Stephen 'Riot' Carlton | 8/3/09

I love the song when the first time I heard it, the Intro is eerie in my opinion. The eerie part start when I'm at the local internet cafe playing Left 4 dead and they play the song. And, my god.... the song really fits into the game real fast and easy. LOL i'll stop talking about left 4 dead now. As for the song I love the Chime intro, it feel like you're alive and aware that you're in the darkness. The intro really want you to listen to the whole song, but IMO the intro and II Restoration are my favorite part of this AA Suite.

A New Understanding | Reviewer: Brett | 9/9/08

This song is amazing, i've loved it for a long time, but I never realised what it was about until after rehab, when I noticed part of the serenity prayer and reference to the 12 steps in the song.

I now have an even better understanding of this amazing song.

Amazing | Reviewer: Arekusu | 12/3/07

This song is amazing.
Every time I listen to it, I feel a very personal tie to this song, as I can relate to it.

This song blow up your mind!!! | Reviewer: Mario | 9/20/07

I like very much DT. I started to heard it with the album scenes from a memory...and i dont have words to describe this pieces of art.

I think "glass prison" is the second best song in the "inner" album, because the second CD and the hole section on that CD is the best of the album. Long live DT...!!!

Gente de quieres escuchar algo poderoso y totalmente rico en estructura y composiciĆ³n musical...escucha Dream Theater...y luego puedes morir en paz :)
Chaufa mis broders!!!

Wenso | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/07

About the song
I love that song
It is the first part of Mike Portnoy's Alcoholics Anonymous suite followed by this dying soul from Train of Thought, the Root of all evil from Octavarium and Repentance from Systematic Chaos

Glass Prison | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

awesome song. 7 string guitar needed for this song though, so anyone planning to learn it need one. and wah pedal.

wow | Reviewer: rob fitzgerald | 6/26/07

this is one of dream theaters most amazing song, especialy when u look at how personal it is to portnoy. it gets even better whne u cut it up into the sections with the other songs and thne put them in the rigjt order (makes the 12 steps of his acoholics program)
if you like this check out there scenes from a memory album, the story lines and how it all intergrates with there other albums is amazing, ive never seen a band put os much thought in

Amazing... | Reviewer: Matt | 6/26/07

This is one of my all time favorite songs by Dream Theater. If I could play one song out of their entire repertoire live, it would be this one. I love listening to the whole Alcoholics Anonymous suite, but this is without question the best and most passionate of them all. ("Repentance" would be #2)