All Hail Dream Theater | Reviewer: Bhiswadeb Guha | 8/15/13

One of the best songs by the best band of this century. The piano solo, the acoustic guitar and the sudden transition to metal soloing is just what Lord John Petrucci is.

Lyrics, vocals are exceptional like it happens in every song but a whole lot of credit to Mike Portnoy. Expressions and emotions from drumming is the toughest job to do and he has played that card really well. LaBrie you are wonderful, sir. But Petrucci and Rudess absolutely killed it.

In love with it. All Hail the Mighty Dream Theater.

<3 | Reviewer: mark | 5/17/13

a lot of good thing were said about this song... i agree.. i love DREAM THEATER becouse his flow of emotion brought your mind in another world or in your last experience (positive or negative) and make you think a lot about what you have done and about what you have almost to do!
so I think that this song that reminds me a lot of scenes of my memories is one of the most expressive
nothing to say about Petrucci or Portnoy (only that they are to much)
thanks god they exist ù.ù bye bye

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/13

Everything about this song is emotional, the lyrics, the instrumentals, being a guitar player I could really fell all the emotion coming from Petrucci's 6-string at the end and all the emotion that Portnoy put in this, definately one of his best drum performances.

My best of times | Reviewer: Sowhat | 12/14/10

I'ts too hard for me to find words to say about this beautiful song by DT,it goes directly to each one's heart,it remembers me my best of times,previous experience,kinderspirit

Thanks DT for this song,labrie's touche is remarkable.

I hope no one cover it because noone can play it well but Dream theater

Lord wat a beautiful song! | Reviewer: Danny | 12/2/10

This is just the most heart-touchin song DT has created, or for tht matter, any band.
All credit to Mike. Simply mesmerizing lyrics. It IS sad though, how he came about to write the song. RIP Mr. Portnoy.
It is also a fact that this song has never ever been played LIVE by DT. Its always too emotional for Portnoy to perform this song live.

For all the fans who love this song, please also check out the "Wither EP" by Dream Theater, from 2009.
Mike Portnoy sings this songs himself in a special demo.

Dream theater | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/10

The song really touched my reminded me of all those precious persons that i am close to and the ones that i love.the song gave me the true essence of life.
Now i m miles away remembering of the best of times that i spent with my closest ones from whom i got the inspiration and love and i regret for not having done and said the things that i should have.

the best soong ever | Reviewer: Sarah Martin | 7/7/10

i though this song spoke to my hearrt ina way. it was so good and yet one of my favourite songs.
when i first lisned to it i new what it meants strat away. i new what he was talking about and the storie lin of it it really spoke to me.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/10

I don't have anyone Close to me that has died, really. I'm lucky. Still, I don't know why I cry with this song. I just start thinking about all the people that I care about, that I love, and I can't hold the tears. Idon't know why I cry. The song just works amazingly. Greatest in the album. Soo emotional! I love it!

Simply beautiful! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

I'm personally identified with this song because my grandfather died a few months ago, and there's a lot of things I didn't said to him and a lot of things I should said!

I don't believe in a God, but I have the hope that my grandfather is at my side and watching me, protecting me and reading this, because I need to tell him that I LOVE HIM!

Dream Theater is the best thing ever!