OK OK, I got carried away. Yeah, it's an awesome feel good song, and yeah uber-kudos to Dream Theater, but I should've known better than to post my email address. I'm sorry all you DT fans, BUT DON'T ADD ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I GET MAYBE 40 OF YOU A DAY AND (It's nice to see so many likewise fans, but...) MY MSN IS OVERFLOWING WITH STRANGERS. DON'T ADD ME, JUST KNOW IT'S A GOOD SONG.
kthxbai. DONT ADD ME!!! BE WARNED.

I feel you man | Reviewer: Alvaro | 6/16/07

Solitary Shell is a great song. I have a cover from it, maybe I'll post it on Youtube.

GENIUS MASTERPIECE | Reviewer: Mr.T | 12/12/06

It just so happens my favourite band sings a song that describes my soul. Hello out there stranger. Yes you. If you feel the same way I do... That this song seems to nail your very existence for all to see... Gimmie a shout. I'm no loner, don't get me wrong. I'm just inspired, and I search for a possible companion to share the intimate details that this song proclaims. Who knows dear stranger, I may have your answers. If you are up to it, I am a huge Dream Theater fan, and would enjoy a letter from you. My addy is I'm serious; you know the feeling of a good song.