Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/13

This is probably my favorite Dream Theater song of all time. It's kinda hard to call it a single song, due to its split nature and the length, but as a Suite, it's fantastic!

Overture: 5/5
About To Crash: 5/5
War Inside My Head: 5/5
The Test That Stumped Them All: 5/5
Goodnight Kiss: 5/5
Solitary Shell: 6/5
About To Crash (Reprise): 4/5
Losing Time/Grand Finale: 5/5

No words | Reviewer: Phantom | 6/15/11

Every part of this song was great. Even Midnight Kiss (which wasn't very liked) was well made in it's own right. My personal favorite part is Solitary Shell. Also, it's funny how this makes Octavarium or or A Change of Seasons seem like short songs.

Fantastic suite. | Reviewer: Moonlight | 8/27/10

I'm currently writing a whole project about this song, and I'm already done with 4 whole pages of small text, but I just can't stop; Long masterpieces deserve long reviews. I love how they've managed to make it alternate so much, while still all in all being a single song, but then again, is there anything these guys can't do? Hehe =p

Superb | Reviewer: Nephets | 8/24/10

By far one of the best modern compositions in any genre, it takes the metal, prog, classical, and even the country scenes by storm.
I doubt there is any one single song better than this, Dream Theater has done it again.

I want to be Dream Theatre when I go up. | Reviewer: | 1/21/10

Overture: 5/5
About to Crash: 5/5
War Inside My Head: 4/5
Test that Stumped Them All: 4/5
Goodnight Kiss: 2/5
Solitary Shell: 4/5
About to Crash (Reprise): 5/5
Losing Time/Grand Finale: 5/5

Amazing. Technically, lyrically, musically brilliant. Best Dream Theater ever.

genious.. | Reviewer: six degrees | 10/11/08

its far more complicated than you think it is.
the song is about six people with six diffrent stories, "The Six Degerees". each Degree is another desease-
about to crash: degree 1, bipolar disorder.
war inside my head: degree 2, post traumatic disorder, like soldiers do after war. (Vietnam, napalm showers)
the test that stumped them all: degree 3, schizophrenia.
goodnight kiss: degree 4, post partum depression.
solitary shell: degree 5, autism.
about to crashe (reprise): about the same girl from her point of view.
losing time: degree 6, split personality.
grand finale: it explains that we need to treat them normally.

Unbelievable.... | Reviewer: virus x | 8/15/08

when my friend told me about this song and that it is 42 mins... i didn't want to listen to it....
but then... like any other person who likes this band.... i bought the dvd SCORE and i was simply blown away... .this song is unbelievably long but it's written in a way that's too good to describe.... definately a great piece of art.

dream theater are my gods... and im dying to get my hands on the much anticipated DVD Chaos In Motion....

Simply a masterpiece | Reviewer: Claudio | 1/11/08

I didnĀ“t listen to the whole song at first because I bought Live in Budokan, so I could only listen to four parts of the song. Nearly one month after this my brother bought Score, in which the song is recorded entirely. The sensation I felt when listening to it cannot be described with words. This is one of those songs that are not just songs, this is an experience on itself. The way the lyrics are written, the content and the musicianship and capability to write something so extended without being boring is well deserved to be admired and respected. Dream Theater is the most influencial band nowadays. The new bands and musicians from this age are not good enough but luckily we can count with this band and others from the past that are still creating great music.

masterful | Reviewer: cpg | 11/4/07

In my opinion one of the greatest songs of all time. you cant get much better than this. It is an instant classic that will live on.

in one word - godly | Reviewer: mark | 8/26/07

an amazing song, a prog masterpiece. starts out with an entire orchestra for part 1, part two is really proggy with lots of time changes, parts 2 and 3 incorporate some metal influences, 4 and 5 are soft ballads with beautiful piano, 6 is basically 2 revisted, but heavier, and the ending is really dramatic and ties everything up perfectly.

How are you so good?! | Reviewer: Dreaming Of This Theater | 5/18/07

Ahh this band is the god of progressive metal. John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy you guys are my favorite. This is my absolute favorite song and I always listen to this when I have the time. All Hail Dream Theater

They Are So Awesome!! | Reviewer: Renee M 25 | 2/10/07

OMG!! Dream Theater I Love This Band And I Love Their Songs And I Have So Much To Say But Those Are The Most Important Things I Have To Say Well Bye!