In memoriam of victims | Reviewer: Some dude | 11/14/13

Sacrificed is more of a song that speaks about what everybody was thinking during the days that followed the so called attacks. Let me get this straight, everytime there is a terrorist attack in some country it will always come from the inside, govt. or not. Just remember Timothy McVee (not sure how to write that one). Now, with that said, those lyrics were made using what they knew of this tragedy at that time, of course new evidence of inside job appeared with years but just go back to this date, the whole world was first-thinking that Islamists did it. Putting this song in context you can actually start to understand that this was composed not to point at who's guilty but to put words on all the questions that was revolving around the events.

When "Who would whish this on our people?" is asked you could put pretty much any answer that would seem logical to your mind in regard of what you deeply believe since what follows can be applied to almost any "organised" religions like christians, muslims, jews, etc. Since USA will read the bible for most of it's population you could relate the chorus to the bible. You could also use the same chorus with muslims or jews.

Now, about this "Scriptures they heed have misled them", everyone should keep in mind what happen recently when some crazy old pastor was sure that the end of the world was coming about 2-3 years ago in USA. This thing got so ridiculous that people would maxed out their credit cards, quit their job and sell everything they had just to spread the news that the world would end.

If this can help make it a little more clear, everytime there is a war declared by US govt. it's always in the name of god since In God We Trust. Also, keep in mind that any lie is better when bigger for this kind of thing, 9/11, Pentagon, London Subway and so on.

Sacrificed Sons was more of a victim point of view in my opinion. Telling what the people were thinking during those events. Those of view who tried to use the songs to point at who is really responsible for those attacks should think about reconsidering their position on that and, therefore, stop reading too much between the lines. Anyways you might think I'm totally wrong or right but, for now, that is just what I'm thinking of it.

P.S. forgive the mistakes, I'm french.

Who would wish this on our people? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/13

I've been a fan of Dream Theater for most of their career and I like their concept albums and themes but this song annoys me. 'Who would wish this on our people?' Look around...The US has been bombing middle eastern countries for decades as well as exploiting them for resources. But the idea that this is just blowback is crazy. There is too much information of cover ups and lies by the US govt prior to the incident and after that stinks of a false flag operation. 911 is more akin to Hitler's burning of the Reichstag and the gulf of Tongkin incident. Nothing keeps the elite happier and more in profit than perpetual war. I feel sad for those who lost their lives needlessly that day and the majority who believe the embedded mainstream media's propaganda which vilifies others for the crime.

muslim extremists | Reviewer: Anonomous | 7/6/13

like everyone else before me stated, this songs has to do with 9/11. I believe it's not talking about the christian faith being the problem, but the muslim faith. "Who would wish this on our people, and proclaim that His will be done," the muslim extremists bombed the trade center because they believed they're perception of God, Allah, told them to convert everyone they could to islam, and that those who wouldn't convert refused deserved to die. The bible says the same thing pretty much, but it doesn't command Jesus' followers to do it themselves, because that's a contradiction to His commandment, Thou shalt not murder.

Also, something i want to make clear, i'm not stereotyping ALL muslims, saying that everyone of them wants to kill non-muslims, the bombings were done by EXTREMISTS. not your average working joes, more like 'cult crazy.'

So, this song is just asking the brotherhood why they would do such a thing, even though we now know why.

Don't miss the point | Reviewer: MHz | 5/22/13

I believe the point of the song is a study in the duality that appears to us as contradiction in our perception of God. God is not the problem, our understanding is. The "dual" question is: Why would Allah in his scriptures tell his followers to convert "infidels", by killing them if necessary - and dually, why would Jehovah God allow the deaths of thousands, some innocent of the crimes for which they were being punished (or "converted"if you prefer)? The song doesn't so much answer the question(s), it only asks. God on high, forgive us for hate when You are the very source and entirety of Love. That is only our way, and Your ways are higher than ours...

911 was not about Religion | Reviewer: owainglyndwr1416 | 8/4/12

Anonymous is correct in saying Islamists had every justification in declaring War on the West but they didn't..What would they gain from declaring any type of war ? Millions dead and maimed.. Total mistrust of the Christian World. They would lose more than they gained ,, Now look at who had motive and did gain from ALL the recent major terrorist attacks.. The Weapons industry and Israel No-one else except for say those dual citizens who control the White House and foreign policy (AIPAC).. Not surprising then that over one hundred Israelis were arrested after 911 in the USA on Spying and explosives charges.. All of them were quietly deported back to Israel "WHY??" .. 911 was a false flag attack by the same people who tried to sink the USS Liberty...

Nice song but.. | Reviewer: John | 3/24/12

9/11 came about because of the USA's presence in the east. The USA had been bombing innocent people. They retaliated asking what makes our blood more precious than theirs. When we were bombing them, no one cared. When they attacked us, everyone went crazy. Why?

...stunning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/11

I've listened to every single Dream Theater song many times. This has to be my favorite, or top three atleast. This song means so much to me. The chorus makes me tear up every time. I lost my dad and brother that day. I'm 16 years old, and this song really gets me.

If the boot feets... | Reviewer: Manuel | 5/9/11

Anonymous, That can be applied to EVERY religion. You can get tired of finding incoherencies in the biblie too, the very book cristians funded their religion on.

Words they preach
I can't relate
If God's true Love
Are acts of Hate

How many kills God has in his count if we read the bible? just naming Sodoma & gomorra and the great flood for a start. It doesn't matter if it happened or not, the point is that the bible is the base of what cristians believe, the only source of who is god and how he is.

A song worth listening to. | Reviewer: Lea-Renee | 2/28/11

To all DT fans out there(and other people who like progressive Rock/Metal)this moist definitely is a song that is worth listening to. Out of ten I rate it a 0/10 as it was so good that my scale broke. XD

Review of Sacrificed Sons | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/09

A song which is quite obviously about terrorism, especially about 9/11, with less of the fast solo's but not without the heavy sound. the vocals are exellent and the catchy riffs work perfectly with the songs theme. 10/10