Denis Hilton Lees | Reviewer: Denis | 8/1/13

I bought my first album in 1990. I based my decision on the cover.
I have followed dream theatre since then.
My all-time best was Rush, and to see that rush had such an in fluence on the band gives me a feeling of credibility with choice.
dream Theater is my TOP band. I can't get enough.
I would love a T-Shirt.
Send me mail Please

A lover of all music | Reviewer: Theironfist1649 | 3/2/13

I have always been on the heavier side when it came to music. For example, three of my favorite bands include
2.)Avenged Sevenfold
3.) Five Finger Death Punch
However, I still (after my love for heavy metal) love this band above any other. Another strange fact is that I am on the younger side when it comes to age (being born around the time Falling Into Infinity came out.)That however does not change my love of this band. They really take the time to add art into their music and are just all around, the best musicians I have ever heard. That is, I guess, why they are my favorite band.

prog hero | Reviewer: aim yemjb | 4/15/12

I grew up listening to Maiden, van halen, Sabbath, Rainbow and all those rock hero's of that decade until I got hang up to Rush which I found out that this is the music that i'm looking for. I played almost all of their songs and I love doing it bcoz of their prog music. Until a friend of mine came back from the US in the late 80's and tell me to listen to this new prog band Dream Theater. That was the time that I found out about these great musicians and love their music style. until now I still listen to 'em all day like 24/7. I've never miss any of their album released. for me Dream Theater was THE BEST OF ALL THE BEST. even after portnoy departure they are still the BEST...

one of best bands!!!! | Reviewer: mohan thapa | 8/10/11

actually i don't hve the not more knowledge about the music but love to listen them . Then the bands like dream theater it really give a pleasure to listen . I am great fan of dream theater good job guys always give ur best to your listeners !!!

Dream Theater | Reviewer: deepp gaur | 7/18/11

actly i m speechless...this band is really awsm.i love all the songs,the time signatures,the lyrics,the bass,the guitar and everything of this band.
they peoples are very much close to "GOD" really..


The Theater | Reviewer: Joker 357187 | 5/12/10

Just started listening to Dream Theater after playing Panic Attack On Rock Band 2 I knew I would have to listen to this group more and more all I can say is wow a great band how they got away from me is simply Unbelievable I will def. look for more of there music. Keep Rocking Dream Theater

Miracle band | Reviewer: Ujank | 4/7/10

Only that word can I said to my favorite band(dream theater)
not only they music but also in every title of song have mean like real theater

in title song "the spirite caries on"
the lyric from this song, after learned me to never scare about die.

thanks dream theater
keep your rocking always
I hope You Never Stop make new song for all your fans

dream theater | Reviewer: wandri meyrikson | 1/23/10

This band too good for inspiration...I'm so like to hear what their produce,,,amazing hand produce...many tones in their mind, make a idea n give a learn to every body who's like music...

good luck dream theater

At The Gates Of St Nicholas | Reviewer: Truth | 10/31/09

And as thee saints rode in from touring the world. A mighty noise woke the heavens. God had sent for the greatest ProgMetal band in history to come up to heaven. Portnoy was first and was carried by angels, each holding drum sticks and the strange bandana he alawys wears. The second was Myung, the angels holding giant bass strings and his giant bass. The third was Rudess, being lifted along with all his pianos and keyboards. The fourth was Petrucci, who was so powerful he flew into heaven as if he visted often! Four hours later LaBrie arrives, panting, "sorry guys" he exclaims, " I had to get the bus". And that is the thruth behind Dream Theater, there musicians are phenominal, but LaBrie sounds like a whiney girl most the time an no one really likes him. Not even Myung who doesn't really fit in or say much...
That is in the name of Truth.

Sweet? | Reviewer: DTLC | 3/20/09

I started out with listening to Panic Attack by Dream Theater, then I spread out to songs like Constant Motion, Forsaken, I Walk Beside You, etc. and I just plain loved them. The solo's are amazing and I don't get how the drummer could possibly not have his arm fall off when playing Panic Attack because all he does is bang on the drums constantly. My cousin would die if he did that because he has health problems and he plays the drums. I want to be able to play the solo's from Panic Attack on guitar. It's complete pwnage!!

Dream Theater | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/09

I started by listening to liquid tension experiment which lead me to discover dream theater, getting used to the singer was quite hard as i was used to the LTE instrumentals, but after a few songs i was hooked, i got six degrees of inner turbulence for my birthday and listened to it at least 6 times within the first 5 days of owning it. i then started scouring the internet for more music and fell in love with the musical precision.

one of the greatest band | Reviewer: the jackal | 12/5/07

..well, what can i say about this band, well, it does only...change my life in music.. They are too awesome, from the first album, since donicci is the vocalist, and until the dark metal sided, Systematic Chaos, man, they are god in their music...They outlive the technicalities and skills of the past progressive bands,... well, without the band rush, pink floyd, and other progressive bands, they would not be Dream Theater, but, what do I mean is, they had furnished the progressive music to be at its best, WOW!!!!!!!!

Metropolis Part I | Reviewer: Rengga Sanjaya | 11/22/07

I think this song is very delicious, not simple, hard to listen, but after I heard, This song's gonna cool and great.. I love all dream Theater's songs, especially Metropolis Part I. This is very very good song. I never can play this song in my band. But, that's the taste of this song.. Fantastic..!! I can't say about this song anymore..
Never die Dream Theater..!!

There's no more freedom
The both of you will be confined
To this mind..
As I child I thought I could live without pain without sorrow
As I man I've found it's all caught up with me
I'm asleep yet I'm so afraid..
Somewhere like a scene from a memory
There's a picture worth a thousands words
Eluding stares from faces before me
It hides away and will never be heard of again deceit is the second without end..
The city's cold blood teaches us to survive
Just keep my heart in your eyes and will stay alive
The third arrive..

dream theater | Reviewer: Anwar | 11/19/07

Love progressive metal, portnoy, petrucci, simply the best love the band, i would wish they never die, physically and musically, this music is the most high expression of art in music, metal, it close to classical music in the structure and also the lyrics are not just plain they get into your soul, with the scales of petrucci's guitar and his solos music just got to become part of you, portnoy's time signature grooves gOOD!!! it pumps you up with energy, those fills that just make you want to jam, i didnt like the keyboard until i heard this band,

thanks for your music dream theater.

Dream Theater | Reviewer: Shashank | 9/28/07

I started listening to dream theater since just 2 yrs ago the first song being a change of seasons and now am their diehard Indian fan. I have fallen deeper and deeper into their music. They're the greatest musicians the world has ever seen. Their music is like DaVinci code in music... it's very deep the more you listen to it the more beautiful it becomes with discovery of new things each time u listen to them. Portnoy's timings are the best with only few people like Tony Royster being of his caliber.
In all the band is a GOD with every member being the best in what they do.
Liquid Tension Experiment also has a lot of DT influence and rocks..the music quality is the same...Captivating, Mysterious, Tranquil, Energetic, And of course very very TOUGH!!