falling in to infinity | Reviewer: whidi artha | 8/26/07

I am your fans club in BALI,i want you can teach me about your music,cause your music very wonderful, and flowing in my soul.

Systematic Chaos | Reviewer: RushinBear | 6/2/07

I have had a sneek preview of the new Album, well the whole lot really). You must get both versions (standard and the bonus DVD in 5.1 version), this is the best Deam Theater you would of ever heard, the old stuff is fantastic but this is the absolute cream of the crop. Maturity, musical excellence with influences from themselves and other brilliant bands from the last 20 years with a new fresh outlook. A must get album when out. PS sorry for the long winded stuff I just Did, but I can't help it, these guys are the best band around.

Dream Theater | Reviewer: Kenny R | 5/18/07

I've listend to this band since i was like 10 and i still listen to day. Evry one in the band is a god at what they do, portanoy is the best drumer ever. i am so pump for there new album Systamatic Chaos Which comes out in june.

Dream Theater.... | Reviewer: Renee -25- | 2/10/07

Their The BEST Band Ever And I Have So Much To Say About Them. Their Lyrics Relate To Me So Much.

OMYGOD! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/06

Dream Theater has to be the best band ever!!! they are amazing!!! everything they do is fantastic!!! the music is crazy!!! you have to love them. trust me you listen to them, you will fall in love with the band. suggested albums-all of them well i like Train of Thought and Octavarium. they are the newest. oh yeaaaa and Suspended Animation, thats john petrucci's newest cd. he his the electric guitar player in the band. but i must say i love the drums the best...welllll actually i love it all. Dream Theater is a must.

Dream Theater Review | Reviewer: Jerry T | 11/14/05

This has got to be one of the best bands I have ever heard! Vocals are simply fantastic and their musical quality some of the finest around.