Panic Attack author | Reviewer: Metal Mark | 5/8/14

The lyrics to this awesome DT song was written by John Petrucci. He said he would get normal pre show anxieties, Stage fright if you will. But one time it turned into a full blown panic attack. And he would continue to get them at other times. Regular exercise helps to lessen these attacks. Now you know why Petrucci suddenly started getting buff! Also, writing this song helped him to communicate to others how they feel. As someone who has the occasional panic attack, he describes the attacks perfectly.

Real Panic Attacks | Reviewer: Micks Match | 3/5/12

This song came to my mind when I had a Panic attack, and i never understood what he was talking about... but what gave me chills was when he sings, "i am paralyzed... So afraid to die" how true... this song is bonechilling... i wanna know who wrote them lyrics..

Another great one from DT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/12

I am a huge fan of prog, in particular DT. I am only 14 but this song is one of my favorites o all time. Thinking about getting my band director to do a short version of this an another day, but I think this ones a little over our baritones heads. :P

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/11

I experienced my first panic attack a few days ago and this song captures the feeling and atmosphere of the attack. If i had a video of those few minutes i would like to have this playing in the background

Dream Theater new ruler of progressive | Reviewer: Merciless M. | 4/10/10

damn, this song rocks!!! really cool, i especially love the bass intro and the guitar solo. you can actually feel the power this song has. Dream Theater is the best progressive rock/metal band that has ever existed. Rush may not continue with their music, but Dream Theater will take progressive gender to a new whole level

The lyrics the lyrics... | Reviewer: Aaron | 2/14/10

The lyrics in this song and the definition of a panic attack is just dead on. Anyone know who wrote the lyrics to this song? Because after looking them up and listening to it, it gives kind of a, powerful but dangerous sense to it.

Don't Panic, hitchhikers! | Reviewer: FrustRatioN | 9/22/09

A simply amazing song. I like the rhythm changes in it. I love DT for the energy in these songs and their technical superiority over almost all other bands and the lyrics! Ah, the lyrics! Panic Attack alone can make my day however bad I feel, it is such an energizing song, it makes me aware and willing to run for my life, it gives me loads of energy. DT is one of the things that help me stay awake from day to day at school even though I find school very interesting.
(I think PA could fit an IL-2 machinima about Finnish Air Force in 1944 fighting the everlasting Soviet forces with 50 times the amount of fighters and bombers available. I'd call the movie Panic Attack!)

DT f**king rock!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/09

This is my favorite of all the dream theater songs. It just has that heavy sound to it that is awesome.. I also learned how to play this song on the drums and it rule hard ass man!!! GREATEST SONG EVER!!!

Best song ever | Reviewer: Sotos | 5/16/09

DT's songs are great, but this one is my favorite. I love the fact that the song's rhythm changes many times at this track and i love the solo part. Also it gives a powerfull sense that always boosts my mood :D

My most favourite song of the albums | Reviewer: B.E.Z | 7/1/08

After listening the entire Octavarium albums, only 1 song that attracted to me. This song 'panic attack' has never absent to be played on my cd player. The beat the rhyme, the melody. Just one word for this song: AMAZING!!

Heaviest metal song of dt | Reviewer: B.e.z | 7/1/08

I know DT for a long time since their 1st album. When it comes to Octavarium, i've found out two of my favourite songs in this albums. One of them is this song.
This songs always played at my cd player every morning. So energetic passion of this song

DT RULE! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/08

i also saw DT on the first of feburary, i went with a friend who was a mad fan, at the time, i wasnt really a fan, but they blew me away.

and well, now i love them :D

they truly are a great band

I love DT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/08

These guys are just amazing musicians... and people
i met them on the 1st of feb and they are actually really nice guys, like you could tell they were a bit over meeting the fans at every concert... but its understandable

i love this song so much, the riffs are just so entrancing they suck you in and you cant help but just move to the beat and rhythm