outstanding | Reviewer: Rivers | 4/8/10

This song blew me away the first time i listened to it. Mainly because of the intro with flute tears came my eyes, definetly 2nd favorite song by DT. My 1st however, is either MISUNDERSTOOD or PANIC ATTACK.

owen wilson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/09

full circle is probably my favorite part of the song because if portnoys sheer genius. but i like the whole song. i used to hate this song and skip it because of the boring intro but then i acctually listened to it in its entirety and i loved it. it wasnt until a while ago that i appreciated the continuum opening solo i used to skip the continuum solo but still listen to the intro

Awakenings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/09

The songs about the memoirs of oliver sacks, about people with encephalitis lethargica, a disease which causes a statue like state ("catatonic state"). a cure was found for them, waking them up many decades after they were first infected. however, they soon started to feel a great hatred towards the doctor who cured them, and eventually, went back in their "catatonic state".

Mesmerizing | Reviewer: Kat | 9/6/09

This song had me the first time I heard it. I love the theme and variation that DT often employs. I also love the 3 endings, ending all the albums since Six Degrees. :)
Seriously, this song is majestic, soaring but also gritty. It has everything I need. It should, it's long enough! One of my favorite DT songs ever, second only to Home.

OCTAVARIUM! | Reviewer: DT RULES! | 8/29/09

WTF!!!!!!!! the intro CREATES the song. Without it, octavarium would be shit. Whitout medicate, full circle, intervals and razors edge it would also be shit.Every part is needed. If I graphed DT's songs by comlexity & liking, if for example pull me under were at 2 inches, this one would reach the skies! And pull me under is my 2ยบ favorite! It gives ut a meaning. By the way, YOU try and play the intro. It's a pain in the fucking ass to play continuum.

Masterpiece | Reviewer: Muhammad syarief | 8/18/09

Octavarium. Perfect song. Elegant intro, harmonic tones that can makes crying, marvelous skill from the player, great arrangement, complete skills from jordan rudess, high speed finger from jp and jm, lead voice from james labrie, and high class drum composition from mike portnoy. Sorry if my english messy, I'm from indonesia.

WOW! WOW!! | Reviewer: MAJESTY (DT) | 8/6/09

The intro CRETAES the song. It and the ending are the most important parts of the song. If scarred didnt exist, this would be my FAV song (of all bands & genres). People with no spiritual emotions don't know what this song is about. It says that everything ends where it begins, like a FULL CIRCLE. Every part explains this in a different way/view. In a way, it says everything that is true IS true. The big crunch , we die thinking that in a "new life" we will ACTUALLY be what we desired to be, we stay in the past until it catches up with us. UNDERSTAND? if u dont, are u a retard? The universe ends and a new equal universe is created. INTIMIDATING, HUH? ............

The introduction of this song is one of the most beatiful things ever composed. | Reviewer: prog4life | 5/15/09

What the fuck? I seriously can't understand how people call the intro of the song boring... Everytime I listen to it, I cry like a baby, of pure emotion. And when the guitar comes in with the flute, I get really intense chills down my spine and my eyes just become a waterfall. Damn, so many people out there without spiritual deepness. How sad...

THIS IS SUCH A GREAT SONG | Reviewer: mollie | 12/19/08

I had never heard of Dream Theater before my brother made me listen to some of their songs. My new favorite song is now Octavarium. I do think the intro is a little bit long but i can appreciate how hard it is to play an instrument so well. Generally this is an amazing song.

TRAPPED INSIDE THIS OCTAVARIUM! | Reviewer: Shred | 10/25/08

This is an epic song. I can understand how some people find it hard to appreciate the intro but it's anything but boring. I must say I like Metropolis Pt 1 more but this is still an amazing song.

marvelous | Reviewer: colton | 8/6/08

Some people might say the intro is boring but I think it's as mesmorising as the intro to Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd. This is my second favourite song by Dream Theater: The best is Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

truly a great masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/08

This is one of the best songs you'll get to listen in your whole life by one of the best bands. It has the most amazing lyrics and a whole variety of styles. The intro might seem boring to a lot of people, but its what creates the song. A truly great 24 minute masterpiece..

Phenomenal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/08

Breathtaking song.

Those saying the first 3 minutes are boring probably aren't aware the kind of musicianship using a continuum fingerboard takes. (A trained ear, memorization, flawless timing, perfect pitch and tone changes, etc.)

I think it adds to the progressive element of the song and serves as a perfect ambience before one of the best Dream Theater songs.

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/07

THE INTRO IS BORING. THE FIRST 3 MINS NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS. And i think some parts are a little repetitive, unlike some other reviewer here.... However, overall, this song is extremely well constructed, epic, and, for the most part, enjoyable. The flow of the song once you get in to it is undeniable genius. However, I still believe as far as 20+ DT epics go, A CHANGE OF SEASONS is at least 100% better than this song. As such, if you enjoyed this, please, listen to A change of seasons. You shalln't regret it!

NO ONE CAN BEAT THIS | Reviewer: 4pedz | 12/7/07