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Performed by Dream Theater

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A great composition | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

This is one of the best progresive rock songs I have ever heard (but the best it's still Thick as a Brick from Jethro Tull). It's a masterpiece...

(Sorry for my bad english... I'm from Spain)

Unique masterpiece! | Reviewer: JabaDisa | 11/28/07

This is a song of genius! Although in the beginning I didn't like all of it, after listening to the song a few times I loved it! The lyrics are also amazing, go perfectly together with the music.

most amazing song ever!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

this songs totally awesome. after you listen to the whole 24 minutes of it, you don't feel like you've just listened to one really long song b/c each of the 5 parts sounds so different but it all goes in a nice flow & rhythm. i love it cuz its never repetitive and the lyrics are purely amazing!!

definitely amazing | Reviewer: Demostenes | 10/29/06

The intro is unfortunately a little bit boring (first 3 minutes), but i agree with the guy above me. Although did not like some parts too this song is truly amazing.

amazing | Reviewer: bob | 12/22/05

although a few parts i didnt like the overall song is amazing and i would recomend anyone to listen, and proplerly listen to the music and lyrics, whenever they have a spare 24 mins

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