My take... | Reviewer: D. | 5/8/13

To me, this song is simply a long string of metaphors that relates to everyone - we all feel people don't "get us" like we "get ourselves". We're all special in our own way, or at least that's how we see ourselves, but the people around us think they're above us. It's also about the presence we try to project, and about what people think of us compared to who we really are.

The line "If I seem superhuman I have been Misunderstood" in particular reinforces this idea: if I seem superhuman, that is someone to look up to, someone who would make an ideal role model or someone mature, I have been misunderstood - I am not those things despite what people tell me.

Rjinn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/11

This song is about what people with bipolar disorder almost exactly go through and identify with personally. I could probably speak for most and myself that this is a perfect portrayal of the ups and downs.

Rock and drugs | Reviewer: juan martin | 5/11/11

My interpretation of these song lyrics may be a bit strange, but it makes sense. It is quite different to the general idea that everyone has, but i deducted it myself once i was bored, without looking at the writing of the song.
A rockstar who is on drugs. He is surrounded by everyone and thinks he "knows" them all when he actually doesent, and even though he is loved by so much people, he feels lonely because of his drugs, his daydreams of ilusion, his disconection, etc. He turnes from a god (rockstar) to God save me, from his sad reality. He tries to tell all of his fans that he shouldnt be praised and loved as much, as a superhuman, they have all been misunderstood for who he really is, a junkie.
Try to read the lyrics in context of a rockstar who is loved by all his fans, but in his reality he is a lonely drug addict who is not proud for his status.

Wow... | Reviewer: Ian | 3/29/10

ok so i have an external hard drive with thousands and thousands of songs on there and i was looking through it just now and saw the title "Misunderstood". Ive been misunderstood for years so i decided to listen to it, not expecting to actually like the song. Well i am speechless. I relate to this song. I feel like i know alot of people but at the same time, i dont know anyone

Just Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/09

At the point where the cello starts to play I always close my eyes and begin to look deep into my self in a way.
Sometimes I can totally identify with the song.. sometimes I do feel abandoned from the world even though there are people that surround me. Sometimes I really think that I don't know anybody even though they are my friends on facebook or whatever. As a leo it is probably more easy for me to feel like being lead to a cage.. and each time I hear the song I'm fascinated by the brilliancy of the lyrics.

DT sets enormous standarts in both, song writing and, of course, music. I love them.

AMAZING. | Reviewer: israel wants DT | 10/16/08

amazing. i cant even describe how amazed i am. dream theater is one of the best bands in this world, no matter what everybody says, they are. i dont really care about the lyrics so much but this time i can actually connect it. with the music you enter a different world.. amazing.
i've been at their concert in spain and im still high
dream theater=masterpiece.

power from powerlessness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/08

Powerful bass and chords highlight transitions from arrogance and self-reliance to collapse and failure, leading to spiritual rescue. I have experienced such transitions and ultimate victory, and feel all the more power from the song both musically and lyrically. In my life, I feel mistaken in the past more than misunderstood, but I identify with the song completely.

Takes my breath away | Reviewer: Gonzalo Herrera LLobeta, Tucumán, Argentina | 4/22/07

As Raúl said, DT is awasome, the band use it's knowledge to produce songs that transmit such kind of feelings like this does.
Realmente saben como incluir todo lo que saben en cada cancion que componen, no dejan de sorprenderme.

Misunderstood: Truly Genius | Reviewer: Raúl LLavaneras | 5/28/06

I think this is a great song. Petrucci actually passes all of his feelings on this song and the music is impecably, as always, coordinated, played exquisitly and the composition is absolutely amazing. It's a song that talks about how high you esteem someone and how you vision changes in a second just with one mistake. I am most convinced that Dream Theater is one of the best bands in the world in our times and all that have preceeded this time.

Raúl Llavaneras, Caracas, Venezuela