skip the test that stumped all??! | Reviewer: tecoslocos006 | 10/22/13

man you would be mad if you do that, and say that all the album it's great it just incogruent, the test tha stumped all, it's my favorite part, and rest of the song, and the start, in simply words i really love the entire song :)

Absolutely stunning | Reviewer: Orville Gilbert | 7/6/13

As the song title implies, this a a grand finale to a fantastic concept album that you should really listen to from beginning to end for full effect. Losing Time makes for a both its own song about a mentally distressed person, and a perfect wrap-up for the second disc of a phenomenal album. Whenever I hear Lebrie hit "absense of awareness, losing time," I legitimately tear up because of the beauty of the words and meaning behind the whole album. This is probably the second most emotional song this album has to offer (most emotional being Goodnight Kiss), and it's absolutely beautiful.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Pekisi | 5/29/10

This cd is meant to be leasened from the first to the last track (you can skip the thas that sumped them all as alvaro says cuz does not sums for the entire album. i mean, you can remove that song and the cd would stay great. is awsome how they manage to repeat medleys and riffs in many songs without resting interest and surprise in their songs... simply magnificent

Georgeous | Reviewer: Martiti | 12/6/08

Yep, I must say that this song is more than amazing. Well, actually I don't know any words to explain all the feelings inside me while I'm listening this one. I love, love, love set on Six Degrees.

Best Ending Ever to the best album ever | Reviewer: Alvaro Ledgard | 3/26/07

Words can't describe how great this is... listen to the whole album, skip "The Test that Stumped them All" if needed... but from Solitary Shell to the end.. it's the best thing ever made.... And I've listened to the best.