ass mouse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/11

You guys are talking crazy talk. Whatabout Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, and Opeth? These are all very popular bands that still uphold the important ideal that the music should be of high quality above all else. Saying that DT is the only real band is taking it too far!

... | Reviewer: knightmare | 2/1/10

the reason for it anonymous is cuz americans have crap taste in music today. music is a dying thing, its more of a comoddity not an art from like it should be. DT knows this so their music is the most amazing and beautiful pieces in our time. and thats why i love them so much. they keep it to an artform not a bunch of digitally altered crap (lady gaga, hanna montana, lil wayne, kanye west, etc). and when it comes to metal they actually know how to use their instruments instead of hitting 3 chords in a song and repeating through out (nickleback, greenday, jonas bros, saving able, etc). DT is the only REAL band left sadly. R.I.P Music

I can so relate to your view | Reviewer: MissCam | 10/22/08

I agree with you, Anonymous. Dream Theatre are always able to create amazing imagery in their songs. I've never heard a group quite like them. I really love the chorus. "She can turn a drop of water into an ocean". Gorgeous lyric.

Simply beautiful! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/08

This song is just pure magic. I can't believe no one has reviewed it yet. The imagery is amazing, I absolutely love the use of the water imagery. And the music, well, Dream Theater always comes through with setting the mood well. Just the combination of keys, bass line and cymbals - such a unique combo I have yet to hear in any song. Amazing song!