the deeper meaning of an dream theater song is always more then you expect | Reviewer: Tretron | 6/19/14

I listened to this song with the lyrics for many times over now and I keep finding new meanings. It is not what some poeple here claim a song against an specific religion. This song is a protest against the cults and sects that exist with in any organized religion. Besides the meaning of the song does not stay with religion for that matter. it is a protest how obsession can turn you blind. how blind fate in something can lead into violence.

It is spesicifly aimed to cults trough; in the states there are enough Cults like discribed in this song. Cults where a self proclaimed messiah twists into a power hungry dictator with the name of god as his backing.
You might think it are musslim sects but that is not the reality and that is where this song gains it power. because the song does not point and blaim. this song points out a problem and explains how some can twist into violence.
"They know no other
Life but this
From the cradle
They are claimed "
is a clear example of this.

Amazing song, but I have my take on it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/14

Of course, this song clearly demonstrates just how amazing Dream Theater is (especially the final chorus "Religious beliefs/Frantic obsession/Does following faith/Lead us to violence?")! BEAUTIFUL!!!
My interpretation is that this song is either about the post-9/11 events (listen to Sacrificed Sons, that's another amazing song by them about 9/11), or just about the evil men do in the name of religion. I am a deist, so I do believe in God, but I don't follow any specific religion. I believe that God does show His compassion for us, and would lovingly embrace our spirits in Heaven. But it is US HUMANS, not God's word, that cause people to act this way and start wars in the name of God. That is not what He wants. We can think for ourselves, and we don't have to spend countless hours out of our lives bowing down to God like a dog. Plus, our prayers never really get answered, and if they do, it's all the result of a coincidence or something else that's going on. God, in my opinion, is only there to create the universe before the Big Bang, and to show His compassion, and everlasting love for every being on this planet. But if there were other gods, they would be LaBrie, Petrucci, Myung, Mangini, and Rudess!! LONG LIVE DREAM THEATER!!!

where are your proves and facts ?? | Reviewer: alireza | 3/23/14

what's your refrences ? what you say is your idea and your church's beliefs , you clearly show that you speak like preachers without any facts , yes leaders after prophet muhammad peace be upon him used their situation to take control of people i give you a fact and an example in holy quran you can't find just one verse which said : if you convert to another religion you should be killed . it only said god will never guides your heart again to truth . killing people because of conversion their religion from islam to another religion was made by one of the persons who standed to help islam only for power , there's no fact or proves which say prophet muhammad killed someone for conversion from islam , if you read about what happend after prophet time you will found out what happend and where this tragedies came from for example read about ali and other people who wanted power or read about what was ashoura and why was it for . but first it's better if you read bible completely and see that with all these things you said about islam you'd say that torah and original faith is wrong ( you can find every part of bible in islam but not that mithraism roman jewism fundamental believes that you have about jesus )

Your Just Gonna Go In Circles with the Muslim Apologists | Reviewer: Christian Axe Slinger | 3/8/14

Great song, and I think it's clearly referencing Islam. I'm not only a conservatory trained musician, but an officer who has been involved in the Islamic conflicts in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. I've also spent five years in seminary, and have taken classes and listened to lectures given not only on various facets of Islamic scripture, theology, and apologetic approach, but several of those courses were taught by men who were formerly top notch Islamic clerics, who new the ins and outs of that false religion and its Koran. Bottom line is that Islam (study both the book and the history) is a twisted amalgamation of various religions started by a man troubled on many levels about many things. If you believe the record of Christian Scripture that Jesus is indeed fully God and fully man, and the apostle Paul's statement that even if he himself,or an angel from heaven, were to at any time preach a new gospel (which is exactly what Islam attempts by changing the gospel that had existed seven hundred years earlier) let them be accursed.

Muslim apologist (many of the untrained in history, ancient languages, the theology and textual record of either the Bible or the Koran) will just throw crap out there that is blatantly untrue. In fact, one aspect of Islamic theology is that it is okay to knowingly lie to "the infidel" to gain dominance in an argument, etc, because "the infidel" doesn't deserve any honesty or fair play. It's a really twisted religion, when you get down into it, and sanctions a lot of bad stuff. Sure, there have been Christians who have done wrong, but those individuals are following their own scheme, and contradict Christ and the apostles' teachings. When Muslims do their junk, they're actually actively following the Koran and their clerics. There's a big difference between the two systems, and as long as Islam festers in any society, you're going to see poverty, violence, dishonoring of women, dishonesty and fanaticism, and all kinds of unholy behavior.

Eartly warfare won't cure the disease of Islam, only the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit and the grace of the gospel working on their hearts. Grace and Peace (and shred).

update your knowing guys , we're not in the stone age | Reviewer: alireza | 12/1/13

excuse me guys , I want to be honest with you first of all open your fucking holy book bible and then go to Numbers 31:17 see for yourself what moses did . he killed many innocent people according to your book but prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him Said Fight back with the Unblievers . but it was after they Killed many Muslims so god told them to fight with who attacking to you but don't kill innocent people , people who are not on the war like poor people , women and children and don't steal from anyone because god don't like transgressors . second of all Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said that jesus is the messiah or in your language christ you can find it in holy quran verse 4:156-159 he never said that I am the messiah . third of all Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him had 3 sons and 4 daughters not 40 sons and daughters , the other thing is that he had 9 wives and just one of them was virgin and other ones had husbands before but they lost them in war or trips and all 8 of them was old also it is good to know that he lived with his first wife till the last day of her life with no other wife , he married with others just to protect them from that wild culture of unblievers arab not for sex . if he wanted to have nice sex with his wives then he would get young beautiful arab girls so he didn't look for sex . so the idea of this song is not about source of islam i think it talks about leaders of religions who used religion to take the power just look at your mideval age your religion leaders raped people killed people burned people in the name of god but jesus never said to kill people . also our religion leaders after prophet muhammad pbuh , did all that things to innocent people but after your dark mideval age (that age muslims was most advance Civilization in science , Medic and Maths and Astronomy) about 14th century all this happend to us which is caused by your Politic Leaders (I have proof for it ) . End of All i just want to say you western people will believe what your politic and religion leaders say to you .for example your knowledge and picture you have in your poor minds about persian empire is just what you saw in 300 movie but facts will never change and history is not going to change , we don't care what you know or want to believe about persia or islam , your minds have been controls for many centuries , you're not going to change because jews have full control of you in their hand and also our too but we know it and you don't know it . for your persons who have brains just go and read why head chief of World Trade Center was not in there in 9/11 .

this is about islamic religion | Reviewer: anonymos guy | 10/12/13

This is about the islamic religion
Because the prophet muhammad used to kill in the name of god and
He had plural wives and he first was a saint.
And he got 80 servents murdered. He had 40 suns and daughters from his wives and this song is defenetly about him.
Just for the record :
I don't have anything against the prophet or the islamic religion

my point of wiew | Reviewer: Ayman | 8/7/13

It's clear that christian people are sick of the church etc. because their religion isn't pure anymore, it viewed some changes by popes over the centuries. But I think that Islam is the right one, if you read about it and know it's true purpose and goals you would understand, don't think of it as terrorism, because those terrorists are giving it a bad image. After all, don't judge before you try, or at least know the truth about something.

Open Your EYE.. | Reviewer: Aldre | 4/1/13

what see and hear is some of the heavy metal bands like metalica- genesis, megadeth-revelation, DT etc... is revolutionary heavy metal bands.. thats why christianity and other religions always hit them with "good news" because they spil some of the dirt of the "faithful" churchess... that depends in you on how you understand the history with scripture[s] even in revelation in john's vision that christ said in asia minor that all 7 churches are anti-church of anti-christ... the true religion has been swallowed by the evil one's... the true religion is gone in this era of lies...good day loner faith believer like me.. im also a christian but i have no religion ^_^

what is more important | Reviewer: a muslim | 3/11/13

go and do a research about the history from beginning until now so then you gonna discover the true religion that we must follow (Islam) .and we have to fight the peaple who lies to creat a bad things about God and l Islam like the ones who created the (Iluminati) to governe the world and that hapenned when the Islam appeared....... to learn more informations; i advice you to read a series about (the Arrivals )

not about a specific religion | Reviewer: Amr Hamed Osman | 3/9/13

I don't think this is about Christianity,I'm an Egyptian, I was born and raised as a Muslim and I can relate this to what's happening in my country when I see politicians using religion to blind people, I think this song is a general idea about those who use religion to mislead people in order to reach their goals that has nothing to do with religion

Misleading | Reviewer: JINKY ADONA | 11/3/12

This song is eventually misleading to Christian faith.. This song is only Emphasize the four books in BIBLE ( GENESIS, EXUDOS, LEVITECUS, DUETRONOMY )in that ancient time people does't know about MESSIAH.. those time people lived in survival.. they don't have choice but to kill, steal, lust in their very eyes.. because they don't have faith in GOD.. even Moses because of his unfaithfulness did not enter the PROMISE LAND.

All religions do nasty things! | Reviewer: Cl*oud | 10/19/12

When I first read the lyrics of this song my first thought was Christians. I was raised as Christian but I hate this religion. Not religion but Church mostly. I was raised Christian and now when I can use my own head I became an atheist. All religions do nasty stuff around the world, no one is innocent.

What I think | Reviewer: Carlos | 7/6/12

I read a lot of comments, not all ofcourse but, it was all about religions... and this song is not about religion. This song is about god and the violence that creates and implies, this song is a serious claim to the human to be human and live and respect us all and our beliefs.

My best to all,
Carlos Alfaro Robles

In the name of God(s) | Reviewer: Steve | 6/4/12

I can't believe all of the people that interpret this song as a reference to a single religion but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. These are the same people that read a common book then preach hate against anyone that interprets that book in a different way. This song is about the evils of all religions! Killing in the name of god is not reserved for Muslims! What about Christians in the US bombing abortion clinics, or Dubya making comments about doing Gods work while killing thousands of Muslims! Did you all forget the Crusades? There are also references to small cults like the Branch Davidians and possibly Jim Jones in the song. Anyone with an open mind can find references to many religions in these lyrics. All religions are cults and should be abolished

everything & nothing | Reviewer: anonymus | 4/22/12

i see that there are arguments about which religion this song is about..the way i see it is that this song is talking about every religion but neither one religion..every religion has its dark part of the history..and this is what this song is about..speaking about everything and nothing..that is the way i see it