Just a christian folk | Reviewer: Doesn't matter | 7/29/10

I have nothing against any type of religion, but some religious people are just... well, talking about christians, some even go against their God's will by trying to force other people to believe in him, like the church did so many years ago, killing in the name of God, is that even what he wants? Of course not. In the same way I am against these people, I'm against those who mock religion and people beliefs because of what the church has done, of what the pope thinks, etc. I, as a christian, don't even care about 99% of what the pope says, he's wrong in so many things, every pope has been, but I take offense when people mock me for believing. I believe that Jesus walked this earth, I believe in God, but I don't believe in the church, I don't believe in the pope and I don't believe in my fellow brothers that judge people for not believing in what they do. It's wrong, and it's not what Jesus would have wanted, some christians need to open their eyes to what their Lord really wanted them to be. Every single one that lives a peaceful life, that loves their family, friends, respects other beings, human or not, have their place in the afterlife, even if they don't believe in God, some of these people that don't believe lead a much more "christian" life than a big part of christians.

Islam | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/10

i believe this song to be against islam. it is against the Qur'ran's holy jihad and sri allah. people call those who practice it to be extremeists. it is written in their book to do that, so they are supposed to. the "self=proclaimed messiah" would be muhammed. and he led followers to their death. as did he murder in the name of god.

Goddamn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/10

Why does everyone assume that this song is about Christianity? The song only says "god" which could mean any god. The lyrics point much more clearly to a cult religion. Y'know, the whole "Self proclaimed messiah", "forty sons and daughters, plural unconsenting wives" Really doesn't scream Christianity to me, where the priests are celibate.

The only problem | Reviewer: Your Name | 6/24/10

I've had some time to think, (I'm still the same person who posted under the same name). The reason why people fight over religion is misunderstanding, they believe they are right. The only way to solve this is to get rid of the problem, that is to say the people. People are the only problem the world has ever had. Therefore by getting rid of the people (all humans) we remove corruption, poverty, and all other human problems.

By the way, I have a classmate who I told about me being 75% aetheist, and when we argue and he has nothing else to say he uses his religion against me. Just a thought.

Fuck Your God! | Reviewer: Somebody | 6/8/10

Religion is a lie, and I don´t know why believers keep bitchin´. Like Glenn Benton says "Fuck Your God". Some say that religion gives you hope but what really gives you hope is the fact that you are alive.

Everybody shutup. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/10

I'm catholic and I hate it when people start an argument about religion. Yes there is/was corruption in the churches but there is whole lot more of it elsewhere in the world. The only reason religion gets such a bad rep when someone in a leading role does something he's not supposed to is because of his position. A priest is just as much human as you and I, so he's allowed to make mistakes. And most violence done in the name of god usually has alternative motives behind it. Religion would be used as an excuse, a very poor excuse in my eyes. If more people spent time practicing their faith instead of shoving it down peoples throats, we'd all be happy. All sins are forgivable, gay people are people not a blasphemy, evolution is not evil, every Muslim I have met has been a really nice person, Ghandi was a cool guy, and building Vatican city was a mistake. Thanks.

about religion (to the agnostic one) | Reviewer: TMSheik | 4/18/10

I personally don't have trouble with the religion itself. I mean, nobody really knows, and you could be right. The problem i find with religion is the people that run the religions. Those people are usually very narrow minded, and only care about power. This is a very big problem because when you assist to a church, you're helping them harm other people. So I too think we should all be good people, regardless of the religion, and respect other people's beliefs.

great song!!! | Reviewer: camilo | 4/9/10

this song says exactly what they ant to say i mean come on we have examples of this at israel the are "killing in the name of god" or isnt they sopeople relax also the inquisition killed in the name of god so they defenetly are wright

faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/10

I want to say to Will that the sun IS hotter than hell cuz in hell there is a lake of fire and the sun is hotter than fire, also I want to say that heaven is hotter than hell cuz there are more suns, and it's funnyer in hell cuz you can do what you want cuz there are no rules and in heaven yhere are all rules and stuff. But I think that its better to have n religion cuz religion has killed so many people. I mean look at the crusades: they killed a lot of innocent people cuz they were muslims. And Inqusition: people tortured to death cuz of there religion. The Roman empire: cristians were thrown before the lions cuz of there faith. Second World War: people getting killed for religions. I think that people need to see that there are pritty much bad things happend for religion.

I Just Want You To Know | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/10

*sighs* It's no wonder so many people are anti-religion these days. I mean, listen to yourselves. I agree with whoever posted below me. You're all doing exactly what this song is talking about.

Now, this is way on the opposite end of the musical spectrum from Dream Theater, but there's a Relient K song called "I Just Want You To Know". I suggest you all look up the lyrics and take them to heart. I believe that if religious people had that attitude ("I don't want to say I'm right, I just want you to know") then there'd be a lot less people hating religion nowadays. Seriously. Just share what you know, don't force upon them that you're right, because for all they know, you're just full of crap. Just thought you should know.

The problem with this world -agnostic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/10

This is a great song and it brings out exactly what Dream Theater was talking about in its listeners. Look at these reviews, everyone is getting hostile and defensive and they all say that THEY are the ones who are right. "twisting faith into violence, in the name of God." Way to exemplify exactly what they were talking about guys. Attacking other people for what you believe. What this world truly needs in tolerance. Religion, or even a lack thereof, is irrelevant and useless when finding reasons why you should do something. Why can't you just be a good person? You don't need a religion nor do you need to be against religion to be a good person who tries to enhance other's lives. Learn to be help humanity, we'll all be better off than from your petty arguments on which religion is best.

Another Christian here... | Reviewer: unknownpersonality | 1/23/10

Will, I agree with you that Jesus Christ is God. But Jesus doesn't want you to insult people just because you don't believe in Him.

To the "sunworshiper." Yes, you know the sun is there, but who created the sun? God did. Reading your post made me feel sorry for you, it really did. I'm going to be praying for you.

Convert me | Reviewer: Your name | 1/11/10

I believe religion is about "fear and hope" hope that there is a reward or some sort for doing good after you die, and fear that you will be punished for doing wrong. Second, I believe that not all aetheists are the type that goes "religion is shit". Third, I also belive that all religions worship the same god, they just have a different way of worshiping. Fourth, aetheism is less violent than religion because they have one less reason to fight about. And religion is somewhat a hindrance to progress as they sometimes see it as immoral when its really for the good of mankind.

This song shows my other belief of corruption in the system of religions, that there will come a time religion will use its followers to eliminate something they don't agree with "in the name of god".
I have also come across a statement saying "If you believe in religion and after you die you find it isn't true you won't lose anything. On the other hand, if you don't believe and find it's true, you will lose that promise of something (eternal life, etc)".

I think the best statement here is:
"Keep thy religion to thyself"- George Carlin

I am catholic, who is very unsure of his faith. I cannot call myself an aetheist yet but i may become one (although not the anti-religion type). So can anyone convice me which side is better?

to all who dont know dream theater | Reviewer: fusion860 | 1/4/10

This is the truth about the song and the muscicians in dream thater. First off this song is about mostly David Koresh and his compound from the 90's as well as other false religions who teach hatred instead of truth. I am a Christian and also been a huge fan since their first album and a I am also a drummer. Mike Portnoy is Jewish although not a practicing one as well as Jordan Rudess. John Myung is a Christian and practices his faith as well as John Pertrucci who is Catholic, and Labrie is Lutheran. So for all you fans who are anti God maybe you should do your research about the members because the band overall are with God and not your fake dont believe in anything because you cant see Him attitudes. You believe in oxygen dont you but you cant see it. Its funny the same people who dont believe in God will find it easy to believe in aliens or bigfoot or the lochness monster. Oh and the biggest one I believe in ghosts but not the supernatural all loving God, give me a break. Search for the truth and educate yourselves instaed of saying something based on an opinion you know absolutely nothing about. God loves you and keep supporting the best prog band of all time.

God Will Rein | Reviewer: Will | 12/28/09

U r the retard for sayin there is no God...there is only 1 true God and that is Jesus Christ!...whoever u r ur goin to burn in hell 4 the rest of eternity!!!!
So have fun...give me ur adress and I mail u the Hily Bile so u can read it...some ppl in this word

whoever then"sunworshiper" is...u will be burning in hell too..he'll is hotter than the sun so if u want warmth ur gonna get it freak....ur a retard to so have fun in hell with all the rest of the retarded ppl...u need to be saved and u need to repent!!!
But it's yalls choices...go screw it up