Conclusion based on lots of knowledge | Reviewer: Franck Peter | 2/16/12

Let me clarify:
This song is about Theistic-Abrahamic belief systems which have been abused systematically, by people who have other agendas than what the teachings of Abraham initially was - and what The Lord's message was.

It's in fact not FOR Theism, but contrary, against. This is what i call a "brainwashing" song. It's supposed to make the listener think that they're on his side, and support his ideas. As always, people tend to agree with lyrics of songs, merely based on the fact that it sounds good.

This song IMPLIES that Theism is dangerous. Not that the TEACHINGS (of the Abrahamic kind) are bad, but that it is being abused, and that people cannot be trusted to uphold their doctrines.

The truth of this song | Reviewer: Bob Sagget | 10/7/11

Here's what the song is really talking about! They are the ones who control the world behind the scenes! They try to use religion to keep people seprate hence the age of duality that we live in... Anyways they go by many names but all have a "common idea" New world order and they will twist "any" faith through the weakness of man... I'll start naming them illuminati, freemasons, bilderbergs, trilateral commission just to name a few... And the symbolism of their belief is on the front of the album! look it up! Its the ALL SEEING EYE! And the line saint gone astray with a septor and a gun symbolizes "Ruling with force" Governments kings etc.. and the saint gone astray is Lucifer! Do the research and see what u come up with!

Christian fanatics, not muslim | Reviewer: Poulun | 8/30/11

It is pretty clear to me that this song is quite specifically about radical christian-inspired cults like Branch Davidian (Waco, Texas / David Koresh) and Peoples Temple (Jim Jones).

In the DVD of Dream Theater performing it Live at Budokan, these are also the people/tragedies showing on the video behind the band.

In more general terms I guess this is about how people with a certain mindset can pervert scripture (of any denomination) to suit a self-serving purpose.

In the Name of God | Reviewer: Dream Theater fan | 7/20/11

Hey DT fans, just want to add a post here. The people here who say that this song is about the sins of religious fanatics are probably right. I'm a Christian myself and i used to think that this song talked about radical Islam. However, i just listened to this while reading the lyrics and i'm pretty sure it's actually talking about all religions. About how any religion taken to the extreme can do things that any kind hearted person, regardless of religion, would agree is wrong.

I'm not 100% sure, but i would even go as far as saying that the song is also specifically for Christians, not muslims. Think about it, how many people in the United States alone have done things that are horrible, and claimed to be Christians.

And for those who think that all muslims are bad, just remember there is only a relatively small group of muslims that carry our Jihad. Many muslims just want to live their lives peacefully, especially those in the US. I'm not saying there isn't the danger of Jihadists that come to the US and wait for years to attack. I'm just saying don't generalize the term "radical Muslim" to mean every one out there.

yea. | Reviewer: Behnam | 7/19/11

this is not an atheist song, JP wrote the lyrics, he is an catholic himself, he is just citing the leaders who use religion for corruption... and it's not only for islam you know, some of the parts kinda sounds like David Koresh stuff ...

i think different... | Reviewer: ─░brahim Dilek | 6/22/11

i think this song's melody is fantasic but i cant say same thing for the lyrics im sorry. 'cause im moslim guy and this song is like thought of ateist guys i think so im listening this sons every day but i dont care about the lyrics...

The subject of the song is very broad | Reviewer: CJ | 5/13/11

I don't think this song singles out radical perversions of Islam specifically. I think it's more about perversions of religion in general. I see in the lyrics some very specific references to things like Heaven's gate and David Koresh.

Sacrificed sons is definitely about Al Qaeda and the people who carried out the 9-11 attacks but this song is about people taking religion too far in general.

The truth | Reviewer: Common Sense | 2/17/11

This song is about how Terrorist organizations are using Islam to bring in followers. It does NOT refer to religion in general. It specifically mentions "profit," "Saint," and "messiah." This more or less rules out all forms of polytheism as well as judaism, since they are still waiting for such a person. Also, when you put the music along side the lyrics, the middle-eastern melodies tell you exactly who this song is talking about.

Now, this is NOT attacking Islam as a religion. It is attacking the perversion of a respectable religion for militaristic purposes. It is unfortunate that Islam is the battle cry for current-day terrorists, but it is the truth.

in the name f god? | Reviewer: gabriel | 1/6/11

i damn like that song, its truth some persons are so fanatic of their religion that they blind theirselves and lead them into violence, is not about an specific religion but all religions in general, dontbe like "aw, im felleng bad about that song, its repulssive", comme on its a good song and its a real social problem, im not religious but i had so many experiences in live an religion that its completly true.

muslim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/11

im a muslim girl who bealives in a peacefull way of live'n. realigon is beautiful, in my eyes,and i choose to live by islam, nobody forcet me into it nor "brain washed" me. its basic, the core of it is beautiful. unfortunately, there are a lot of "people" who misuse it. all the ignorant extremists who use violence in the name of god. these people are just animales in my eyes, they slander my religion and distorted the trute (No, it does not say "Kill" or "explode stuff" in our holly book"). and i think thats what the song is about.

"Twisting faith into violence In the name of God", i think it refers to all religions in general...or more to the hypocrite powerdrunk people who're "supervisoring" it.

any way, regardless to disagreements you guys may have, the song is just AMAZING! i love it, and the band as well.

keep on rockin and spreading love.

(*excuse my English, im not so good at it)

religious crimes | Reviewer: not important | 10/12/10

It's almost surprising DT would write such a hard-hitting song about the crimes of religion given some members are religious. But these guys are the best at what they do anywhere and can look beyond the mind-control teachings of their religions to some extent- DT's music and lyrics outshine 99.9% of anything from other bands. I took some of the lyrics to be a recollection of Waco where 76 died but it covers lots of religious issues, hinting back to Christian attitudes to non-believers and the hypocrisy and sexual greed and criminality of men in many (especially crazy American Christian) sects. As a scientist and atheist, I see all religion as utter fucking crap and lies, followed by people who can't think for themselves or rationalise. Big religion is run by idiots or greedy people or both and preys on the uneducated (especially Christians in Africa). This song goes some way to highlighting that and the utter hypocrisy of religion though black and death metal are more sharply focused on the target (e.g. Dimm Borgir).

really people? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/10

after reading the lyrics of this song, it becomes quite clear what its about. its not about christianity being evil, its not about islam being evil, its not about any religion being evil. personally, i am a christian and i think islam is a load of crap but thats completely irrelevant here. this song seems to be about a historical event. some guy claimed to be some prophet sent from God, and he distorted christianity or some religion and gained hundreds of followers. it seems that he practiced polygamy and probably rape, and then in the end, killed 80 of them. 40 men, 40 women. i hate to break apart your argument over religion being crap, but thats really not what the song is about.

just a thought | Reviewer: zen | 9/14/10

well i think, this song does not particularly refer to any religion(or shall i say it's not all about that religion) it's about the people who believed in that "not so all about religion", I for one, at first thought that this song refer to Christianity itself but i proved myself wrong lately. There are many religion in this world that people belong too, because i think people is in search for the truth everyday that's why they shift from one religion to another, it's just a song that reminds us of what we have done for our idea's and belief, and that's why i truly respect Dream Theater for making this wonderful song haha, by the way sorry for my wrong grammar, i'm not that fluent in english...

In the name of god | Reviewer: Christian | 9/9/10

I really dont believe in anything. But I do atleast respect those who do. I am christian but I still think that church and religion is just 1 big brainwash mindfuck. But well let people belive if they do, not my problem. Dream theater for the win. So beautiful music.

response to 'islam' | Reviewer: eman | 8/22/10

wow this is not about islam at all. Only your racism and ignorance make you to believe that.

It's about the shames of religion in general...(not to mention the fact that they mentioned the word crusade instead of jihad)
Duh...stupid american stop hating on islam just cause you are raised to hate them