come on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/09

well i think this song is directed towards jihad beliefs, when a self proclaimed messiah (maybe Bin Laden and what not) from underground religion turning towards mainstream. Justifying violence whilst citing from the Holy Book (Quran perhaps?). To my knowledge, the prophet Mohammed lived in period of war, so some of his teachings probably can be intrepreted as violent. So its a matter of interpretation by the people.

Christian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

religion, constantly used as a derogative word.
its a word to describe all beliefs and faiths, science is a belief so its a cannot blame religion or any particle belief for killing and stealing, but its ones own responsibility.

Christianity is a lifestyle, if u follow the Bible correctly, there is nothing religious about it. It is about following the example of Christ as well as Gods constant love and mercy for mankind.The Bible teaches the virtues of life, and it never states that people must do good things in order to make God happy. Faith in Christ is difficult, but it is the only way to reconcile with God.

religion is man made | Reviewer: voice of the faithful | 3/24/09

i'm a christian and i believe in jesus to be my saviour. but i need no man made religion with ridiculous rules. the only rule to follow is "love/treat everyone like you love yourself/like to be treated by them". the truth of a faith lies in freedom and peace. there's no need of a pope, dalailama or some men telling you what to do.

i wrote in one of my bands songs: "just don't care about religion, go find the truth of your faith"
"if everyone does everything you do, will humanity survive?"

this song clearly says that fanatism and killing in the name of the lord is wrong. because god is a loving god. and everyone who wants one of his brothers or sisters to die because they don't believe the same things should think about his fucked up attitude...

may god bless y'all

Take it easy | Reviewer: non-believer | 3/17/09

I want to start off by saying im not religious, but i'm not a firm supporter of athiesm. Religion is all based on interpretation. Everyone's interpretation of religion is based off the idea's they were exposed to when their brains were developing.

I agree that this song is directed at Islam, but only because thats the main crisis in the world right now. If this was during the Christian Crusades it might be a lot different.

Also, no one is a "bad person" for believing something. If there is a God, then he would be smart enough to know that non-believers and fundamentalists and EVERY ONE IN THE WORLD bases their actions on what they personally think is RIGHT. AND HOW CAN YOU PUNISH SOMEONE FOR DOING WHAT THEY THINK IS RIGHT!!! It is a part of being and existing that views will conflict and violence will occur.

there is no universal RIGHT or WRONG. only people's interpretations of it.

damn this world | Reviewer: amir | 2/17/09

all the religions are awsome but Islam is perfec,all of the prophets are fine and reliable men,specially Mohammad,I'm a muslim myself and I dont need u to remind me my religion,I know that we're commanded to kill non-beleivers,damn them!....those who do not accept the GOD deserve to die in worst ways...

@Tim Re: Agnostic Approach | Reviewer: Violet Tsirblou | 2/4/09

You honestly have no clue what your talking about in todays society you are allowed to make your own choice on your religious beliefs and if you believe that children are sheltered/brainwashed by their parents then you obviously are living in 1950 and i do realize that the catholic church in particular has participated in many atrocities but this was during a time in which the church was mostly full of corrupt popes and bishops, last i checked Benedict XVI wasn't telling us to go and kill a Muslim.

I think what many of you fail to see is that most religious wars are carried out by fundamentalists or fanatics that is what the terrorist is they are not Muslims rather people using the term to unite others under they're cause. Al Qaeda is an extremist "Muslim" terrorist group that took over the government and forced their fundamentalist beliefs onto the afghanies

so Tim and every other ignorant person on this board should learn that it is you yourselves that have been brainwashed by your own ideals and should rethink you "Agnostic Approach"

oh and swear at me all you want this is the interneti don't care what you say about me

If you're a president, please read this | Reviewer: some nihilist | 2/2/09

well, this song is actually mocking the way extremist do in every religion. EVERY RELIGION. doesn't mean atheist is a good thing.
Islam, Christian, Judaism and most religion are led to good-doing if we keep it straight and play it fair.Why we're fighting each other? Religion teach us to love & respect people, right? To live in peace, right? wish every world leader read this message. btw i'm not too religious myself

fuck u | Reviewer: wolf2009 | 1/13/09

Islam is not a religon that leeds to violence i read the quraan and it prooves that violence is never the way plus they are not the ones being brutal like fukin israel so stop blaming everyone else but yourself

Dan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/09

Great post DaveyG, right on the spot. The song is clearly about radical muslims, you just have to read the lyrics to see it.

"Un-consenting plural wives" - this here rule out jews and christians in one shot (so quit this "its about religion in general" crap)

As for the actual song, its one of the best from DT, a great ending for a great album!

NO... | Reviewer: Nawras | 1/8/09

Well i think that this song is all about religion, not a specific one,
DaveyG is just trying to force the lyric the way he likes to become as it's been written against Islam,
Now-a-days you can see from the news who is killing who, especially in the newest crisis now in the middle east ...

Idiots. | Reviewer: Thump | 1/6/09

This song is NOT meant to attack any one religion as it's general and about ALL religions.

Christian, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, you name it. It's about religions that begin holy wars "in the name of god".

Please tell me you lot aren't this stupid.

HOLY CRAP | Reviewer: OH MY GOD | 1/3/09

This is NOT against Islam... this is against people who use religion as a reason to shed blood.... crusades were the same thing... so do not hit out on people when u got no logic in ur brain... a healthy brain is the best 1... HAVE FUN DT listeners

Look from different ways | Reviewer: Marcinek from Poland | 12/29/08

Well, first of all I'd like to say that this song is awesome, DT are wonderful musicians. Secondly, I don't think that these lyrics are intended to hit Islam as whole religion. 'Islam' means 'peace' if my memory serves me, at least is intended to be understood this way. BUT: everywhere there are a lot of stupid sons of the bitches, who understood religion in their own way. And we cannot judge all Muslims, Jews, Christian and any other belivers by deeds of fucken separatists, or whatever you call them. Enough. This is hat I mean: this song condems only this part of religion which leads to violence. And throughout history it is well known that all religions used violence. Holy wars, crusades, jihad (I don't know how to spell it), intifade. Thre are no innocents in this matter. So, maybe we should think if isn't it about us in some way??
I personnally do not care how do you call Your God.
It's all I think. Again: a great piece of music. And phylosophy too. DT rulez :)

Obviously about Islam | Reviewer: DaveyG | 12/21/08

This song could be said to refer to cults, but it is obviously aimed directly at Islam. The middle eastern scales gave that away haha. But obviously it's not referring to Christianity or Judaism, considering that John Myung is a Christian, and Mike Portnoy is Jewish.

"Straight is the path
Leading to your salvation
Slaying the weak
Ethnic elimination"

Islam commands muslims to kill all Jews. That explains the "ethnic elimination".

"Forty sons and daughters
Un-consenting plural wives"

The Qu'ran demands for arranged/forced marriages. Surah 24:31. Go read it.

"Self-proclaimed messiah
Led his servants
To their death
Eighty murdered
In the name of God"

Jesus certainly wasn't self-proclaimed, nor did he lead anyone to their death, nor kill anyone.

Obviously false-prophet mohammed. Mohammed is personally responsible for the deaths of over 600 people.

"Justifying violence
Citing from the Holy Book
Teaching hatred
In the name of God"

There are far too many verses I could list from the Qu'ran that command violence and hatred against non-believers. So I'll just give the references:

Qu'ran 9:5
Qu'ran 9:29
Qu'ran 8:39
Qu'ran 9:30
Surah 5:51
Qu'ran 98:6
Qu'ran 8:55
Qu'ran 8:65
Qu'ran 9:123

I suggest you look those up.

This song is obviously about Islam, just like Dream Theater's other song "Sacrificed Sons" is about Islam.

expressions after regret | Reviewer: hamada | 12/14/08

well i used to liscen to dream theater but actualy im really so desapointed now .why all that criticisme to Islam ! before juging any religion ppl must know about it from DiFFRENt PeRSPECTIVES.Eventually i'de like to say to that stupid guy (garumoon)and anyone who make fun from islam praying that he is making fun from himself ,and correct yourself first then jump to others.obviousely its clear that u r incorrect, sick pathetic,GO TO HELL FREAK !!!