heheh.. | Reviewer: boleh blah | 12/15/09

still some people think this song pointed to certain religion. come on, brothers. no religion is perfect to other religion. this one sez we are the true..and it goes on and on.. nonetheless, religion unite people. whether united in right or wrong kind of teaching.

you are an idiot (person below me) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/09

wow....that was very long, and if you truly feel that way then fine. however to spent that much time trying to convince people commenting on a lyrics page your right means one of two things. one you are very committed to worshipping the sun, or (and more likely) you feel the need to convince everyone around you and yourself as well that what your saying is right. why would you do this? it's probablly because you are very insecure in what your are saying and are looking for the approval of anyone. not that i can blame you. if i was challenging the millions and millions of people all over the world who believe in God, or a god by calling them fucking idiots i would want anyone to back me up. but anyway ive already spent way too much time trying to show you what a fucking dumbass you are...enjoy loving the sun and enjoying that this life is all you got and once your old you have nothing left to look foreward to except slowly rotting away in whatever way "life" gives you

Religion is pointless. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/09

Wow, I'm amazed at how much spite and anger religion can cause, even on a song review page. All religions are stupid, because they demand you to believe something that you can't see, smell, taste, touch or hear (if you claim to "hear" God, you're a fucking lunatic, go take some pills). They require you to throw away any sense of logic to promote THEIR cause. They always, always claim that there is something fundamentally wrong with humans, and what's the cure for it? Their religion! They're all the same, whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Voodoo or Islam, they are all mechanisms to brainwash and control. And what a wonderful mess they've made.

Religion is the root of all evil. Don't try to deny it, you know it's true. It has caused more deaths and intellectual degradation than anything in the world, and for what gain? Nothing. All religion does is provide a sense of stability for people in need. And what happens when someone tries to rock that sense of stability, to change their mind, to open their eyes?

I'm a sunworshiper. It grants me food, light, warmth and everything I need to survive. And best of all, I know it exists. It doesn't demand blind faith in it, it doesn't demand you to throw away all your intellect to promote its cause, and it doesn't start wars.

Now, go throw away your bibles or whatever it is your religion is based on, and grasp the moment. Because we don't need eternal life, we don't need virgins in Paradise and we don't need saving. All we need, is warmth, food and water. We can make a better world if we throw away our superstitions and embrace the infinite possibilities.

A world without a god. It is a better world. It is a world where humans take responsability for their acts. It is a world where you don't need to spend your life in fear of divine pursuit. Imagine being so afraid of death that you forget to live, only to realize that your life has been wasted on building up a stupid system that belongs in the middle ages.

Man created God in his own image, to explain that which he couldn't explain, and control those he couldn't control.

Now, it's time to step up and cast aside the myths and superstitions and start living, holy shit.

Great song ~ cool down people | Reviewer: Mostafa Galal El Din | 10/3/09

Great song, I love the chorus and the ending especially =D

...and BTW, I'm a Muslim, and I don't find this insulting to me or my religion in any way. It is merely just giving a thought when they say the part about the plural wives. As long as they don't insult Islam, there's no problem. Oh, and if this song annoyed you, then you shouldn't be listening to DT from the beginning because Rudess is a Jew (and I have nothing against them or Rudess); and DT went to Israel before to do concerts.

Dream Theater FTW!

religion... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/09

this song looks like its criticizing the misuse of religion...

to the islams getting offended: im pretty sure mormons take multiple wives too so just stop bitching

i kind of look down on people who let their religion get in the way of listening to good music..

God Will Overcome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/09

“In the Name of God” by Dream Theater expresses a wonderful worldview that displays governed reasoning very well. First of all the title says “In the Name of God” meaning that they believe in some sort of spiritual energy or source. Second of all, they have a source of good and evil. “Lies Tools of the devil inside Written in Holy disguise Meant to deceive and divide Us all” shows that the devil is the master of lies and he uses his lies and deceives us by making them look Holy. Thus the devil is the source of evil.
This song is talking about how people twist religion, making it a murder machine as portrayed in the line that says “Passion Twisting faith into violence In the name of God Hundreds of believers Lured into a doomsday cult All would perish In the name of God.”
Religion in their perspective is causing much dispute and chaos and the only hope is the “Glory of the coming Lord” and he is “trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored” and “his truth is marching on.” That last line is their source of redemption.
The overall worldview of this song is a Christian one. These guys obviously believe that there is an evil and this world and the master of that evil is the devil and the only source of redemption is the Lord who will overcome all these lies and false religions in the end.

To the person below me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

It's not only abou Islam, It's about all religions.

"Killing in the name of God "

Alot of religions do ^

"Saint gone astray
With a scepter and a gun "

Scepter probably symbolizes the "Killer Muslims" "killer christians"

This song is nost likely questioning why there's violence in religion when religion's meant to be for good.
while gun symbolizes.

There's alot of news where religious fanatics kill/murder other people because they are "sinful". Which is really ironic.

Also, when someone bashes religion, they always look at what is wrong with it. Like th war between Islam and Christians, Why did they kill when their own book said "Do not murder"?

Dream Theater has a right to voice their opinion either way, but i think their question or message in this song is "Why does religion cause chaos and destruction instead or helping build peace?"

This song must be against religious fanatics who are misguided. By misguided i meant misunderstanding what your own book said :D

ehh | Reviewer: Risen | 8/14/09

I remember when i was gullible when i posted that old comment 6-7months ago. This is what i think now. It's against the people who teach religion in the wrong way. Like it says do good,but kill others who don't follow you? that makes me think of The Crusade. I'm a Christian, and I don't think muslims are killers, but i think those fanatics who make religion they're purpose of life (Like they're programmed to kill someone if he/she doesn't want to be converted).

This song may be questioning why people use force and violence for religion

Talk about offending cliches... | Reviewer: a disappointed Dream Theater muslim fan | 8/4/09

I think this song is about islam since the lyrics say "Un-consenting plural wives". I believe islam is the only religion that allows to have "plural wives".
I'm a muslim myself. I used to like this song very much, until I read the lyrics. I can't help but take it personnaly. If you want to talk about jihadists and fanatic muslims, I have nothing against that since Islam itself prohibits such deeds. But don't use cliches that may offend any muslim. I'm utterly disappointed. I don't know if I'll ever listen to this band again.

Powerful song | Reviewer: rudi setyawan | 7/8/09

If I hear this song, I always singing it loudly with my spirit..........
because this song have a magic massege to poeple who hear it..And dreamtheater make a song a perfectly.
So thanks DT especially mike protnoy and john petrucci......

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/09

The song is speaking out against strict interpretation of religious dogma. It may not only apply to fanatics but also to anyone following a religious order. For any of you that says that religion teaches peace, I disagree... Obey or Burn. Do you know what kind of subconscious implications that has on a child? A child's mind is so gullible. You all refer to it as "saving" non-believers. Whenever one can categorize, there becomes minorities, and thus, dissent.

There have been countless times when I have encountered individuals who condemn me because of my rejection of their beliefs. They are simply performing a task that they have learned from their almighty God. Obey or Burn.

I am constantly told, I have no conscience. I can do whatever I desire because I have no conscience. Everything good comes from God, and everything negative in this universe happens to be an act of his counterpart. Once again, let us group.

I laugh whenever I am condemned, because in truth... despite my sarcasm, and selfishness at times... I find that in many occasions it is I who acts more so for the benefits or feelings of another -a term that you all may refer to as "good", whenever the devoted follower does the opposite.

I have nothing against religion. I do not dislike your thoughts, whatever your relationship may be with whatever it is that your imagination creates is simply between you and that object. I just don't like blind devotion, and I prefer it when these relationships are kept to oneself or private. Human selfishness takes advantage of you whenever they become privy to your sin.

The fact | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/17/09

I didn't think islam teaching violence . What i know is Muhammad is the first of "100 most historical/influential people in the world" book by Michael Heart . He is christian . But why he placed Muhammad in the first ? Its because Muhammad teaching Islam to many people around the world peacefully ( without war ). And thats because islam teaching peace. So are protestan & catholics

Peace | Reviewer: Peace lover | 5/17/09

I'm a muslims and i hope the lyrics doesn't against Islam .
First of all, nice comment from "some nihilist" . You're right that all religions lead us to peace .
Fuck daveyg & garurumon. You dunno anything about islam, so stop making stupid bullshit crap comment. Don't jump to conclusion you idiot asshole !.

well | Reviewer: wiss | 4/27/09

well i think that this song is a master-piece..its not about a specific religion only...it, in fact, talks about all religions with no exceptions. Well i think that all religions have their bad believers and their bad acts.Im a christian and i believe that not only a lot of muslims are extremists, but some christians are also.So this song illustrates what the world was and still living concerning all "religious acts" that are done "in the name of god", even the most extreme and worse ones. thank you

About Fanatic Zealots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/09

While you people are having challenges seeing past the "it's about Islam" slant, think about Jim Jones and his suicide cult - 900 dead Kool Aid drinkers in Jonestown Guyana. Or the Branch Davidians, whose debacle ended in the death of 82 followers of David Koresh. And who, by the way, taught his idiot followers that they had to practice monogamy while he was allowed 60 wives and 80 concubines, including a 12 year old. Or the Heaven's Gate cult who killed themselves (39 of them) trying to get to the Alien Mothership. Need I go on?

This song is about the bad side of religion that fanaticism causes. Taking a potentially positive thing way too far.