Greatest Ever | Reviewer: wissam | 8/27/07

heyy all....this is the greatest song I've ever heard!!! the solo, the lyrics, the hole song is just great!!! Amazing band!!!!

Best Song of Tour | Reviewer: 4thHorseman | 7/30/07

Saw them at the Pantagous Theater in Hollywood, for Train of Thought tour. In The Name of God was by far best song of the night, magical, as was the crowds response. By the end of the tour it was the encore. I don't know how to convey it, the vocals blew me away, literally, and John's solo was unreal as was the crowds roar of appreciation at the end of the solo, you could really tell they very much believed in the song and played with a lot of emotion, still gives me goosbumps.

In the name of ... | Reviewer: grift | 7/22/07

Believe me ! I trust in god !
I read a bokk on my holiday what is about crusades in the middle ages. Guess what it means today !
I think this fabulous song deals with faith. No life without faith for higher numen.
The music and the lyrics match perfect.

this song includes important sentences | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/07

We can say it's harder version of Blind Faith. Does following faith lead us to violence?-simply yes. It's one of mankind's biggest problems

nice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

I wonder if what they mention in the lyrics are based on real events and not just beacuse they thought it was possible

Reply | Reviewer: Sess | 6/14/07

What you mean the lyrics aren't important? they are very important and very good but so is the music. The whole song is good including the lyrics.

Bout the metropolis pt.2, would you also think the words aren't important? without them it wouldn't be half as good...

why hasn't anyone written anything here? | Reviewer: israeli | 5/15/07

AMAZING! like all the other songs.
the words are lest important.
the music is so brilliant.
i know almost all the musuc and words of their songs off-by-heart.

"scenes from a memory"
how the hell did the come up with such a brilliant idea, the story behind the music and lyrics is amazing!

i hope they'll come to israel, i'll be there with my brother in a shot!