Superb | Reviewer: W. | 7/22/12

One of the best songs ever written and recorded by anyone ever. This song is so powerful, full of emotion that can actually make me cry, there is so much feeling in the words and singing, and the music compliments that perfectly. I'm turning 17 in a few weeks and I find it so sad that people my age won't ever listen to this just because it's not by some radio hot shot with simple and watered down tunes. Stupid music for stupid people..

This song it's just GREAT!!! & never gets old.... | Reviewer: "Annonymous" | 1/11/12

Too bad most people my age don't listen to this.... It drives me insane how close minded people are!! Listening to thrir 'mainstream' crap (like: Nicleback, Lady Guy Guy, Linkin Park, Little Wayne, 50ยข, Pitbull, Green Day, Alivia Keys, eRihanna, Natasha, etc.....) >:o Btw... Best song by Dream Theater: Octavarium (From the Octavarium album of course.... The one that's 24 mins in case yall dont get which one it is..... LoL)

Best Song | Reviewer: Aaron | 12/31/10

This is an awesome song by DT. I sent the lyrics to my girlfriend and now every night before she goes to bed she calls me up to sing it to her once or twice.

Dream Theater deserves to be played on the radio more than what they are right now. The last song i heard from the on the radio was their instrumental Stream of Consciousness. As far as I'm concerned this is way better than rap music. Also rap artists who take an original and mess it up just give music a bad name.

so sad | Reviewer: boop | 11/24/10

I hate how people my age (18) really won't listen to this as much as they listen to their lady gag gag and such. This music has so much more meaning and power than anything else I've heard. I love DT and I cannot wait to see them play live. I've already seen Mike play alongside A7X, rip rev.

awesome | Reviewer: adam | 6/30/10

i love ths song! i love dream theater so much. like everyone else said its to bad no one knows about them. :( i love the octavarium cd. they are really good live. i saw them in radio city new york for there score album and i loved it :)

Amazing | Reviewer: Ron | 12/21/09

I agree with Karishna, im 16 years old, and i know all there sonds, there lyrics mean everything to everyone, it relate to all people, to bad people my age wont listen to it, i know its not mainstream, but i think music with meaning is way bettr than mainstream.

amazing! | Reviewer: Karishma | 4/16/09

this is such a great song! one of my favorites of all time.
i hate the fact that most people my age have no clue who they are,
their music is so strong, powerful,
and have an actual meaning.

i really want to see them live

Wow, just wow! | Reviewer: Joachim | 4/13/09

Such a great song! Wow! The lyrics, the music, everything, it's just insane how good it is. Very powerful lyrics, delivered in a way that's just amazing. Very, very, very good song, no doubt one of the best, if not the best song I've ever heard from DT.

i like pie :) | Reviewer: Chuck Norris | 3/8/09

I have a fair amount of Dream Theater albums, but this is one of those songs that i enjoy alot from them. Its amazing the feeling Dream Theater songs can give you, their strong lyrics, and the atmosphere of everything. This song shows that someone just wants to be a whole part of someones life. Reassures them that they'll always be there, and not to hide from them. Also walking beside you, it kind of shows, that, even though that other persons life may be troubled. You also kind of walk the same path and are troubled, but will always be there.

I Walk Beside You - Dream Theater | Reviewer: Shane | 12/18/07

This song is so amazing, my favourite Dream Theater song by far. The message of it, sticking by his love no matter what... beautiful.

Gr8 song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/07

this song is very cool, i like it very much, and the Octavarium cd is not bad, it is pretty cool