How I relate | Reviewer: Soldier | 2/12/13

This song sums up how I feel. I'm getting married and my parents are not accepting it because of religious beliefs. Now they are saying I have dishonored them. In a text message my mom even said "honor thy father and mother." She Leo told me that I could come home when I learn what honor is. Looks like il never be going home again because I love my wife and I will stand by her regardless of what anyone says and I will be fighting in Afghanistan soon......but what would I know about honor......

i feel better every time i hear it | Reviewer: bodomchink | 9/28/11

this pretty much sums up my relations with my family. Whenever i fuck up, they let the whole world know. When i succeed at anything in life, they do what they can to take all credit for it ''if it weren't for me...''. So either way i'm in shit. I've never had any role models in my life. I long for someone i can fucking open up to, that treats me like a fucking person...All my love, portnoy!

sorry guys, youre mistaken | Reviewer: dom | 7/29/11

this song is written by Mike Portnoy, and its about his step-father, written from HIS point of view. just to settle the debate, this is fact. This song is perfect to describe a member of my family... dont get me started

This is not from the father's view point. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/11

''Gimme time to re-charge my batteries,
I'll see her when she's older and I'll bounce her on my knee'' Clearly shows that this hurt family member is quoting the father. Also, I'm pretty sure Petrucci wrote the lyrics.

fuck you, you regret | Reviewer: cody | 3/1/11

right now i'm feeling this song for my mother. she was addicted to drugs, and thats not where i'm mad at her, i understand that. i could do it in a heartbeat. it'd b easier than college. she got hep c and may have given it to me. i was tested when i was born, but never since, and i'm now being told i have to get tested again. thanks mom. i love you, you filthy whore.

Love that song, but... | Reviewer: ATM90 | 2/26/11

I totally dig this song, although I have to re-name it to "Honor Thy Brother". My "Brother" is the meanest peace of shit on fucking earth. He hacked into my mothers' Facebook-account to read a chat in which I told her that I am addicted to painkillers. He has broken my ankle six years ago, I've had two surgeries because of that, and all he does is laughing at me, not regretting ANYTHING, and telling my 10-year-long friends, that I don't have any pain at all, and that I only went to my doctor to get the pills to become high. I told him, and that was serious, that I want him to die.

Not what people are thinking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/11

Uh, I don't know if some of you realize this, but the song is from the FATHER's point of view, on how his kid is an ungrateful brat, not from the kid's point of view on how his father sucks. That's why it's called Honor thy Father. I think it was Michael Portnoy's interpretation of himself and his ungrateful feelings to his father...I don't know about that.

Good song, relatable in probably unintended way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/10

You know, I've had a perfectly fine experience with my family, but I still find this song relatable on some level. More often than not, this is how I feel about society. It'll pretend to care. It'll pretend it has your best interest in mind.
But the moment you drift even slightly away from what it considers normal? You're a freak, you're an outcast, you have a lifetime of insults to look forward to. It doesn't give a crap about you, in all likelihood it wants you to fail. And you know what the cherry on the sundae is? They'll act like it's all YOUR fault. Nobody gives a crap about your rights, they just can't stand anything that drifts out of their little "perfect" vision of what society should be. I don't know if it's because I'm gay, because I'm a furry, because I'm an atheist, but you know what? SCREW SOCIETY.
The line that gets to me the most: "Can't you see anything except in terms of how it affects you?"

Thus song is my life right now. | Reviewer: Connor | 12/17/10

This song sums up how my house is right now. My step mom is a giant fucking whore queen bitch. She treats me like shit while her Kids get treated like fucking royalty. I listen to this song at full blast through my speakers so she knows what I really think of her. So I guess you really have to relate to this song to some degree to understand it.

Honor thy father...prophetic? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/10

In response to the anonymous post on 2/5/9, I agree. Unfortunately they are going to have to now that Portnoy is having a mid-life crisis. Maybe Mike's Lyrics were prophetic. How can you ever sleep a wink at night pretending that everything is all right then have the nerve to blame this mess on me? Apparently HE is the rotted fruit in the family tree.

Maybe I was a bit harsh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/10

When I first listened to this song, I didn't like it, as I said before. But listening to it more, I get the meaning of the lyrics. I think it's just that bit that's quoted from a movie that gets me. I dunno, but it just makes me feel horrible and creeped out. I guess alot of people could relate to it, but I can't, I just find it mentally disturbing for some reason. Without that bit, it'd be a great song.

honor thy father | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/10

I love all of their songs, but this one will be always my favourite. The idea of begining is outstanding. Perfect ideas, beautiful melody and strong lyrics are literally keeping me sane and making me whole. (endless sacrifice) :)

umm.. | Reviewer: Skyler | 2/11/10

To the person below me, you have to realize that in most broken home situation, that's how things are. I doubt an abusive or uncaring parent is going to say stupid things like "you're a worthless piece of junk" if they are really pissed off. All though that I'm not used to Dream Theater swearing at all, I think they chose a good topic to allow themselves to make that choice on. I think every song they have ever made is really good.

I hate this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/10

I love Dream Theater, love every song by them, except this, and "The Dark Eternal Night". TDEN is good except for the horrible singing style in the verses, and Honor Thy father just flat out sucks. The music is amazing, but the lyrics are horrible. I'm not a fan of swearing, and especially not in DT. I think it's nice to have at least one clean band still left, and then they put out a song like this... No.

And I don't really mind swearing from other bands, or in As I Am really. Just this song.

Though, besides this song, this album is incredible.

Masterpiece! | Reviewer: Ana | 10/26/09

I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with the band. They’re all such incredibly talented musicians! Dream Theater is today definitely my all time- favorite band, and Honor thy Father is a masterpiece. The atmosphere is as in all their songs, so easy to notice, and the balance between the guitar and the drums really define that heaviness and fury that this song is based on. Kudos to Mike Portnoy for great lyrics (can’t understand how he manages to write something as great as this song). And to John Petrucci for outstanding guitar skills, he’s a god.