Honor Thy Father | Reviewer: Dreamist | 10/3/09

I agree with you!
It took me a while to like this song, at first it was my least favorite song from the album (Train Of Thought) but now it is definately one of my favorites, it has such an huge energy inside and the drums with the guitar works awsome together and the lyrics are so strong.

Honor my Father I shall | Reviewer: FrustRatioN | 9/22/09

I like this song for being such an agressive exception in Dream Theater's production. I'm not into aggressive metal but this works so well. I love the drum lines in this song and this always makes me smile because of the energy inside it. I agree, LaBrie is not very good in live performances but in studio he's a great vocalist in a great band.

pros and cons | Reviewer: Mr. Nobias | 4/17/09

The intro is great, the lyrics match the music, and I absolutely love the groovy half-time riff throughout the song, but the slight time sig. changes (7/8) could have been avoided, and the song seems a bit too long for it's own good. It's good, but there's better songs in Train of Thought, like As I Am and Endless Sacrifice.

Dear God! | Reviewer: Mircea | 3/3/09

I was introduced to Dream Theater by my fiancee when we first met. Since then, I've become an addict. I don't think it's possible to say that this band has any flaw what-so-ever. Their dynamics work perfectly, and their unique style gives them an original flavor that no one else could ever think of. Not to mention that they're teachers! How could anyone say they suck? This particular song (Honor Thy Father) is one of my favorites. It's intense and holds so much emotion. To all you John Petrucci fans, I salute you!!!

Excellent Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/09

There's not one band member that this band could go without currently, whether it's Rudess, Petrucci, LaBrie, Myung, or Portnoy. They're all excellent, and Dream Theater wouldn't be the same without them.

Lovin it | Reviewer: Héctor | 9/17/07

LAs cancones de Dream theater me encantan tanto sus letras como su musica estan muy bien sincronizadas me sorprende me encanta

The Movie... | Reviewer: Josh | 7/21/07

I know some of the movie quotes are from At Close Range. I watched it earlier today and instantly recognized the lyrics.

Fuckin amazin | Reviewer: vasos | 6/19/07

one of their best songs-love the buildin up in the middle- keep on RUdess!

Bang up job! | Reviewer: Magicfingers | 5/25/07

Great lyrics, I love reading the dialog in the middle, and the last couple lines. I can totally relate to everything so this is an awesome for me. And of course the monster riffage.

Does anyone know where the quotes come from? sounds like a familiar movie.

Wrong about name origins | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/07

The name of the band came from Portnoy's dad. Mike explains it in the documentary in the Score DVD. His dad was out in California and told him about an old movie house that was called Dream Theater and Portnoy used it as a replacement for Majesty, which was already being used by another band. And Jordan has only been with the band since Scenes From A Memory and is the 3rd(and best IMO) keyboardist that has played with Dream Theater.

youre not my family, not anymore | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

i agree they are lucky to have portnoy, but dreamtheater would be nothing without rudess. literally cos the name comes from jordans dads old band 'theater of dreams'. the singer pisses me off though but it fits perfectly with the music. overall a shockingly good band, but whats with the techno lads?

i´m sorry | Reviewer: Pancho | 4/19/07

sus opiniones dejan mucho que desear en lo que respecta a lo musical (sin agraviar a su limitado idioma, al que simplemente no me referire). Seria sano que alguien con conocimiento pudiera poner orden a esta situacion.

!! | Reviewer: Seb | 4/14/07

Dream Theater is the best band ever created! For their texts and music! They're really lucky to have Portnoy, poor man! I love all of 'em!

the suited man | Reviewer: andy | 4/15/07

this song describes so many people that have lived in broken homes so well, I can relate to it word for word. that what makes a band great. reaching out to relate to all the fans who listen to them

these guys are great | Reviewer: SAmuel | 4/11/07

Jordan rudess is the best keybord in the worl these guys are the best band I've heard