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The Reviews about Honor Thy Father (page 3/ 3)
------ performed by Dream Theater

time sigs are great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/07

gotta love those alternating bars of 7 and 8 :) and then 11s and 12s in the middle section... brilliant

Just great | Reviewer: Zesar | 2/9/07

U ever tried to sing along? hard...=) gosh i luv those guys. Portnoy. The best drummer. Petrucci. Godlike guitarist. Myung. Plays guitar with bass=) LeBrie. Oh my. Rudess. Looks a bit stupid but kicks ass.

perfect | Reviewer: brent | 11/28/06

if anyone of you has a dad like me then you will absolutly love this song, not only does it make perfect sense but its also the greatest band ever saying the words we all feel.

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