cheers | Reviewer: hekate | 9/2/10

Victoria is anxious to return to her metaphorical home she didn't know existed, but she is unsure where that is and what she has to do to get there. She keeps seeing signs and indications pointing her in the right direction, but she is still lost, still confused...she never trusted in her instinct.

As a result this lead to her betraying the man that she loved...apparently with his brother. Nevertheless it was a necessary act, on her behalf, to truly understand who she was...and the love she has for her man...and he is going to take her home.

(just an assumption on what Victoria is going throuh)

Great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/10

Assuming you know the story behind the album, "living their other life" refer's to The Sleeper's (Julian) and Victoria's relationship.
Victoria confides in The Miracle (Edward), "I remember the first time she came to me, Poured her soul out all night and cried" and his attraction for her goes deeper than his guilt.. Julian and Edward are brothers after all.
The Song is titled Home, and it was never really explained what the meaning was behind it, but its not hard to figure out. Home is after all where the heart is. So call it a justification if you like.. Julian finds his home in drugs and gambling, and Edward finds his in his lust.

a wonderful song... | Reviewer: Ryu | 3/16/10

This piece is a 13 mins masterpiece from DT. If you care about its meaning, you need to put it into the perfect whole of the album... Of course everybody can find a bit of themselves inside... so just wanna thank DT for making such splendid notes of music....../

i made my own meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/09

i'm a us marine who joined the usmc 1 year ago with my bestfriend... when i joined i left my girlfriend she was crying i loved ( and i still do) her. When we're deployed to irak we didn't some much trouble until we're ambushed... as I was falling and crawling i saw my bestfriend risk his life just to save mine... however he was shot... i didn't know what to do... I simply cannot imagine the pain my girlfriend back home would have suffered, so i couldnt help my friend i didn't risk my life for him... he was like my brother but she stopped me... He died.. when i returned back home i was filled with deception of myself with dishonor but when i call back to that memory i just can think about those nights i spent with her...

the meaning for this. | Reviewer: alexthedude | 7/17/09

for all of you so confused about this... it is a story album. u will have to listen to THE ENTIRE album to realize it.
it is somewhat hard to realize the meaning of this tho. if u need help then u can go to this link. or the more fun way, is to just figure out the meaning of the ALBUM on ur own. =)

just read that and it has the meaning of the entire album for you...!

RE: tell me about dis whole thing! | Reviewer: DTfan4life | 7/8/09

well i don't know exactly what this song is about but i think it's about Romulus and Remus: The Miracle and The Sleeper (Metropolis pt.1)
and Victoria also played a role on the CD Awake
but that's about all i know
hope it helped!

tell me about dis whole thing! | Reviewer: Benjie Thomas | 3/4/09

hi..i've been a huge fan of dream theater since d last 6months or so..but i can't figure out what most of their songs mean..i've seen the finally free video so i kinda got it that nicholas liked his brother's girlfriend n they were making out n his brother found out n shot them both..but i don't know the whole background and who's victoria??if someone could please explain the whole scenario to me, i'd be real thankful..please send it to my e-mail address because i dont think i'll be checking here soon..thanks a lot..
-Benjie (

Just to clarify... | Reviewer: The Mystic Lyc├Žum | 12/31/08

After reading some of the comments left for the song 'Home," I just wanted to clarify that this track is part of a CONCEPT ALBUM. -.-' I'm sure if you listen to / read the rest of this Masterpiece entitled Metropolis pt 2: Scenes From A Memory, those of you who appear lost will understand a lot more of the lyrics. Happy Theater Dreaming ^.^

omg guys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/08

Well of course the singer fell in love with his brother's girlfriend. What's so weird do you find in this text?! I can't see any contradiction.
"living their other life" seems to be about his brother and his girlfriend; she doesn't love him, she loves the singer, so that "is getting them nowhere" - just as i understand

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/08

After asking a friend of mine (the one who converted me to DTism) tonnes of question about this album, I understand pretty much everything except what's meant by them "living their other life is getting them nowhere" and how is Victoria calling him back to his home? Is that making the family link or am I missing something? Both this song and Dance of Eternity rock socks! And Fatal Tragedy of course, can't go unmentioned - the whole feckin' album's amazing!