Hollow Years | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/14

FII is my least favourite DT album, and at first when I heard this song, I did not really like it, since it didn't come anywhere close to the standards that I came to expect from DT. Over time, I began to like the song more and more, but yesterday I just decided to check out the Live at Budokan version… Oh my gosh, it took this song from one of my least favourites to being in my top 20, especially with Petrucci's solo. So much better than virtually every other song you hear on the radio these days, that's for sure.

Eerie lyrics in relation to my current situation | Reviewer: michael | 2/11/12

I was just introduced to DT in mid December 2011. This was right when my marriage was disentigrating. Just today 2/11/2012 I heard Hollow Years for the first time. The lyrics immediately grabbed my attention since my wife's new lover, one of my best friends, left his wife and two boys to take up with my wife. Then the lyrics about the female in the song come up and perfectly describe my wife's actions. I was in shock needless to say. Still love this band in spite of the eerie correlation surrounding this particular song.

Petrucci | Reviewer: Jude | 1/10/10

John Petrucci's solo performance is really one of a kind, not to mention the guitar shredding totally rocks! hollow years is only one of my favorite DT songs. i liked their performance at budokan though, really awesome. and the song itself, projected in some kind of a theatrical music really great!! cool! keep it up you guys!

So damn good...! | Reviewer: carpe diem | 12/11/09

Honestly, falling into infinity is not my favorite album from DT. The first time i heard hollow years i felt this song is out of DT's standard and i didn't really like it. BUT, when i saw live at budokan dvd and the band played hollow years...MY GOD..that was really awesome..! Petrucci's solo just blew my mind. One of his best performances, definitly..! I love it.. The song turn out to be one of my favorites now. DT.. You're so damn good..!!

dream theater | Reviewer: jon | 8/29/08

you're so great!!'am a fan of yours men!!keep on doing great songs,its so nice to here ypour songs especially hollow years and the spirit carries on!wonderful songs that inspire me alot!thanks to you guys,,to your great guitar man john petrucci,im researching your great chromatic scales!!hahaha.,you're all great,mike portnoy,jordan rudess,john myung,and great vocals from james 'the man' labrie!!more life DREAM THEATER!!!

excelente | Reviewer: jose | 7/24/07

excelente dream theater, hollow years, una cancion muy buena, 2 voces y además una b uena temática, para los bateristas y guitarristas escuchen hell´s kitchen, numero 6 del disco.

Hollow Years | Reviewer: Suce | 4/21/07

me encanta esta cancion....me encanta Dream Theater