Explanation | Reviewer: dreaming theatre | 4/10/11

nicholas is victoria in past life who was killed in 1928 by edward. Her lover julian was also killed at same event by edward. As the song says julian and edward are brothers. Last part of this song is nicholas giving a slight groan this means the hypnotherapist is edward ,in this life, of previous life coming to kill nicholas (as he says open your eyes nicholas ).

i guess the whole album kinda suggests a murder cycle ending on victoria , nicholas being killed by edward, hypnotherapist.

dream 'music messiah' theatre.
Love em they will release you.

this song so rich with meanings. | Reviewer: dhimazz bruize brandon | 5/8/10

well, this song is most awfull i ever heard .
i just can show my golden thumb.
so rich with means. kind, evil, vangeance, hate, and peacefull.
in my language said: gokill abiss nii lagu. . !!
i love "dt"

Amazing. | Reviewer: PurpleDemon | 5/9/10

Brilliant end to one of the greatest concept albums ever made.

Tragic in a way, with Nicholas, Julian and Victoria all dying. It's a shame there's no Metropolis Pt.3, the events of Pt.2 from the perspective of the Narrator, and more of Edward would be EPIC.

how to know the meaning of the song | Reviewer: job | 2/18/09

you've to listen to the whole album... this is the last song... and the ending of the story that is wrote behind the whole album...

have fun and enjoy the beautiful story wrote by Dream Theater themself

Greatest Song in Scenes From A Memory | Reviewer: Faiz | 2/7/09

This song was very very great! We can hear and feel the skills from them,,,
I hope someone could help me to explain this song coz I don't understand what's the meaning of this song...
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