Solid DT track | Reviewer: karl | 10/25/14

Amazing song! The entire thing is essentially a love ballad from Petrucci to his wife Rena about being on the road all the time and missing her deeply. Something I can relate too, im in the navy and I don't get to see my better half as nearly half as much i'd like to but I absolutely love what I do, everything about these lyrics absolutely ring true for me and my partner,

musics | Reviewer: tresno | 9/27/12

this song is super special. how can they compose this song? each music instrument played is masterpiece. i cant think of a better song with a better music composition. hundreds of thumbs up for DT..!!!

Endless Sacrifice- wow | Reviewer: Amardeep Giri | 7/5/11

M from India nd a big fan of DT and Mike Protnoy...the song endless sacrifice is one of my favourites...everybody is talking about the guitars the bass line..but the drums for me makes the song so real and powerful...thanx DT\M/respect man...

Bass!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/11

How come no ones mentioned John Myungs Bass?? His bass completely compliments the guitar without taking over as a lead instrument. his tone is beautiful and creates his low notes on the D create a dark sound that fills up the song. Pretty much John Myung is god

HILARIOUS !! | Reviewer: MAXDEF | 3/3/11

Truly hilarious! This song "Endless Sacrifice" is one of my most favourite song. Just wanted to say "no comment" for this song. Very nice heart-touching lyric, good sound composition and all other performance made this song, a memorable epic song. Dream Theater one more time proved that, One band can make a difference. Good luck DT, i love you.

Wow | Reviewer: Maruto | 7/13/10

This song describes everything I am feeling now. Been together with my girl for 9 year; last 3 of those she has been in the UK. I feel like I'm about to die if I don't get to see her soon... I hope I stay alive until she comes back. I have no other reason left to live.

I can't say anything... Just Awesome... DT... Incredible amazing | Reviewer: Brian | 1/3/10

I'm indondesian DT fans... Wow... All song of DT.. Its amazing.. My vavourite song is through her eyes... I just hope DT can/will be come to my country ( indonesia ).. But when?? I waiting your prescence... Hahaha... Although just in my dream

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/09

Wow... definitely Dream Theater Rules!!!... i'm always gonna remeber the time i hear'd this song live in their concert... what an amazing solo from petrucci!!! jajja this guy simply kicks it!!! by the way, i'm from colombia... and no. i'm not a drug dealer or something.. stop discriminating us!!!! jaja

Perfection | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

Epic and perfect song.

However, altough I love their music and have all their songs, I can't say they're my favorite or the greatest band in the whole world, because even all of them are technically perfect, I think there is some lack of "feeling" in most of their songs, it's just "show-off". That's my humble opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I love most of all their songs, Petrucci may be a great "shredder", he totaly mastered the guitar, but I rather listen to some solos like "farewell ballad" from Zakk Wylde, Godfather theme by Slash, or the solos in GnR "November Rain", or even Vai's "For The Love Of God". It's rare to hear petrucci play with that "feeling", like the Live @ Budokan version of Hollow Years.

Awesome | Reviewer: Samer | 4/23/09

Dream Theater has been my idol for over 3 years now and 'Endless Sacrifice' is just one of the epic songs made by them. Other epic songs include 'Forsaken'in their newest album 'Systematic Chaos' and 'Pull Me Under' in their album 'Images And Words'. So guys, if u want something outstanding like 'Endless Sacrifice' there u go :D
John Petrucci is just one of the best guitarists evahhhh <3

Cool! | Reviewer: asriel | 3/4/09

It's my favorit song from DT. Amazing how they could synchronize the lyrics and the music. The guitar, the drums and everything is perfect. SUPER-AWESOME!
Its meaning is so unique that I can't stop listening to it. I can hardly think better song. Just keep working guys and "the world will be yours" ;)

best musicians ever.... | Reviewer: flexo | 9/16/07

Hi, Im from argentina, but I just wanted to say that DT rules,and I downloaded their show,if you want to download it from ares , just type... Live.At.Budokan DVDRip-Dream Theater... and download the player VLC cuz its the only that can play it...but anyways,they're are the best of the best.. cuz they're,lyrics,melody,music solos, everything, there's no one that will ever compare to those Mosnters of The Music....Aguante Argentina...y saludos y Endless Sacrifice RULES...down to the POP MUSIC!!!

Truly Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/07

Jesus... this song speaks volumes to me; it's amazing. But then again, Dream Theater are just an amazing band, so there you go.

"getting in love" | Reviewer: TonyG | 4/30/07

I am new with DT but i realy am "getting in love" with them especialy with Endless sacrifice as well as with As I Am

Dream Theater the boss of all | Reviewer: Mike | 3/2/07

endless sacrifice it's one of the best songs of all his discography with ytse jam and hell's kitchen, i love this group petrucci, jordan, myung and portnoy are the best artist that i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!