great song! | Reviewer: victoria | 6/25/06

hi guys! i am 13 years old so,my english sucks..but..i love DT...i saw them last december and it was just amazing!!!...i love petrucci(he is also amazing)...anyway...i just wanna to thank all the fans from argentina(i am argentinian,that answers my english)---so...12/3/05..always in my mind...(and they didnt play pull me under!!ยด)

thanks to the best five musicians in the world!!!

Dream Theater owns all | Reviewer: alex | 8/13/05

Okay Endless Sacrifice is my favorite track from DT along with Metropolis, of course i love all of their albums and songs, but these speak to me more than any other. John Petrucci is my idol as a guitarist i hope to get as good as him one day (not happening but ill try). I can play three of his songs from beginning to end (Endless Sacrifice, As I Am, Glass Prison)but the rest im still learning. DT OWNS ALL

DT | Reviewer: Pskng | 2/21/05

this is one of the very best tracks of DT all of their albums rule, this song is from petrucci to his wife.....and god the intro of this song is pretty sweet and then wow!! pure nrg track hope you all enjoy with this one.
btw: the name of the guy that play the keyboard is jordan rudess

Amazing! | Reviewer: Tom | 1/16/05

Amazing song! All of Dream Theaters songs are mind blowing! The guitar solos are imense and Mike Portnoy is a God on the drums, not forgetting Petrucci, Labrie, Myung and the Keyboaredr whi's name I forgot lol, but that doesn't mean he ain't any less better. Basically Dream Theater are 'The Heavy Rock band ever!'