help to live | Reviewer: M4g1c Mu5hr00m | 2/3/08

man, this song did help me so much with carry on my life just in the i did before! had a girlfriend who wanted me to change to comfort her but then i bought this album and i just heard the 1st song anf thought: "man, what a bitch". since then im seperated from her and just feel fine!! GREAT song!!

(scuse my english, im not a native speaker :P )

nuff said | Reviewer: JW | 9/30/07

They started with this song, when they were here in Holland last summer. That was just beyond awesome man!

Yeah! | Reviewer: Nilsen | 9/25/07

To those who understand, I extend my hand
To the doubtful I demand, take me as I am
Not under your command, I know where I stand
I won't change to fit your plan, take me as I am

Man, DT rocks!

Drums of thought | Reviewer: Shane | 7/30/07

Any of you guys have Drums Of Thought? It is a drum video with Mike Portnoy in the begininng just ripping the hell out on this song! It is awesome you all should try to view it! Highly recommended!

john myung the best bassist of all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

this song is awesome and all of them the gtar solo is the best solo i've heard and john myung is one of the best bassist in the hole world this song rocks!!!!!!!!!! yeah Dream Theater

Kickin' ass!!! P: | Reviewer: Hristijan | 7/26/07

This is my favourite dream theater's song.this guys are awsome instument players and the singer has a great and powerfull voice.I like the way they put their talents together.Dream Theater really rocks!!!

couldn't be better | Reviewer: rain | 7/16/07

this is the greatest song i've ever heard!!it's a bit long but i didn't reaslised how the time passed!

Oh My god! | Reviewer: Eddie | 7/5/07

This is the best song ever! I fuckin love it!

"I've been trying to justify you, in the end I will just defy you" - The greatest lyric of all time! So well done.

Quite simply gods of modern rock/metal music, absolutely irresistable!

Oh ya | Reviewer: Liz | 5/18/07

As I keep listening to DT I find that my new favorites are These Walls and Pull me Under. DT is so bad ass. I cant wait for their new album Systematic Chaos. Though As I am is a great song I have figured out that there is much more from DT that rocks out loud!

Amaazing | Reviewer: TJ | 5/17/07

Fantastic song, dream theater rules!!! and to the guy who said this song sounds like metallica... dream theater mops the floor with those waste buckets. But in regards to your post the riff is similar, yet a million times better than, Enter Sandman

OMG | Reviewer: Liz | 5/11/07

Omg Dream Theater is the bomb. Imo this is their best song so far.

HEll yes | Reviewer: Bryce | 4/10/07

dream theater do it again with insane skills on guitars, drums, vocals, bass and keyboards

well | Reviewer: Jason | 3/4/07

this song is bad as hell,...i love the lyrics because i feel the same way. Just like he says...take me as i am if you don't like it to bad.!!!

awsome | Reviewer: brendon | 2/13/07

The solos are great, the guitar solo is great and the druim solo right after is the bomb(i finaly learned the hole song!!!!!)

Awesome song | Reviewer: Mike | 9/2/06

As I Am has everything in it: Dream Theater beat, Dream Theater feel, Dream Theater solos. What more is there to say.