Masonic Symbolism | Reviewer: Skippy | 2/12/10

This song is a complete masonic ritual song,
It starts out with the new world order known as novus ordo seclorum (translation: new world order).
It then talks about the brotherhood of wisdom referred to the Illuminati, with proof of a connection to mystery. Beneath an ever watchful eye refers to the all seeing eye as seen on the back of the dollar bill (the pyramid with one eye). The angels of the temple fly refers to solaiman's temple (a myth of a powerful magic power imposed and found in Palestine). Turn the key and walk through the door refers to the entering of a new dimension of where the messiah lives, and where you would sell your life to Satan. Men of wealth and power philosophers and leaders refers to people such as the United States Government aka Gorge W. Bush, Barrack Obama who are free masonic leaders.

I'm sort of tired of typing so im going to break it up.

"The seven stars
The rising sun
A perfect world
Where new life has begun
A rite of passage"

The seven stars of over throwing god the old belief that when the messiah is unleashed it can over throw god, the perfect world of where life has begun, a life of illusions controlled by the trade of the free masons and the messiah.

For more information watch the Arrivals on youtube.