Underdog | Reviewer: Alex Burchell | 10/30/13

This album always seems to be regarded as one of Dream Theater's lesser albums, along with Falling Into Infinity. However, I think this is one of their best ones. The songs are interesting, and this one is no exception. This song is one of the four really strong ones on the album, and it opens the album in the best way it can.

Pure Epicness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/09

Ah, This song has to be the crown jewel of their new album. My god, John Petrucci shows how much of a guitar god he is! This has to be the most depressing/adrenaline pumping songs i've ever heard. I love how the song progresses like a story.

have to enter something here | Reviewer: matt | 10/29/09

LOVE this song and Dream Theater! favourite band for sure. love how this song tells a story from start to finish and always keeps you not wanting to press skip! some long songs are like that but this one is so epic you never want to press that button. can't wait to see them live in melbourne in december, hope they play this too!