My Review | Reviewer: Marques | 9/12/10

Everybody, let's stop the stupid Dream Theater/X Japan debate. You'll never change anyone's opinions so it's stupid to argue that much about it.

Now, this song really is great. I was never really into prog metal, it just sounded too strange to me. Dream Theater is really the only band that makes it work for me. This is a great example of how they can make a 24 minute song worth listening to. Petrucci and Portnoy being in one band is probably one of the best combinations in metal.

ACOS DID NOT COPY AOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/10

Okay I can tell that A Change of Seasons didn't copy Art Of Life without even listening to it a single time. Why? Because Art Of Life came out '92 nut the first ideas of ACOS were from '89 so this song is much older and how the hell can that cock-sucking-pink-haired-manga-homo-of-a-guitarist hide be even compared to JP. JP is considered to be one of the finest if not the finest guitar player of all time by tons of critics but no one ever talks about hide. And X-Drummer being better than MP? Are you kidding me? I sneaked into much of their playing and I really wanted to appreciate X-Japan because everybody in Japan just goes apeshit when their name is mentioned. But to me they just sound like every other hair metal group from the '80s

On the technical and no feel idea | Reviewer: Muli-Instrumental Man | 9/2/10

whoever disses Dream Theater obviously doesn't play an instrument. I play guitar, keyboard, drums and am always fiddling on bass, and I can promise anyone who thinks Dream Theater is Chaos thrown together or only technical ability is completely misguided. They have a lovely mix of both and if the time ever calls for a compromise of either (technical showoff or emotional display) I can honestly say that they truly manage to rid the idea of compromise and blend the two into one and the same. Every member of DT is a virtuoso (at least Petrucci, Portnoy, and Ruddess. ((like I said, only fiddle in bass))) and has definitely managed to make the best cooperation of composition in a good long while. Either way, the only albums I am not fond of by them are When Dream and Day Unite (dominci didn't fit them as the vocalist) and Falling into Infinity (which was really the fault of their label limiting thier creativity). My point being: Dream Theater is both technical and expressive and neither trumps the other in their music. So please, cease argument and enjoy our own individual musical preferences!

ignore all the bickering | Reviewer: Nathan | 8/21/10

i wish people would actually just review the songs and not display their petty arguments.

this song is awesome no doubt. epic in every sense of the word. but in my opinion compared to their newer material with similar run-time(around twenty minutes), it does sound a bit dated. these lyrics however, as always with DT, are timeless. the only problem i can see are the transitions. as with most of DT's stuff it's a lot of really good riffs "slapped together" which on most occasions sound good, and sometimes a little iffy (this song being a good example of that) but i would like to see the person who could've done it better since that's what it is: a compilation of different themes. and in traditional DT fashion they blow minds with the end of this song

I love you people that don't know anything about music and that open their big mouth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/10

Comparing two groups because they both have a 30-ish-minute-long song is one of the musically dumbest thing i've ever seen. Obviously, being on the "DT lyrics", i'll get lamed and some "you don't know anything about music, metal roolz lololol".

First, for the "they're Japanese" stuff. FUCK YOU ALL AMERICAN CUNTS WHO STOLE OUR MUSIC!!! If you don't agree, then X can do whatever they want. All occidental music (which includes classical and popular music, therefor metal) comes from Europe; that doesn't mean only europeean people can sing, or write rock. So you nationalist jerks, would better review you're position in music, or piss on anything that isn't from the old continent.

Second, the reason you don't like X, is because X ain't metal you dicks. Yoshiki (the composer, and, I recognize it, merely acceptable drummer from the band), is a classical pianist, grew up in a classical world, and afterwards oriented himself towards rock. Which is heard into what he does, playing much more on harmony than DT who are basically only playing with rythm and breaking athmospheres they create so well. And I don't think doing 7-beat-based kinda rythms is a proof of absolute godness. A good drumer is good because he can keep a timing during a whole song without accelerating, because of his technical abilities (sorry, but Mike ain't that technical), and because he can FEEL things. Which leads us to part two:

Fucking hell, is Petrucci bored, is Portnoy a robot? I love Petrucci's way of playing (well... sometimes...) he has a very clean play, but does he know about musical relations? That like "k made my shred, you can yell at my absolute awsomeness" same for Mike Portnoy, irregular beats, and that's it. hide (X's guitarist) on the other hand, was an absolutelly technical starve. He couldn't do things most of guitarists of their level do. But fucking hell, his solos were awesome, just the way they were played.

So X is just classical oriented rock. Based on actually doing music. Whereas DT is verry interesting stuff, very well played, very technical, very whatever you want. Two different worlds. That's it.

-_- | Reviewer: asdf | 1/27/10

lol the members of DT aren't university professors. thats complete bullshit. they went to berklee fora while and left before they graduated to persue their careers with dream theater. and by the way, jordan rudess is totally against badmouthing other musicians. you're not gonna achieve anything by insulting other fans. listen:


Dream Theater > X Japan | Reviewer: ToRch | 12/12/09

I read these reviews and was like, "THIS BAND CAN COMPARE TO DT!? Shit that's gotta be interesting!" So I went and listened it and fuck they were whiny! The instruments were alright, but the vocalist made my ears bleed. ALSO, IF YOU CAN'T FUCKING PRONOUNCE ENGLISH PROPERLY, DON'T SING IN ENGLISH. His accent is so ridiculously clear that I couldn't understand the lyrics in the slightest. Anyone who thinks X Japan is better needs to clean their ears. Dream Theater strings together amazing lyrics with beautiful instruments. The lyrics are the ultimate example of poetic song writing, often having a hidden meaning behind them. I looked into X Japan quite a bit after hearing that song, and I'm not impressed. X-Japan, Anonymous who says that Dream Theater is just chaos put together, you need to listen to The Best of Times, Honor Thy Father, Octavarium, Under a Glass Moon and Metropolis! I just can't stand X Japan's vocalist.. Wasn't gonna make a racial comment, but I suppose a little trolly-ness for the fanboys is always fun. J-ROCK IS BULLSHIT WESTERN IMITATION. Play your own countries music, play wester music properly, OR GTFO.

guys guys | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/17/09

Apart from the two bands representing completely different music genres, i'd like to add that most of the members of DT are actually university professors teaching music (one of them being Petrucci)...
This song is one of my favourites, although it annoys me that some riffs are not connected to each other especially in the third part...
The guys are really focusing on the music of the song but they also write amazing lyrics!

Dream Theater and X japan are different type of genres! | Reviewer: zool nasri | 11/12/09

I'm both the fan of this two bands alright? But don't you guys get it? Dream Theater got their own types of music so does X japan.. Seriously stop comparing both of these band.. But seriously I'm gonna say as a musician.. A change of seasons is way to perfect.. I'm not being one sided.. But it's the fact.. It's about their own style of music.. So please.. Stop arguing cause it won't take us anywhere but being a kid who don't have the thinking? I don't care if you all hate me or not.. But It's the fact you all should just learn from a musician.. and I'm a drummer myself..

Double Bass Drumming Doesnt Make A Pro Drummer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/09

Reading through here people are talking about a drummer being pro by how fast he can double kick. Get out of here. Double kick is easy, a true master creates timeless drum patterns throughout many time signatures. This is why Mike Portnoy is alot better than who ever the X Japan drummer is.

Michael | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/09

Hey, don't be dissing Art of Life. That song is fucking amazing. It took me more then one listen to realize that, same as it took me more then one listen for me to realize how good this song was.

This song is beautiful, but IMO, Art of Life is my favorite out of the two, more because of all the emotion and soul not only put into writing it, but preforming it as well.

Dream Theatre are masters of their respective instruments, but in some cases it is a weakness. This song is TOO perfect.

X JAPAN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/09

Art of Life flows much better than DT's songs that are around the same time limit. Fuck all of you bastards who bad mouth X Japan. You're some of the worst racial bigots on Earth. DT's music is a bunch of crazyness thrown together and called a song, it frustrates me to fucking hell how epic people think they are. X Japan are leaps and bounds ahead of these guys on the epic scale, I'm sorry. Ignore, X's pre-90's stuff, yea it's thrashy, but fucking DT will NEVER make songs as good as Art of Life or Rose of Pain, never. Yoshiki is the type of guy born once every 200 years or so.

X Japan... | Reviewer: Jordan | 7/28/09

So I've been reading these comments, and people are saying ACoS sounds like X Japan's Art of I listened to it. Honestly, Art of Life is a piece of shit that doesn't compare to A Change of Seasons. I didn't hear any similarities, only shit that I can't believe people call "music." Worst half hour of my damn life that I will never see again.

What a great song! | Reviewer: Mohanad | 4/2/09

Listen X-gayfan... I dunno why you're feeling so offended by this song. But I thought about it, and I figured that your tiny penis might be the cause.

Anyways, at the start of listening to DT, I used to like some of their songs that weren't that progressive. A change of a seasons was one of the songs that I never got, I liked parts of it, but not it as a whole. However, after I got more deeply involved into their other songs from Train of Tought, when I came back to this song. I was REALLY AMAZED! I realized that I almost knew nothing about progressive metal when I didn't like this song. In my opinion, if you're a DT fan but you don't like this song, then maybe you still dont know wheter you like progressive metal or not. But give it some time, listen to their other stuff and trust me this song will become a masterpiece to you're heart.


My fav DT song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/09

Sure, they can play really fast and in weird timing, but here is where they really make it sound good and flow great. And as a bonus, James' voice doesn't sound out of place in this one. Perfection.