No no no! | Reviewer: Archer | 7/28/08

A Change of Seasons was written in '89 along with Metropolis Pt.1. This is from the liner notes of the ACoS EP. (Most of Images and Words was written during this transition time, when DT had no singer. This is from Mike in "The Score So Far".)

Also, they played this song live years before ever actually releasing the EP. There are actually bootlegs with Kevin Moore playing keyboards in ACoS, rather than Derek Sherinian on the album release. An overwhelming amount of fan response was one of the reasons why they ended up releasing it.

X Japan vs DreamTheater | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/08

Hi-five to every single DT fan here. I've been listening to both groups for a while, and we all have to admit they are all good musicians. For instance, DT is by far the most technical group I've seen in many, many years. Sure, we have Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Planet X and other guys that are excellent shredders. But to perfectly understand my point of view, just watch a X Japan concert dvd, then go with a DT concert dvd. You'll see that the DT guys know their instruments like no other.

For the "Art of life" debate, it was created in '92, if memory serves me correctly. "A change of seasons" was suppose to feature in the '92 Images and Words cd, but was latter released. For the extreme fans of DT (I'm one of them!), "A change of seasons" is on the Images and Words demo cd.

Plus, if you take a look at the '90's context, X Japan (I'm sorry fot those who really like it) just sounds like the other "hair metal" groups, but in little better and little more creative. DT is, remember that, a progressive metal band. Based more on music - somehow, they did not forget the lyrics!

...and for those saying Mike Portnoy isn't that good, well know this... he was the youngest ever drummer to be inducted to the modern drummer hall of fame, in the early 2000.

zzz... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

that's all I have to say. Sure, this song is great on the first couple of listens but then gets sort of... I don't know,boring. It just doesn't do it for me anymore. Oh well, at least I still have 'Art of Life'

Wheres the connection? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/08

I've been looking into this a bit and i see no similarities between this and Art of Life, i will admit i like Art of Life much better (no offence I just can't get into the whole DT sound, although they are all amazing artists) but both songs have like no connection to eachother i think Art of Life was made before but DT has never stated any influence from X Japan so if their are any similarities it's just coincedince, like think about how many different songs have ever been produced, I'm sure if 2 sound the same in any way and 1 got famous, the other one would too so it's not that hard to believe both bands have no connection is it?

dream theater and x japan | Reviewer: bearth | 2/7/08

i both like dream theater and x japan..
but dream theater sure is better than x japan! on their drummers, mike portnoy is obviously better. Sure, x japan's drummer can play fast doublebass patterns, but so can mike portnoy. those who say x japan's drummer is better than portnoy, go listen to Glass Prison! Portnoy can also do fast doublebass patterns, plus he has more creative fill-ins, and out-of-this-world time signatures and time signature changes!

change | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/08

c'mon no mater what any idiot says about his freaky asian "art" DT are the best, no one could outstand a solo of any of their artists, asian people are stupid, they thi nk they are good but the only thing they do is copy things. D.T. FTW!!!

A brilliant song no | Reviewer: John | 1/24/08

Amazing composition isn't it?
I mean who would've thought that a band that usually focuses more on technical expertise would create a song this perfect.

This song is the perfect blend of feel, melody, technical mastery and poetic songwriting. And whats so amazing is how James Labrie's voice suits the lyrics. The vocal line is so well thought of. And well executed too.

Petrucci's guitar work ,, needless to say, brilliant! some heavy riff,s some jazzy interludes
and some absolutely brilliant solos :)

John Myung,, as creative as ever,, beautiful patterns, Portnoy needless to say wonderful stuff,, very creative drummer,, people are so taken up by his skill they forget he is a very CREATIVE drummer more than anything else!!!

and Moore,, fantastic work,, stunning keyboard workk,, nice melody and effects :)

X-who? | Reviewer: NightmareCinema | 12/13/07

I only heard this song for the first time the day before yesterday, and it's already taken its place as one of my favorites by DT. It's a masterpiece, plain and simple.

To X-Japanforever, here's a thought. If X-Japan is so great, and Art Of Life is SO MUCH of a better song, why don't you go listen to it somewhere else and let us enjoy what WE like? A 'cover' of Art Of Life? IS it Art Of Life, or do you just think it sounds like it? If you picked the second answer, you're an idiot and your opinion is as relevent as Rosie O'Donnell's political beliefs.

By the way, I love how you collectively refer to the covers on the other tracks, originally by bands/singers such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Kansas, Journey, Dixie Dregs, Queen and Genesis as 'crap.' Brilliant.

Here's my advice to you: take your X-Japan albums, and shove them up your ass. The rest of us will continue to enjoy Dream Theater's music, and attempt to forget the annoying rambling of a fanboy for a band none of us had even fucking heard of before you opened your mouth and revealed what a jackass you are.

Thank you, and good day.

Best ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/07

I love that through simply reading the lyrics I can hear the whole song play out in my head. I can hear Petrucci's guitar whining out each note, Portnoy hammering on the drums, all of them in the most beautiful masterpiece I've ever heard. This song certainly did change my life, and I hope it changes yours too

In my opinion, the best DT song | Reviewer: freshyq | 11/28/07

Every time i hear this song, it instantly retakes the throne for best DT song ever. If I could listen to this, Glass Prison, Blind Faith, Metro pt. 1, and Finally Free and Forsaken in a continuous loop, i'd be damn content.

... | Reviewer: Rage | 11/16/07

Everyone who likes J<insert random genre here> is a dirty asiannwith a small penis who sees the world in widescreen. Now go gather some rice and get out of my Internets.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/07

this song is by far one of dream theater's best songs. I love how they're so down to earth, like their song sacrificed sons, about the terrorist attack in new york.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

This isn't a song anymore. This is all that I felt just a moment ago. It's a fucking masterpiece from Dream Theater. Fuck X-Japan, fuck all who say this song is a piece of crap. Dream Theater, you've saved my fucking life. Thank you very much.

The agony... | Reviewer: AwakenedToSleep | 10/7/07

I had never listened to Art of Life before, nor had I ever heard of X Japan until I started reading these reviews. But I thought that if people were saying that there's a band out there with better musicianship than Dream Theater, it HAD to be worth listening to. So, I found Art of Life on YouTube. First of all, the lyrics are great. They are fantastic lyrics. I'm not sure I feel that A Change of Seasons mimicks that though. Secondly...X Japan's vocalist makes my ears bleed. It's like DragonForce's vocalist with somehow LESS balls...but at least DragonForce's singer is pretty good. This guy sucks. And lastly, whoever said that their drummer is better than Mike are a moron. He can play double bass faster, that's it. That doesn't make you a good drummer. As far as musicianship in general, they don't even COMPARE to Dream Theater. The bassist sucks ass compared to Myung, the guitarists can't even touch the talent of Petrucci, the pianist/keyboardist is easily the most talented one in that band, but still doesn't compare to Rudess, and God....that singer makes me wanna die.

So there you have it. There's no reason to compare X Japan to Dream Theater, because there is no comparison. I see resemblence in the lyrics, but I have written something along these lines before, too. Do I mimic these bands as well then? It's all about interpretation. I guess A Change of Seasons' lyrics hit me differently than Art of Life, so I don't find much relation between the two. This is just my opinion though.

X-Japan Sucks | Reviewer: X-Japan Sucks | 8/21/07

i've heard both songs (art of life and A Change Of Seasons) A Change Of Seasons is much much better than Art Of Life.