This song means so much to me! | Reviewer: Ryan Slater | 4/18/14

This song is just amazing when i first heard it i was in total awe. James Labrie is absolutely brilliant on this. This is the only song taht can literally put me in tears. Just beautiful and so meaningful.

Not Sure What to Feel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/13

I just listened to this for the first time, and not quite sure what to feel.

I'm fairly new to Dream Theater. I first got into them about 6 months ago and have bought Octavarium, SFaM, Systematic Chaos, 6DOIT, and Dream Theater. So there's still quite a lot I need to listen to. But so far, everything I've heard is gold. Even if I don't think so at first, I know I will soon enough. This is a band that requires a certain taste and respect that I know I have. It just takes a while to get it going.

After listening to A Change of Seasons for my first time, it didn't seem too exciting. Currently, I can easily rank songs such as Octavarium and The Count of Tuscany higher up. But I know that will change.

Dream Theater songs seem to stretch out just a bit too much, and I'm now used to that, but this song just doesn't seem like it flows. I'm not quite sure what to feel. I can't immerse myself in the story and I don't really feel the shifting of seasons.

But like I said, it requires a certain taste I know I have. First time listening to Octavarium was weird, same with their other 20 minute epics. But it happened with those, and it will happen with this.

Here's a POSITIVE review of ACOS: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/13

This is hands down my favorite Dream Theater song ever. I really don't understand why I'm seeing all this arguing and flaming going around. Enough of that.
Anyway, I absolutely looove the guitar solo in "Another World", especially when the key changes to C# minor... makes me cry!
And the part at 21:08 ("I sit down with my son" to "I will live on!" is just cathartic. Best ending to ANY song I have ever heard so far, even over Octavarium, in my opinion. :) And of course, best DT song I have ever heard, period.

For comparison. | Reviewer: Aniruddha | 4/22/13

Just with one song you can't compare Dream Theater with X Japan, come on, my favourite will always be Dream Theater along with Tool. I had the song Art of Life, but I don't know why I didn't hear that song. Now I really need to hear that one and see why people are coming up with comparisons, I hate comparing musicians, because they are all distinctive and different in making music. Altogether Dream Theater is the boss, they have another marvellous track Octavarium, when it comes to keyboards, no one can beat Jordon, he is too talented, with Kevin Moore Dream Theater had the emotional sound, the whole Images and words album is a masterpiece and you can't forget the greatest song space-dye vest, I am a big fan of Dream Theater and I believe that Dream Theater will always be the best against all the bands which are strictly into lengthy instrumentals. One more thing, X-Japan singer sounds very soft and I don't prefer that sort of voice in metal, rock, prog metal, et cetera.

Bickering is pointless | Reviewer: TWilliams | 8/8/12

I love DT and X Japan, so hopefully my opinion should not be biased. I love both songs, but for me Art of Life is my favourite of the two. Piano being my favourite instrument, the solo was written amazingly and is performed with so much passion. I think the lyrics are incredible, and I love the vocalists texture to his voice. Im sure his voice isnt for everyone, but I love it.

As for the drumming dispute, they cannot be compared. For drumming skill alone, Portnoy i think is more technical. Yoshiki (X Japan drummer) does not have to show off odd time signatures because the songs dont call for it. But for a musician as a whole, Yoshiki is far ahead in my eyes. He wrote the whole of Art of Life, aswell as performing the drums AND piano. He knows music, as does Portnoy.

Noone should argue, opinion is opinion. Please just stop the disagreements, insults are honestly pathetic. Thank you.

Watch on in horror at what your world has become | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/11

Before I was a fan of DT, X was one of my favorite bands, with Art of Life being one of my favorite songs. Through luck I came upon Dream Theater, now my all time favorite band and I am simply disgusted at how many of my fellow dream theater fans are willing to shit on such a great band and claim that they are simply a "repugnant glam metal band" or something like that. I always thought DT fans were some of the most levelheaded and accepting people of other types of music, and also usually having some degree of musical theory to be able to notice and dissect a real song. It looks like I'm wrong on both counts, because I see none of it here. Just ignorance and fanboys not even giving something a chance before shitting on it.

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/11

For those of you who are confused about the meaning of the song, it is about an event in portnoy's life. In fact, it's one of the reasons he created DT. It opens with a kind of symbolic synopsis of what's going to happen without giving you the conclusion... then it follows with all of the feelings of his traumatic experience of losing his mother in a plane crash while in high school (the preceding, at the time, later, and then much later). It's sad to say that I relate to this song way more than I'd like to, but it took me through the motions therapeutically multiple times. It took me months before I could listen to the song without busting a tear or two, but really, it turned my life around and for it, I'm forever thankful.

o_O | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/11

I've been seeing this stuff here for years...
I don't even get where it stems from, I love both songs, they're not even similar, they're just both long. The topics are different, they coincide at parts, but they're different, and the structure and style is completely different as well, I just don't even get where it comes from.

I have old bootleg versions of A Change of Seasons from long long before it was released too, they played bits live much before.
I don't get it :s

But this is a beautiful song. One of my top played.

Make Peace!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/11

If your opinion about DT is that they're crap, then go to some X Japan song and tell everyone there about their greatness, I can't hear it any longer, for I give a crap about similarities between ACoS and something else!

STILL!? | Reviewer: gunsnroses | 4/18/11

This battle is STILL going on?!!?!

This debate on this page is what got me into X Japan (thank you so much for that!) But really, I love both bands as all of you should!

Its been 4 years since I came here and discovered X. Just shut up and enjoy the damn song!

Yet another attempt to silence the controversy | Reviewer: uioiuioiu | 2/16/11

Guys, guys

I can explicitly point out the (obvious) reasons for the mainstream popshit being inferior compared to the pieces by other more respectable musicians: same lyrical theme, same musical style, bland instrumentals and catchy chorus meant as a hooker than a piece of art.
You must understand that such reasoning can only apply for 'musicians' like Rihanna, Bieber, Cyrus etc.; you can only scorn at people's music for such extreme cases.
This CAN'T apply for X Japan or Dream Theater. Their music are both more worthy than some vacuous sellout bullshit, and hence it's quite hard to give unbiased judgment about whose music is better. Especially consider that the both bands are legends: they both left legacy to the history of music (especially metal), and there's no doubt about it. In other words, except the really obvious cases, it is impossible to give numerical "scores" to compare how worthy songs are. So it is totally wrong to spurn X Japan as "repugnant glam metal band" just because you don't like their flamboyant looks and because your taste is different from theirs.

So will everyone shut up and just enjoy a Change of Seasons?

Rationality, and a healthy dose of self-restraint. | Reviewer: David | 2/11/11

To all those posting 'reviews' perpetrating some comparison between Dream Theater and another group/artist/band, or making some derogatory comment to Dream Theater in any way:

Enjoy the music for what it is. If you don't like it: delete the song files; throw away the CDs; remove it from your life. People like myself come to sites such as this to hear constructive and positives opinions of the music in question. If you don't like the music, DON'T LISTEN TO IT!

I don't care what your opinion is with regards to Petrucci as a guitarist compared to anyone; nor how 'pro' Portnoy is as a drummer; and so on. If you think Petrucci is overrated as a guitarist, then don't listen to his music.


how to listen this song | Reviewer: voitel | 12/7/10

If you want to listen a Change Of Seasons you have to be used to Dream Theater songs. Actually many Songs of them are impressive like this one.
Just don't tell that other songs are so much worse.
Actually we're talking about this song.

Silence the Imbeciles. | Reviewer: Not Anonymous | 12/1/10

I just read the reviews here and have seen a lot of comparisons to X-Japan. I went out and found some, listened to it, and have this to say:

Close your stupidity holes.

If you truly think that repugnant glam metal band can in any way compete with Dream Theater, you clearly need new speakers, preferably manufactured AFTER World War 1.

It's like saying Brittany Spears is a lot like Tool. It could get you sodomized. Or shot. Or both.

drean theater | Reviewer: javier andre | 10/29/10

i love this song!!! at first it just seemed like another long song!!! but in time i got a lot of feeling for this song!!! X-japan?!!! a complete piece of shit if ya ask me!!! dream theater is the best band i have ever heard in my life!!! and thats really hard to say when you hear and love so much type of music!!!