2nd best song ever made... | Reviewer: kardenaz | 8/19/07

This song IS amazing. Every listen is simply breathtaking.
But even though XjapanFOREVER is a fanboy, i'm gonna have to agree with him. "Art of Life" is a masterpiece. I have listened to it every day for the past month. And yes, I am not bored with it.Far from it.

Yeah... | Reviewer: Tunafish | 7/24/07

XjapanFOREVER, is that why mike portnoy won the best progressive drummer award for 12 consecutive years?
don't diss the M man!! (being mike portnoy..(better than X Japan)) and yes.. this is an amazing song.

Cheap remake of Art of Life | Reviewer: XjapanFOREVER | 7/20/07

I can't bring myself to fully appreciate this song. This SAME concept was captured BETTER 2 years previous to this song! Art of Life is a MASTERPIECE by LEGENDARY J-Rock band X JAPAN.
Art of Life is even 5 minutes longer than A Change of Seasons, and there's not crappy covers on it to take up space... Don't get me wrong, I like this song, and it's good, but all Dream Theater did was copy Art of Life. YOSHIKI, the drummer/pianist/composer for X JAPAN is a better drummer than Mike Portnoy could ever HOPE to be. Don't believe me, just watch YOSHIKI's Last Live drum solo, better yet, watch Art of Life Live, besides when he's on the piano, YOSHIKI is pounding away at his drums and constantly slamming his double bass! And let's not forget the guitarist of X, hide (hee-day), with his pink hair, and skillful playing.....
3 out of 4 reviews on metal-archives.com gave this song above a 90%, 2 of which were PERFECT 100's. One even said "This song defines the word PERFECTION!!! - 100%" (http://metal-archives.com/review.php?id=13421)
One person on another metal site gave this a 100+/100 making it the HIGHEST ranked album on the SITE!!!!!
The person who reviewed Art of Life on Sputnikmusi.com even compared Art of Life to ACOS, and even he stated Art of Life, in terms of Musical Skill and lyrics, is FAR SUPERIOR! (http://www.sputnikmusic.com/album.php?reviewid=1794)
I can't really bring myself to like this piece, cause I think of this as a "cover" of Art of Life, so this entire EP is just a collection of covers!!!!

"Art of Life,
An Eternal Bleeding Heart,
You never wanna breathe your last.
Tell me why!
I want the Meaning of my Life.
Do I try to Live?
Do I try to Love?
Art of Life"
Art of Life- X JAPAN

------ About the song A Change Of Seasons performed by Dream Theater | Reviewer: robobarth | 7/12/07

i adore change of seasons i feel all the feelings in it every time i hear the song.

Beyond belief! | Reviewer: Joseph | 6/26/07

I've lost track of the amount of times I've listened to this song. Its power is amazing, with the genius of the music combined with its breath taking lyrics. I am in awe.

Possibly the best song ever made... | Reviewer: SolitaryHell | 6/15/07

Indeed this song can change your life! Well atleast it changed my life, but that is a different story.
I think that only Octavarium can get close to this song. Just brilliant!

ACOS The best song on the DT history | Reviewer: Victor | 6/12/07

The music, the lyrics of this song can change your life seriously! i just love DT and for me this is the best song ever on the DT history!!
Thanks Portnoy!
Carpe Diem Seize the day

Stupendious | Reviewer: Chris | 5/28/07

From beginning to end, this song is musical genius. Every genre in it, it seems, excluding Hip Hop. And the way it ends with the starting beat just gives it that extra.. Dream Theater feel. Love it.

An Amazing Prog Metal Saga | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/07

Everyone who has commented on this song is completely correct. Dream Theater's mastery of each instrument is unsurpassable. The change in time signitures, the different stages of the song. John Petrucci is, in my mind, the best guitarist alive today. Mike Portnoy is one of, if not the best drummer in the world. This is a deep multi-dimensional song that everyone should hear in it's unbroken entirety at least once.

Amazing | Reviewer: Chughtai | 5/1/07

I am a music listener from Pakistan and I normally dont listen to prog rock songs but Dream Theater is such an amazing band that I can listen to them all day. Change of seasons remains as the most thoughtful, deep and unique song ever made, especially in terms of lyrics. People may not like LaBrie's vocals but in this song he sings his heart out.

Pure geniality from the masters of prog metal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/07

I concur with every other review here. This song moves your soul, it's so brilliant and the lyrics are indeed very touching. This is the greatest piece of music of the 90's and maybe the whole century.

Greatest of all time. | Reviewer: madhukar | 2/27/07

the greatest song of all time,"change of seasons" takes the listener to a place he has never been.A feeling that has never and will never be evoked by any band(perhaps even Dream Theater).A song that will remain unsurpassed in its technical brilliance and lyrics that leave you shaken.God's gift to mankind.If God were a guitarist he would play like Petrucci.Thank God for Dream Theater

Whoa. | Reviewer: Daniel Santos | 2/4/07

You just have to love it, no doubts one of the best work of art ever made by Mankind. The way it fills your ears, the way it changes your mood, the way you feel the lyrics, the way your stomach aches as you identify with those lyrics.. So Human, so emotional, so breath-taking.. Dream Theater changed my way to see music, and somehow my way to see life itself.
My regards.

Dream Theater's done it again... | Reviewer: Jason | 4/29/06

Dream Theater is, by far, the best band. Ever. In my opinion. Epic in their sound, amazing in their insturments, and all their lyrics are so very emotional and real. Some progressive band go on, and on, and a lot of the lyrics are fantasy based and what not. Dream Theater's really done good for the genre.

And this song just goes to show what I mean.

Brilliant! | Reviewer: Jared543 | 12/18/05

This song is simply amazing,24 minutes of pure bliss,musically and lyrically incredible!!