i <3 drake | Reviewer: urooj | 1/15/11

omg heyyyy i love u drake u rock i lve ur music i always listen 2 u no matter wat people say im ur fan # 1 fan. i want 2 see u in person in nj united states linden i lllllooooooooooovee ur da best ur 4eva :)

If You're Out There | Reviewer: JuaniiandDrakii | 12/20/10

Drake, whether if you see this or not, I would love to meet you. I'm a really good singer, actor, artist,rapper, and dancer. I bet I can make more songs with you than you and Weezy can. I really am interested in you. God Bless. :)
Juanita Wilbur <3

WHAT UP!!!!!! Princess lee | Reviewer: lizzy lee | 12/16/10

You r da stuff i luv yooh so much i just want to encourage yooh to keep doing wat yooh do.
i Love your song what up and with you they r the best i dont think you should get married now live your life young. I was real jealous when i saw rihanna in whats my name sexy video!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol =)..........

iuss love yhu | Reviewer: Leyla Drizzeyla | 12/2/10

if you ever get tah see this..you are amazing rapper!!...i know all your lyrics by heart n i do mean all of them..you and rihanna should towtally hook up..buh if that daent work out..im always here babe...:)
i know this may bbe to much to ask..buh could yhu please come down tah Africa..Kenya in specific..you will be amazed by how many people adore you here..you are a legend down here y'know....i'd save all my money to see you!!!
your number one fan...LEYLA DRIZZEYLA! #wuurrd#

mr. graham | Reviewer: morgan | 11/28/10

i love yhu sooo much i listen to yhu every day!! matter fact im listenin to yhu riqht nw :) yhu sound AMAZING!! && yhu r sooo sexii :) i wish one day i cud meet yhu. dat wud make my life complete for real. I LOVE YHU AUBREY DRAKE GRAHAM :) - Morgan, yhur biqqest fan

I <3 YUHHH DRAKE!! | Reviewer: biggest drake FAN!! | 11/16/10

HEY drake i am one of yo biggest fan i love yuhh so much wen im down or in <3 all i do iz lesen 2 yuh cuz yuh always make me feel like im actully in this world for some reson nikki iz the luckyest gurl i noe i really would love n i mean LOVE <3 to see yuh proform iv been trying to look 4 tikits on staples center bu i can never find it or there sold out like ama cheek right now (yuh are very sexy lol) i did my school report just on yuh

ur #1 fan gladys
p.s hope to see u in town
but all u can do iz keepp them
hops upp!

amber fly | Reviewer: ashley | 11/15/10

hi drizzy drake my name is ashley and im in love with you.i luv your
music like over,find your love,and also that new joint with rihanna
whas my name.and i think that you should marry nicki minaj because she aint that bad.i think that people need to shut there mouth and stop talking about nicki because if you need to say something to someone i think you should say it in there face.


i love u drizzy drake | Reviewer: miriam mendoza | 11/3/10

drake i love u so much i love ur music im a big fan of urs i love da two cds tat u took out so far gone and thank me later i lisen to dem went im n ma bad mood u are ma role model i always look up to u i also lke it tat ur urself i love u see ya nd diz iz miriam mendoza

Drake forever | Reviewer: Candace | 10/16/10

Ok Drake i am a big fan of yours and i love your music you are a good song writer and i love that you do you and dont care about what everybody thinks you have changed the rap game keep it up and just do you

reality check | Reviewer: Mz. REALity | 10/14/10

ohkay drake first off ima fan of your work but you and this nicki thing aint going to work. she cool and all but dang for real drake. almost half of her is fake and do you hear what she talk about in her music. i mean if you really want the type of girl you describe in your music then you "in love" with the wrong one and im being 100% real with you on this. some might say im hating but i aint got a reason to hate on yall but if you really feel she the one for you then you go ahead and do what you do but when its time to face the music, dont say i and some of your fans didnt warn you.

ur da best!!! | Reviewer: perse | 8/3/10

hey drizzy!i LUV UR MUSIC...its sooo gud!im literaly hooked on it, its lke all i listen too!all of ur songs r fucking BOMB, & ur da best in da biz rite now!!!ur realy on da top of ur game(: i luv how u can rap, & den jst sing slow & smooth..so sexy!but anyways....keep it up:D
p.s.plz come dwn to FRESNO, CA!!!!!i wuld LUV to see u perform...& trust me, tickets wuld sell!!

singer for u | Reviewer: meron | 8/4/10

haay drake omg i donno if ur gonna get this but im ur biggest n imean biggest fan ilisten to ur music non stop i think u r hotttttt i love u lil wayne n nikki u guys are my babes i love to sing i sing all the time i want to take singing to another level i wish to be singed with atlantics records when im older so yeh wish for the best with ur new albums for the future

love ya | Reviewer: Ariannah Perkins | 8/11/10

I love you so much!! Everytime im in a bad mood I listen to you but anyway I'm from Monroe,La but if you could please come down here and perform im like you #1 fan literally.I have posters of you and i may add you are very very sexy no doubt.

you career | Reviewer: alyssa | 6/25/10

Let me start of by saying that ima big fan of yursss! Yu got great talentt! And career ..I love ever single one of yur songs ..yur sexxy & talented..I was watchin "drake better than good enough" on t.v ..and yu js seemed really dwn to earth and reall! I like how yu said tht yu got yur spark from yur father and asked if yu had spark . Well yu doo! What I wnna do this summer is to hopefully see you perform <3

Halla | Reviewer: J | 6/30/10

Yo Drizzy,this your homeboy J_Swagg3r from S.A. Im loving your music man (it's the best i ever heard,best i ever heard,best i ever heard,drizzy you the f*@king best!).I just wanted to halla at ya,and by the way im making music just like you! Yeah i know i know,great isnt it? Lol,yo check this out!: i want the money money and the cars and i dont mean that stupid hearse,i know im not the best but im trying unlike the rest,i wana go through this misery,now remember me coz im a "G",i wana be successful like jay-z,buy a mansion wear the latest fashion.Lol.Later.