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Performed by Dragonforce

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Religous | Reviewer: Zack | 11/9/08

Well I'm a christian and I like this type of music.A huge debate going on is if DF is secretly christian or satanic. They do have 2 members from a satanic band (Daimons, which is basically pronounced demons)But they have nothing to do with the lyrics.Some of the lyrics do seem christian, it almost seems like he has two singing sides, A dark side and a light side that he switches between every few lines.

Personally, I dont think they are christian or satanic. It looks more like a guy who has heroic visions and writes about them.

AWSOME | Reviewer: AbaduM | 10/3/08

dammmm I love DF, awsome lyrics, awsome material

AND ITS NOt religios message, is like RPG quest, adventure, cmon man, some serious sh!t, love lyrics love facing danger... love knights.. love honor , fighting for freedom,


dudes. i agree. | Reviewer: haha yaaa. no name | 7/17/08

this song owns. ya. it does have christian/ rpg themes. dont like, suck it up. enjoy the song. I LOVE IT.
loveitloveitloveit. ^^ hahahahaha. ok. seriously though its awesome. a bit above fire nd flames. (yes i know that aint the name but its easier.)

Awesome song, so lets not discuss religion, just comment on it ok? | Reviewer: bilbo grackleson | 7/1/08

Anonymous at 2/6/08, i pity you. but if you have something against religion take it elsewhere. We're reviewing songs not debating religion. apparently, however, your not only against religion but also those who have it? "christianity and other religions have poisoned our world for more than a millenium..." Excuse my language, but dude your a dumbass. This song is great by the way ^_^

Well, rpg is more like it...... | Reviewer: Tim | 6/19/08

If you listen to most of DF's songs, they talk in the form of an epic quest, and i see it as kind of a rpg, the adventure in Through The Fire and The Flames, in the first section, the four friends are fighting an army, and one dies, and every section after that one friend dies untill the last part where they kill the overlord dude, and the last guy escapes the castle or whatever they are in, talking about defeat, and even the last beats of the song sound like quick running shots. So, its not christian undertone in my obinion, its more a Adventure, or rpg, or quest, ect....

God? | Reviewer: FunkyDunk32 | 3/31/08

Although this song does, in my opinion, have christian undertones and i am by NO MEANS a christian i do love this song. I believe this song to be more about people fighting for the truth of the world and for freedom, not nessisarily for God.

That's my opinion, if you don't like it then bite me.


This song.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/08

In my opinion this song is truly the best I have ever heard. And if you do not like it or if you think religion is bullshit then go ahead and keep that kind of stuff to yourself. If you want to be ignorant and support the technology that proved a 5 year old coke cap to be over 2 million years old than that is your stance...

good song, bad lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/08

well i hate the lyrics, they'd have been better without the christian messages , i mean if even metal is going christian then why the fuck are we still alive? christianity and other religions have poisoned our world for more than a millenium and they keep getting supported. you are your only real master. the concept of god(S), jesus and other stuff just sickens me and i cant believe how people can be so blind and STILL after THAT MANY TIME (i quote Behemoth : 2000 years is nothing though it has been enough).

damn.... | Reviewer: Aaron | 1/17/08

this is an awesome song, all of the ones i have heard so far are. i kida agree with what daxxt says about the christian undertones. nonetheless, even with the religious allegories, or maybe even because of them, this is still a great song.

of everything... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

This has got to be the greatest song I have ever heard. The guitar is unmatched, and the drummer must have to do 50 push-ups each day to keep up with it. The lyrics are amazing and you don't find songs quite like this one. DRAGONFORCE ROCKS!!!!

My Sweet Jesus | Reviewer: Draxxt | 1/6/08

Personally, I have to say I am a huge DF fan not only for their awesome instrumentals, vocals, and altogether awe-inspiring prescence but also because (And this is my interpretation) their Christian undertones. you may disagree and this may be, in fact. the opposite of the case but if you listen (Or read as this site has so generously procured) you might see a noticable Christian view. Sort of like Evanescence or Nirvana except better (Or on the same level, as the case may be with Nirvana)

My Sweet Jesus | Reviewer: Draxxt | 1/6/08

I love DF not only for their awesome and awe-inspiring songs but also the occaisional Christian messages (By my interpretation) if you disagree please say so but read the lyrics: fighting evil, master calling, it's all there

amazing...una canzone ke spacca! | Reviewer: Miry | 11/12/07

This song is awesome!!It's my favoutite dragonforce song...the suond is great!I'm looking for watching them live at the black crusade!!

DRAGONFORCE ROCKS ON!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/07

The lyrics are incredible, with electrifying bass, stunning guitar, and head banging vocals, you cANT BEAT IT! except operations ground and pound what an amazing song

i tried to figure out the lyrics... | Reviewer: jeremy vogt | 10/7/07

to a couple songs, i thought i was correcting, but the more i listened, i feel like i was trying too hard to hear something different, because before i started submitting corrections it really did sound like at first like he was saying something slightly different for this song and then i think i tried editing starfire, because these two songs especially have two versions, the CD versions and the demo versions, and the lyrics are different in them... to be continued in starfire lyrics...

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