Nick, please.... | Reviewer: Warri+r | 5/4/12

Obviously nick, you have no imagination or a brain to realize that this can be taken as a form of encouragement, of you think they suck so bad, Why search this song, comment the actual lyrics then put a negative comment???

Think before you publish.

DF rocks!


Mistakes | Reviewer: Answerer ox | 1/17/10

there are definate mistakes within the lyrics here, and a bit is missing from the end, and the different verses arent seperated very well so they kinda seem to merge into a big blob... not vair good =[ i wonder who put this song on here?

fucking amazing | Reviewer: dusk | 4/16/09

I really think that this is one ov Dragonforces very best songs its got everything beutiful lyrics epic music and most important it was sung by the best band in the world DRAGONFORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO WAY DUDE THOSE LYRICS SUCK! | Reviewer: nick | 12/20/08

hmm, well for starters, So many fires bring mass devastation, is sonic fires not so many Nothing left, still searching for something, Deeper needs surprise is beneath the cries, Tossed all about and you're all alone, evasion in your eyes, is Crushed by the thought that you're all alone cravation in your eyes, Victim of your dream of denile is victim of your GREIF and denial, In a lifetime of disaster, is a battle to the end, Trying to stand our life, let's carry on, And forever, this time. is In a lifetime of disaster it's a battle to the end
Final stand my life must carry on And forever, this time, Misery remains voluntary, all across the sky, Wait through the blistering madness is Misery remains voluntary all illusion gone
Break through the blistering madness, I still beware til' tomorrow,
Stand to a toxic man, forced to a life of yesterday, These are our salvation crushed and burned is I'll still be waiting tomorrow
Slaves to a toxic man, forced to a life of yesterday Theatre of salvation crushed and burned,chorus screwd up again, then finally, Reach for the stars, And ever last forever free, In our hearts for a thousand years, And a thousand lifetimes before is Reach for the stars, and live our lives forever free
In our hearts for a thousand years and a thousand lifetimes
before. there was a bunch of other stuff screwd up like little words that i left out. u suck

Check your spelling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/08

I Normally trust the lyrcs of, but i'm a little iffy about this one, because if you can't get the spelling right, i'm not so sure you can get the words themselves. Shame, because this is one of the greatest non-bonus songs on Ultra Beatdown. Definitely my second favorite after Fury of the Storm. Plus this is one of the best songs that the band plays live.