Jooleeboolee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/13

I love this song, it's so amazing. But I recommend to everyone who love this song, and do in general to listen to timeless miracle ( the voyage or curse of the werewolf) they are just an super-cool power metal

Knight rider | Reviewer: Thunder storm | 5/16/13

This song gives inspiration to us all. The knight rider, one day they will ride in the sky under the god's command n their hearts are filled with dragon's rage to destroy humanity.
(sorry, if any mistake cuz i'm nt that gud in english)

A little correction | Reviewer: Kane's Warth | 8/11/12

DragonForce did not invent Power Metal that's true, they invented an other style that somes qualified like Extrem Power Metal.
(Sorry if their is some mistakes, I'm French, not an English speaker.)

Carrying the torch for power metal | Reviewer: Jason | 5/31/12

Many DF bands, at least here in the states, hear them and have never heard this type of metal before and think it is somethign new and original. I got into them only recently, but they take what bands like Helloween, Hamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Iron Savior, etc. did well before them, and bring it to today's video game audience. It's really a shame it took a video game to introduce this style of metal to a wider audience in America, and still today many think DF is the originaor of this music. But check out the other bands I mentioned and you might like them just as much, especially Gamma Ray. Kai Hansen is the godfather of power metal.

awesome song!! | Reviewer: Timothy | 5/26/12

i personally agree with Cindy this song gives a sense of pride to those who have been in a "charge" in a combat situation. in any form doesnt necesarily have to be with real guns it could be a paintball match or a football game. this song will get your blood pumping if youve ever fought for anything youve stood for. and i also agree with mr. MMORPG about this song being a firght for humanity against demons raging up from the hellfires. but thts up to the band to tell us the true meaning we can only speculate but i personally think this song symbolizes any and all soldiers or citizens who have ever heard the call to stand for ANYTHING they felt the need to fight for whether it be a pretend fight(paintball, fist fight) or actual war.

It kinda' makes sense... | Reviewer: Lloyd | 2/4/12

Y'know, now that it's a coupla' years later Dick and Alvin do sort of have a point in their review of this song. A diehard fan myself, I've listened to this song well over 200 times. The bit of lyric they interpreted as, "On towards Afghanistan, we travel far and wide," actually does sound like that in the song. And the "Blackest knights staring at the sun," could be representative of relatively dark-skinned Saudi bedouins that wear black robes. The wastelands could represent the deserts of the western Middle East, while the mountains could be those of Afghanistan and Iran. And, the lyricist of Dragonforce split with the group after the release of Ultra Beatdown, perhaps because of radical islamic beliefs. It's interesting, how such a villified old comment could predict so much truth, despite the silly Pokemon parts.

truly a good band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/11

I've heard many songs by bands like the big 4, mushroom head, slipknot, korn, deff lepard and led zeppelin but Soldiers of the Wasteland by Dragonforce is by far my favourite song, as is through the fire and flames. Rock on Dragonforce!!!!!!

they gets me rockin. | Reviewer: irabanta | 8/7/11

my opinion-i think for long distance roads they wer searchin.4 their success.'Far across the distant plains of ice we're searching for the sword''.i lyk tiz line they r searching wat they want.i luf them n appreciate their guitar solo.

DragonForce | Reviewer: Blaž | 7/23/11

I also, heard for Dragonforce the first time from gh3. It's kinda true that they became famous(as much as they are now) because of gh3, but it's also the other way around. I whould never buy gh if it whouldn't be for TTFAF.

Just a fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/11

I really can´t believe i didn´t heard dragonforce until GH3, but since i heard through the fire and flames i started searching for mroe songs and they ROCK! So if someone doesnt like them, why did u search for this lyrics in first place?

Awesome | Reviewer: Vincent Ryder | 10/13/10

Around where I'm from, I'm one of the few who was a big fan of Dragonforce back when I was still a kid. Where I'm from though, most people never heard of them until guitar hero. What a shame for them. :)

Wicked | Reviewer: Seefer | 7/12/10

I love these guys. Dragonforce is great. Their guitar is top notch and their lyrics are always taking you on an adventure. Try listening to the words and let the music do the rest. Helps to have an imagination though.

Inconclusive proof | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/10

Speaking as a 'Brit' myself, I have to say that your comment, Dick H. Ed, on 'most brits' lacking brains, basing this conclusion purely on the reply posted by one person, is not enough evidence to sustain an accusation such as this. That's one person in the masses of millions part of our Nation. Saying that, it wouldn't hurt to spellcheck your posts Gazza =/ .
Brendan, I know how you feel about Death Metal; the number of times I've heard my brother blasting that, what can only be described as, white noise and has made me want to rip out the charger from my laptop, strip the plastic casing and connect the copper leads to the sides of my temples and stick my head in the shower couldn't be counted. There, I think that covers all I wanted to say... =)

An objective standpoint | Reviewer: Brendan Young | 4/22/10

In the past few months I've had something of a changed relationship with metal. Death metal and RnB and myself have something of an understanding, I don't listen to them and they can suck as much as they like somewhere far away from me. I've always felt that if i somehow wanted the experience they offer I'd just stick my head near a power sander while pausing every few minutes to mainline the heroine I'd need to actually enjoy the experience, and eat some shit.
Dragonforce thankfully is not death metal and so it doesn't fall into the category of what to listen to when I'm so depressed and need something to stop myself from putting a gun between my teeth.
I bought their album Inhuman Rampage and Through the Fire and the Flames has to be their best work to date, at least that was until I discovered this song, which ostensibly predates Through the Fire and the Flames.
Soldiers of the Wasteland was and still is, in my opinion, a brilliant song. The imagery is very effective and the music just adds a whole new dimension to it. It's like watching that final battle in Lord of the Rings with some better fast paced music to it, possibly this song would fit the mood better or even Through the Fire and the Flames.
My first impression of this song was just a resounding WOW, the first verse was the seller for me, and that for me, is saying alot.
Usually songs made since the middle to late 90's are like having a rusty scre driver shoved in the side of my head, full of over pimped dickheads trying to out-do one another in what could only be described as the biggest dickhead competition, all of them wanting to bitch slap their ho's.
As I said I've had a changeable relationship with Metal, Death metal being the exception but as for Dragonforce, their music just appeals to me in a way that no others do. Nightwish is a very very close second, but this song has a unique sound to my ears. The rythms and the flow of the whole song and then the fantasy styled lyrics make a formidable package.
Before you all start replying to this post and nagging about how big a twat I am and that I really don't know what I'm talking about, its worth remembering that all reviews are subjective, and the fact that I love this song doesn't make it a good or bad song. It all really comes down to what you like and therefore the ideas and opinions of people that hate it or love it should'nt get to you. Unless of course there's a dispicable little doubt in the back of your mind that wont go away no matter often you beat it with the wet flannel of weak excuses. In which case why not just roll over and let the people who you let dictate to you whats good and bad step on the other side of your face. There is 0 reference to Afghanistan or anything to do with the Middle East, so either you're listening to a different song or you're projecting so hard you can show power point presentations on the dick shaped sculpture on your head.

Attention, all Dragonforce hater fags! | Reviewer: Black Lightning | 4/21/10

First of all, Dick H. Ed and Alvin Legrange, do the universe a HUGE favour and shoot yourselves in your brainless heads, you queerbag faggots couldn't be any more wrong. Us Brits DON'T lack brains, Dragonforce DOESN'T suck kitten cocks (although I'm pretty sure you WANKERS would like to), their songs have NOTHING to do with Afghanistan (you racist donkey rapists) and if you don't like Dragonforce, then quit listening to their songs, quit posting useless bullshit about them, and do something with your WORTHLESS lives, you wastes of DNA.

Rock on! (p.s. Dragonforce and RPGs rule!)