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Performed by Dragonforce

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Warcraft references? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/07

This might sound stupid but I hear a few Warcraft references when I listen to this song such as the line "Far across the distant plains of ice we're searching for the sword" which, if you play warcraft, would be Prince Arthas' search for the runeblade Frostmourne in Northrend, along with the word "Horde" is written on this sheet.

Ben | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/07

OMG Best song ever really....the tune is imense fo real... the best guitar player i have heard... The lyrics are just so...undescribable y'know?


ace song | Reviewer: Zanderpander | 10/24/07

this song is fecking immense, its ace. best song ever in my opinion.
and btw, some poo face on limewire mixed the songs up and named soldiers of the wasteland prepare for war...i downloaded it and thoought the same...but this is soldiers of the wasteland:)

Wow | Reviewer: Taka | 10/23/07

Those who claim's this song to be Prepare for war Just don't know Dragon force well. This Song is obviously Soldier of the waste land. Thus is like After the war they talk about in prepare for war tho

Right lyrics | Reviewer: .|m|.Black Princess.|m| | 10/15/07

I dont know what some of you people are on about, These lyrics are the correct lyrics for the song!
I absolutely love this song, it has so much meaning to it!

not wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/07

these ARE the lyrics for soldiers of the wasteland, and not prepare for war. you can sort of hear it, as he says wasteland a couple times. some download programs mix the songs up.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

This song is so amazing.
I love it, I started listening to Dragonforce about a month ago and omg.
They are amazing.
The guitar work is brilliant, someday I would LOVE to see them in concert.

Wrong Lyrics | Reviewer: DragonForce corrector | 8/4/07

OMFG! You just mixed up the wrong lyrics.
These are lyrics from:
DragonForce - Prepare for War

Fucked the Lyrics | Reviewer: DragonForce Corrector | 8/4/07

These are the Lyrics to - DragonForce, Prepare for War.
Still a good song but this should be re-corrected.

one of their best songs. | Reviewer: elijah | 7/21/07

ive seen DF live it was honestly the best show ever. espcially this song because it was a real sing-a-long type song. everyone loved it and knew almost all the words

My God... | Reviewer: Chris | 7/18/07

This song is just amazing. I've never heard anything like this before it's just God himself if he does exist. I just got into Dragonforce about 4 months ago and my god I'm glad I did. Simply Amazing songs DF and for the love of any divine entity anyone believes in, please never stop.

All the best

fucking insane | Reviewer: Wade | 7/16/07

This song is fucking insane. Learning it on guitar is even harder. Definatley one of the best DF tunes eva

My Review | Reviewer: Victor | 6/25/07

Soldiers of the Wasteland is an awesome song, i love it, keep up the good work DF, it would be awesome for you guys to come to PA. it would be a running riot.

cool shit | Reviewer: DFmaster | 5/19/07

christ its the best song ever, the lyrics... i mean, qoute: 'Fallen soldiers taste the steel of death the daylight dawning' this is just masterful! after SOTW comes valley of the damned, good stuff too.

Freakin insane | Reviewer: johnny | 4/25/07

ive never realyl heard themed bands before, but god these guys are awesome. this is their best song personally ever. and totally i wanan go kill shit now after hearing this

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