Swat Jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/07

Dragonforce is by far the best power metal band i have ever heard in existance, the combination of the guitars shredding and then the slight tinkle of the keyboards you hear in the background harmoniously come together to form something kinda like the force( HOLY SHIT ). And I never thought i would have heard that kinda singing since queen (15 years old...w/e) but oddly enough i think it goes with the style of music DF have created, I listen to other metal bands like Children of Bodom and Trivium, only problem COB has is the singing is always screaming (even though it fits the hardcoreness of the themes of their songs) and Trivium...well...IMO they just rely too much on guitars to make melodies(need keyboardist) but with DragonForce, eat damn song is flawless. Goodjob Dragonforce on making me shit my pants....making my ass suck that shit up...then shitting myself again 10.3828/10.3828

oscar | Reviewer: oscar | 11/18/07

this song on guitar hero rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but it is not better than in concert,dragonforce rocks!!!!!!!!!!!like your songs,through the fire and flames,valley of the dammed,and some other ones,you guys rock!!

Enchanting | Reviewer: Pamela | 11/12/07

My first impression of Dragonforce was AWESOME!!! They are absolutly amazing. Herman's and Sam's solos are wild and crazy. I am probably older than most of their fans but I don't think they care. I really don't know how to discribe the way they make me feel after I listen to them. I can't seem to find the words to explain. One does come to mind--ENCHANTING!! Like some one said, they suck you in to their world. All I know is that I do like their music very much. Everything about them ,the vocals, the guitar solos, drums, the whole package. They are soooo amazing! They are the best metal band I have heard in a long time. Please keep up the great perfomances.
When will you come to America?

Dragonforce-HELL YEAH! | Reviewer: Gemma | 11/9/07

These guys have to be the BEST EVER BAND!!!!
There is no words to describe howgood they are! their music is the best ever and they simply ROCK!!!!! LUV YA DRAGONFORCE, N ALL DRAGONFORCE LOVERS!!! xxx

Dragonforce | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

OHHHHHHH YEYAH!! Dragonforce HAS To Be The Best Band Like, Ever... And They're English Woop Woop!! Their Guitar Skills Are Amazing! Go Dragonforce Wooooo!!

Luff To All Metal Luvvers!!

GH3 VERSION ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: a44ho1e@yahoo.com | 11/7/07

I bought guitar hero 3 the first day it was out the second day i had it i made it to this song on hard. thank the lord that you dont play it in front of an audience. it is the hardest, most difficult thing in the world

what can i say??? | Reviewer: Emily | 10/27/07

wow, these guys ROCK! i normally dont like metal or similar, but there's just somthing about these guy's songs that pulls the listener in. wish they would do an australia tour

DAAAYAAM!! | Reviewer: KG | 10/18/07

Im new to Dragonforce.... THEY ARE BLOODY AWESOME!!
I cant put it into words how AWESOME they are!...
These guys have inspired me to learn the guitar, i just took up a course learning how to play! :D
hehe these guys play and sing like... a step above gods!!! :D A+++++++++++++++
10,000,000,000,000,000,000/10!! :D heehe

It's good, but one thing? :| | Reviewer: T.J. | 10/17/07

Good solo's, good fast drums, but, the vocals for me, reminds me of a weird type of 80's hair metal, and im not the biggest fan of that type of music, but I do like the guitar, I almost frickin shit my pants when I heard there solo's, but yes, i agree, almost all of there songs are the same thing..

Absolutely amazing | Reviewer: Flames21891 | 9/4/07

Normally, I am very picky when it comes to the music I listen to. I'll listen to any type of genre but the song has to catch my ear. Not only does Dragonforce catch my ear, it pulls it into a vortex of awesome. I've played a little guitar and I know my fingers get tired pretty fast when I shred. These guys shred for about 3 minutes straight faster than I ever could and probably don't break a sweat. Maybe the reason I really love Dragonforce is that it's a step away from all this Death Metal stuff (Which I really don't like)as it focuses more on the guitar melodies and the lyrics are more in-tune with the way the world actually is. They can even tone it down to bring a soft melody like Starfire while not losing the Heavy Metal fan's interests.

Uh | Reviewer: ben | 8/15/07

You know when you try to describe how good Dragonforce is.. you can't. I dont think theres words to describe it... Its that good

confused | Reviewer: chris | 7/21/07

im a bit confused about the story of dragonforce. correct me if im wrong initially they were called Dragonheart, but had to change due to copyright problems with the brazilian band dragonheart, right? at least thats what i heard. still, Dragonforce is godly. i think they are second only to Yngwie Malmsteen.

Groinchurning vocals!!!! | Reviewer: Kinzee | 6/14/07

ZP Theart (vocals) creates the best music on the planet. He can sing extremely high. There is something comforting in his voice for me-I dont know what it is.

Anyway, FORCE LIVES ON AND ON AND ON (even though ZP is 32 so hes not as young as some other modern artists)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They r the best band ever. | Reviewer: Kyle | 6/7/07

Dude...Dragonforce Rock, it's just hard to believe that Herman Li was left handed but wen he was younger...he couldn't aford a left handed guitar so he started playin on his right.

Best Metal band in the world | Reviewer: JAO | 3/16/07

Dragonforce push the power of metal to its limits and beyond that is how awsome they are.
when i first listened to them i got imediatly hooked on there music and always will be.