Insanely FAST!!! | Reviewer: Ahn... Whatever! | 1/18/14

Right, there's bands out there that are fast, but these guys are REAL fast! I can't never get enough of them, how could I? The songs are an invitation to a mad and long trip, not headbang is impossible and... Yeah! These guys are good at what they do! No! Much more than this! They're bad-ass! If you're looking for some fast and awesome beatdown, Dragonforce is your band! Go ahead and bang your head madly, fella! Their songs will make you feel really good!

dragonforce ROCKS! | Reviewer: Brandon | 1/19/10

Dragonforce is one of my favorite band of ALL TIME they are a GREAT power metal band Dave is an AMAZING drumer Herman and Sam are just crazy at the guitar ZP theart has a verry awesom,loud high vocal voice Vadim can make some unbeleivably awesome sounds on that keybored and Fred im pretty sure is the base you cant exactly here it all that clearly in some songs but allot of songs just dont sound as good without the base so they are a realy good band oh and also i realy REALY!!! need to know when they are coming to Australia kool thnx for reading rock on Dragonforce

Herman Li, I agree with you! | Reviewer: Kai de Guzman | 6/4/09

“We wanted to keep things interesting, and there are sections of certain songs that will remind you of video games,” grins Hong Kong-born Li. “Many people will hear them and assume they were made by keyboards. That’s completely wrong. All those parts are done on the guitar.”

A lot of your guitar solos/twin solos with Sam totally remind me of those old school Nintendo games! They're pretty awesome, from the intro to the end! Each time I listen to Dragonforce's songs, I always look forward to your guitar solos! They really make my head bang! I love all of Dragonforce's songs, so inspirational and makes me to never give up on anything...and living!
~Yours trully,
Your die-hard fan,
Kai de Guzman

Best lyrics? | Reviewer: Kenny | 2/11/09

"and their lyrics are simply the best messages sent to our community."

..... You ever heard of Rise Against? Of their last 3 Albums (Siren Song of the Counter Culture, Suffer and the Witness, Appeal to Reason) there are only 2 or 3 songs that I don't like all that much.

Sure, TTFaF is a good song, good lyrics, but I'll take Rise Against who sing about the struggles of everyday life.

True, I would consider them "Political", but they write some powerful stuff. I encourage you to listen to, and read the lyrics of, Hero of War.

If you can listen to that song, and sing the lyrics while listening to it, and not feel the powerful emotions, then something is wrong.

Also, have you read the lyrics for "Inside the Fire" by Disturbed? Or any of their new Album? "Inside the Fire" in particular, is about losing someone very close to you, and it's basically about contemplating suicide just to be with that person.

"Give your soul to me, for eternity
Release your life, to begin another time with her!
End your grief with me, there’s another way
Release your life, take your place inside the fire with her!"

The Best of the Best | Reviewer: Leon | 1/29/09

As for me, Dragonforce has been the talk of my friends. I dont care what people describe these other bands to be. Metallica, Sublime, Disturbed and Slipknot can't compare to the guitar power of Herman Li and Sam Totman! Their guitar solos are fantastic, their choruses amazing and their lyrics are simply the best messages sent to our community. Through the Fire and Flames, Once in a Lifetime, and Operation Ground and Pound are some of my favorites are this band had made an impact on my life....Rock on, Dragonforce!

Best band ever | Reviewer: John Harris | 1/13/09

I'm a guitar player, so I know how hard it is to play music like Dragonforce. I know a lot of their songs and I am practicing more and more everyday. I respect Herman and Sam so much for all of their practicing and devotion to their Ibanez's, which I also have. You guys really rock. If you need and extra guitarist for some reason, email me. I wont let you down. Seriously, though, for all the people who say that all Dragonforce's songs sound the same, fuck off. None of their songs sound the same at all. They are all different and amazing. And besides, dumb asses who say that, don't even know what good music is anyway.

the best of all metal! | Reviewer: KONRAD GLOWKA AKA DJ HELLBOY PL | 9/5/08

dragonforce is the best of all! i have herd all of the songs and albums that you have ever maid i love them so much they rock!
i love to see every time when you go to different ages and sing and play about dragons this r magnificente creatures that one lived on this planet mythologicaly spiking but who knows ...
ther were dinoucaures so maby ther were dragons
... and way u rock and i hope u will make new albums!
(ps. please came visit my country Poland
we are first to fight like in one of ur songs ... thx ) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/08

cool!! dave,your drum skill very skilled...although i confuse to decide whose better between mike portnoy,dave mackintosh,and james owen sullivan....herman lie,nice guitar instrument...vadim pruzhan0v,an energic keyboard,make the music really live..ZP theart...nice and high vocal..!!i'm waiting you to come to indonesia

hi | Reviewer: mohammad | 5/14/08

Prepare yourself for a gripping, exhilarating ride on January 9th, 2006. On that date, DragonForce release their hotly awaited third album, ‘Inhuman Rampage’. The title is an apt summation of a devastating musical journey, an unstoppable force that the six-man group’s forthcoming tour of duty will leave devastated cities in its wake. Combing the primal force of power metal with hard-earned musical proficiency, old-school thrash and generous quantities of muscular melody in a unique style that they call ‘extreme power metal’, DragonForce have established themselves as THE heavy metal band of the past year.

The summer of 2005 saw them sharing festival stages with Iron Maiden, a sell-out headlining tour of the UK generating scenes of pandemonium. Intensive bouts of touring to accompany the band’s two albums to date – ‘Valley Of The Damned’ in January 2003 and the following year’s ‘Sonic Firestorm’ – has seen their fan-base escalate in quite dramatic terms. Meanwhile, the European metal press have swamped the band with almost universal reams of adulation. “DragonForce are getting bigger. Prepare for the onslaught,” Kerrang! warned. "DragonForce are as metal as f**k,” roared the UK’s Metal Hammer, “They’ll be enormous.” Writers and magazines from France, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Japan and many more wasted little time in falling under the band’s spell. Perhaps the best summation of all these accolades was Rock Hard (Germany)’s prediction that: “DragonForce could become the first British metal band in ages to reap respect from all over the world.”

Against all the odds, DragonForce have single-handedly revitalised power metal in their homeland of the UK, awarding credibility to a genre that till their arrival was regarded was little more than a joke.
Clearly, plenty rides on ‘Inhuman Rampage’. However, instead of resorting to panic and watering down the style of music that secured such a position of prominence, DragonForce have gone further over the top than ever before. The new album is faster, bolder and heavier – yet still as boldly stirring and distinctly hummable – as anything they’ve attempted so far

DragonForce | Reviewer: RollzRoyce | 3/29/08

My friend first introduced this music to me several months ago. Ever since, other music just doesn't seem the same. DragonForce not only provides a heart thumping adrenaline rush, but their slow(er) songs put you in a state of calmness without bore. I must say this is a revolutionary band that I love and listen to the most by far. To Herman Li, you are amazing. I have never heard another guitarist like you. To Sam Totman, you as well, are amazing. To Theart, I listen to other metal bands and all I hear is the death screaming. You provide a part to the band that one can appreciate. To Dave, I, being a drummer as well, know the tremendous amount of work entailed in keeping your chops in shape to play as fast and accurate as you do, especially with the base drum. To you, I say great work. And to Vadim, I swear I have never heard anyone play as fast as you on a keyboard, and I go to a school with some phenomenal piano players. I would say that the keyboard/piantist is the least appreciated player of the band, and I just want to say thanks for doing your best. To the entire band, please continue the amazing music. If you release another album, I swear I will be one of the first to buy it. Thank you again.

Dragonforce | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/08

Dragonforce puts so much into their music, both skill-wise and musically, that's it's astounding. You could make TWO songs with just a few of the riffs you could find in one. Then once you add in the insane energy from their drummer and Vad's keyboards, you have music on a scale few can match(if any). And with the popularity of Inhuman Rampage skyrocketing, any new music would be gobbled up instantly.

Heavenly Music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/08

oh my god!!!!!!
i hate modern power metal with all its growling and screeching. but dragonforce.......its a surrealistic experience. you can lose yourself in their music imagining faraway worlds or different ages. every song has that epic and legendary mythical feel to it. everything about them is flawless and its hard to decide who among Li,Totman,ZP, or Vadim is best.
they are like the gods themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!
this has got to be one of my best band of all time.
DF pls come to INDIA!!!

-Ashish Vora
(A disciple)

Simply Amazing... | Reviewer: Chris | 2/8/08

This has got to be my favorite band, and I've had a lot of favorite bands in the past, but DragonForce just blows them away. I'm not going to be like everyone else and just talk about TTFAF (although it is certainly one of my favorites). Heart of a Dragon and My Spirit will go on are currently one of my favorite songs by them. Yet it's odd... Just the other day Operation Ground and Pound and Fury of the Storm were my favorite. It just goes to show that DragonForce isn't only a one-hit wonder band... Well, its more like 20 1 hit wonders. It's a shame I hear them so rarely on the radio. The feeling you get after listening to them... Oh man! Whereas the solo's and rythm are truly amazing, the vocals are what really nails me. Such deep meaning in all of their lyrics, and the tone in which Theart can reach is truly mind blowing.

Great job DragonForce. Keep it up
-A devoted fan

(PS Come to Arizona!)

C.J. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

Not ALL their songs are the same, i agree they are relatively similar but the fact that they can play them blows me away. dragon force is awesome and i like how they sing compared to what they could do which is yell into the mic where is it damn near impossible because it would be loud and obnoxious. I dont understand HOW anyone can understand people who yell into a mic saying stupid shit. i mean seriously could you see this line "On a cold winter morning, in the time before the light
In flames of death's eternal reign we ride towards the fight" being put into death metal?

Holy fucking hell. | Reviewer: TrashedAndScarred. | 12/31/07

Through The Fire And Flames blew my fucking mind. The guitar pieces are so crazy, I can't even think how long and hard these guys must have practiced to be able to do stuff like that. I thought Syn Gates was as good as it got today but this is just fricking immense. I think I'm in love =].