92/100 | Reviewer: Kevin Drewett | 11/8/10

This song is some aspects Reflects the book of revelations in the christian bible, HOWEVER the was a game recently released called Darksiders where you play as The Horseman "War". This song greatly reflects the game while at the same time taking you back to earlier games dealing with the same topic. The music is enchanting. The solos are all well orchestrated and keep you wanting more. And most importantly are the ways in which the change the sounds out throughout the song. Most don't notice but i did. They throughout the song slowly transitioned the main sound around several times. The power this song has is amazing and i would say this is a must for both gamers and Christians alike. Not perfect but still absolutely amazing beyond words this song captured my heart and made me imagine the world this song was in as if i was actually playing the games it was based on or if the song was actually happening.

a slight problem | Reviewer: FrostClaw | 4/14/08

theres a mistake in ur lyrics... sorry to point it out but

Through the dark night and through the rain
Fighting machine we are risen again
Striving forever more...
We will survive

this is the 8th paragraph thingy in the first line, its not the same as the first time in the song... it should be

Through the sadness and through the pain

its a great song, i love all of dragonforce's songs, sorry to post a problem in ur lyrics

Yeah! | Reviewer: Dan the Man | 11/11/07

Great song, I love the fact they actually took the book of Revalations and sang about it. I'm a christian and I love Dragonforce!

Best | Reviewer: Decman | 10/12/07

this is the best song ever, but for some reason i like their dragonheart version more than dragonforce oh well kick ass song anyway

hell yeah!!! | Reviewer: Snake | 9/3/07

omg what a great fucking song , id discovered it just recently and man this shit rules for fucking real