Reviews for Operation Ground And Pound Lyrics

Performed by Dragonforce

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Danny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/07

never herd of them b4 this song and now i love them
they r amzing singers nd guitar players
they play so fast nd sing so fast its amazing

YEAH | Reviewer: Tpiom | 10/26/07

I like the way he is singing, like lighter voice
in the lines:
Cry far away, as we reach for the day....

And hell he is singing fast, shit.. so fucking fast.

Only heard it recently | Reviewer: Jack | 9/17/07

only just heard this song the other day on channel [v] and i couldn't get over the wicked sweet guitar solos. bit hard to hear what he's saying and the bits you can hear are hard to understand but once you get it the lyrics are also awesome. i had never even heard of dragon force before this song but now i love it.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/07

i love this song its so awesome i didnt think i would like because i like rap and that crap but my boyfriend insisted that i listen to it and im glad i did

Absolute Awesome | Reviewer: Seraph Thanatos | 9/6/07

This is easily my favorite Dragonforce song. They're ridiculously awesome, and they're the only, *only* heavy metal band I've ever heard ofwhere the band members are the good guys in their songs.

It's all about destroying the evil one and stuff...I love it! Truly amazing work.

One question though: What does ZP Theart do during the solos? o.O

This song is excelent!! ^^ | Reviewer: Kanaru | 8/26/07

Speaker cucumbers!! O___O

Really I been finding this lyric and finally found this song =D
This is one of my favourite songs of DragonForce ^^
Thank you!! ^^

Try hearing this! | Reviewer: Ice | 8/10/07

This song rocks on its own, but if you try listening to the lyrics with deeper vocals it still sounds AWESOME! Believe me, it's very, very good. =D Great song, great lyrics. Also, if this is "heavy metal for lord of the rings fanatics" then I am one HELL of a Lord of the Rings fanatic!

Wow.... | Reviewer: Forciie | 8/6/07

I discovered this band for about a half year ago, and I was simply amazed!
Sick instrumental skills, all in the band!
Love the way he's singing and the lyrics are superb.
I use to listen to DragonForce on my mp3 when I'm about to sleep, try it. Really cool!

All creds to DF, for being a really good band. Thanks.

the fuckin most ass kickin song on the face of the earth | Reviewer: xxsmoothiexx | 8/4/07

i cant beleive that anybody cannot not like this song... i am one of the few lucky people that can say that i have been on the front row to one of their gigs and i have met herman li!! u guys have 2 see them they are the greatest live band iv ever seen apart from maiden

It's a good song | Reviewer: Ranaxe the terrible | 8/3/07

I think "soldiers of the wasteland" or "through the fire and flames" can beat this song.

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