Reviews for Operation Ground And Pound Lyrics

Performed by Dragonforce

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Awesome Show | Reviewer: Laura | 10/7/08

Yeah, i also went to see them at Manchester Academy. Sam was getting abused by them, haha, but overall the show was absolutely amazing, i couldn't believe how awesome it was, i just loved it. It made things so much better when i caught Sam's pick, I was amazed! It was an awesome performance. Go DRAGONFORCE! <3
Add my msn if you where at the same concert or are a huge DragonForce fan! :D

Quote | Reviewer: Jack | 9/27/08

That quote was from the Metal Hammer magazine. It is quoted on the Dragonforce website. The quote is actually:

'While most bands want to be bigger than Metallica, Dragonforce have the capacity to exceed star wars'

Went to a Dragonforce concert last night down at Manchester Academy. It was absolutely phenomenal. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the music was utterly mind blowing. Herman played with his tongue down and then. It was just fantastic, best concert i have ever seen, and possibly ever will, it was that good.

total domination! | Reviewer: Eric | 8/14/08

honestly operation ground and pound is an awesome song, one of the best in my opinion. besides this one i LOVE revolution deathsquad, fury of the storm and storming the burning fields. those four are my favourite songs ever from this epic band

WOW. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/08

theres a quote that i found somewhere, but i cant remember who said it. but here it is:

"Most band dream fo being bigger than Metallica. Dragonforce has the capability to be bigger than Star Wars."

I agree completely.

totman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/08

Not only is Herman Li one of the best and most brilliant guitarists but they also have Sam Totman who is just as good if not better in this song, and an amazing drummer and singer (the bassist and keyboardist are good to just not as good) so all in all they have the best of everything exept drums cause Neil Pert

This is a bad arse song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/08

TTFATF was the first Dragonforce song I listened to several years ago. I loved it, and searched for more of their music. I heard this, and screamed of awesomeness. Other bands should bow to dragonforce, and guitarists everywhere must worship Herman Li and his savageness.

Ohmygod. | Reviewer: emma | 3/26/08

THIS SONG IS AMAZING ! the first dragonforce song i heard. once i heard it on kerrang! i had to download it. then i saw ttfatf on gh3 and went ohmygod.. and now i love them. the guitaring on this song is insane ! except from starfire, obv.

Rising through the darkened ashes... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/08

The end of the first verse is one of my favorite lines in music, right up there with some lines Project 86 has done. Overall the lyrics are great; the music is a bit laid back as far as the faster D-Force songs go, but it still has enough power to support the vocals and monstrous guitar solos.

If the new CD(song demo, around early April) is anything like this I will be the first in line to get it.

Awsome | Reviewer: Godzilla | 3/24/08

This was the first DF song I ever heard and then when GH3 came out with ttff it just blew everyone out of the water. If you learn of a band from a game then big dealz, you learned a new band. Either way this band is kickass as well as the song.

The best song in the world | Reviewer: Leon | 3/19/08

DragonForce is the best band in the entire universe!!!! Linkin Park and Fall out boy suck monkey balls compared to DragonForce. Operation Ground and Pound was the first DragonForce song that I ever heard and I have been telling people about it ever since.

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