Dragonforce like Kansas | Reviewer: David Condron | 4/4/11

Dragonforce has shown that a modern band can have the art-rock of a band like Kansas from the classic rock era today. Three cheers for Dragonforce! This music reminds me of the early Kansas stuff and the Kerry Livgren solo stuff he did after leaving Kansas. Want to see what I mean? See Masque by Kansas for the similar lyrical quality.

89/100 | Reviewer: Kevin Drewett | 11/8/10

This is by far one of the best songs i have heard in years. The soul and emotion that the band puts into their work has never ceased to impress me. this song touched my soul in a way i had not felt from a rock band, nor had i ever expected a rock band to bring such feelings to my heart. The solos are long however, and through them you some times wonder if the song will ever end. But they hold your interest and are always interesting. I say that the only thing that could have been done to make the song better would have been to have some shortening of the solos. All in all this is an amazing song that i would highly recommend along with the whole of the bands music.