more like fury of the asian guitarist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/07

Beautiful, just beautiful. These guys never cease to amaze me. First time I heard the solo, I was in shock and awe. At 5:40 my jaw dropped to the floor, I tried to imagine someone playing that and I could see the guitar exploding. To me that's exactly what it sounds like. And vocals WOW this guy is FAST, and it doesn't sound like gibberish IT SOUNDS GOOD?!!? UNHEARD OF. If I had to pick one word to describe this song it would be DAAYYYYUUMMMMMMMMMM. 5 STAR!

simply the best | Reviewer: inwood | 9/1/07

ive listened to all of the d force songs thousands of times from my wake up till i sleep and every song is ace ! ! ! ! dr4g0n f0rc3 4 3v3r ! ! ! !

It PWNS! | Reviewer: Mr Gi.Raffe | 9/1/07

I really like the last minute of the song ....basicly the whole song rules but the last part of it in particular is the best :D

Fury of the rock. | Reviewer: Aaron | 8/27/07

Power Metal has hit an all time high with this band: Dragonforce, their stuck in your head tunes not only makes you want to air guitar and tap your desk to the beat, it makes you want to just jump up and move. They are truly the revolutionaries of power metal. This is probably my favorite D-Force song, even though i've listened to it over 75 times, it doesnt get bad.

I absolutley LOOOOOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/07

Every beat to this song you just want to bang ur head to. Personally I love all fast music and Dragon Force makes me jumpy :) omg i cant stop listening to it! It's a son that you just want to keep listening to over and over again. I love you Dragon Force...

HELL YEA | Reviewer: rock on | 8/20/07

lol anyone who dont love this song is either ungodly or inhuman dragonforce rocks the very foundations of the universe

WANDERFUL!! | Reviewer: Wishmaster | 7/31/07

Surely this is one of the best songs of Dragonforce!
I love them and I like all kind of metal music, I think! ROCK THIS PEOPLE!! Yay!
But I love "The Flame of Youth" and "Once in A Lifetime", love all Dragonforce's songs!!

OMFG!! THIS IS GUITAR PLAYING | Reviewer: AJ | 7/8/07

This band has the best guitarist ive ever seen. The vocalists are amazing> This song is wow and im glad this song is possible to play on guitar hero. This is a song that is for a metal listeners!!!!! Especially those that play guitar hero 1 and 2!!!!

JUST A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!

guitar | Reviewer: shawn | 7/4/07

yall know that you can download ghex (guitar hero explorer) and replace the songs with other songs that you can get from and burn it to another dvd rom disc but the only thing bad about
fury of the storm on it is you can only play it on expert so if u want to play it on guitar hero the u have better be good at it.

OMFG | Reviewer: pure-evil-dragon | 6/24/07

this song is just uber, it is one of the best songs ive ever herd and i think that this song will kill any chavs that hurd it :P thats what powers it has haha