gods of sound | Reviewer: savage pastry | 12/25/11

i am one of few teenagers left with enough sense to listen to this, and the first time i heard this song i think i had an eargasm. (yes, i just made that word up). also, these guy would make great remakes of Iron Maiden. although Bruce Dikinson would completely smoke ZP.

df fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/11

dragonforce is my fav band except now that zp is gone i dont like mearc hudson i can name about 37 of their songs invocation of apocalyptic evil,valley of the damned,revalations,disciples of babylon,where dragons rule,black winter night,evening star,fury of the storm,black fire,starfire,soldiers of the wasteland,once in a lifetime,cry of the brave,heart of a dragon,dawn of a new world or day i forget,my spirit will go on,feilds of despair,through the fire and flames,operation ground and pound,revolution deathsquad,storming the burning feilds,body breakdown,cry for eternity,the flame of youth,trail of broken hearts,lost souls in endless time,E.P.M,strike of the ninja,scars of yesterday,heroes of our time,reason to live,the fire still burns,heartbreak armaggedon,the last journey home,a flame for freedom,inside the winter storm,and the warrior inside id like to see someone name more of their songs than me hahaha

Ok............ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/11

HOLY F&$*ING S&@T!!!!! I tried playing this song on my guitar, and my fingers started to fricking bleed! Seriously, they should write on their cds "WARNING! cover at your own risk!"
this band is perfect except for the vocalist, who is only AMAZING, but a little less than perfect. Sweet!

Holy **** | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/11

this song just kicks ass! PLaying this song in Guitar Hero WoR was just awesome. I'd like to play a Guitar Hero:Dragonforce someday and at the same time I don't cuz I won't be able finish it without breaking my hand.But seriously doing solos that no one even knew was possible is just Epic! this song deserves a 9.9/10 respect to Dragonforce

Awesomest song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/11

Fury of the Storm is the best song to ever exist in history the only thing better than this song is chuck norris he is awesomer than awesome anyway my favorite part is the solo near the end and they should make a Guitar Hero DragonForce

O.o | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/11

I Almost Jizzed My Pants When Thr Guitar Solo Of This Song And From Through The Fire And Flames Came On!
I Love You Guys (No Homo)
Sure There Are Bands But We Need More Of Ya'll
Beast Guitarist, Epic Drummer, OMFG It's A Keyboard Player!, And An Awesome Vocalist....You Don't See Those Bands Everyday!

Guitar Hero Dragonforce | Reviewer: Nameless | 2/22/11

I totally agree with Guitar Hero Dragonforce. But there are 2 things that whould suck. They only have 38 songs, and 2nd, the game whould be so difficult, they whouldn't bother making it on expert. And when there whould be the final battle between you, Lou and Demigod od Rock, everyone whould fall out, because the song whould be so hard. BUT they SHOULD make it anyway. DrAgOn FoRcE 4 Evah!

Yup | Reviewer: Falcon | 2/4/11

Yea I beat the song on expert on the quest mode and with a 73% barely passing and I jumped around screaming my head off! And I love the song and the Band The Lead Singer Has An Awesome Voice And the Intruments are outstanding!

Guitar Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/11

This song is the shit on GH WoR! It's extremely difficult most people faint when seeing it. Such is it's overwhelming epicness that only Chuck Norris has played it and lived to tell the tale(barely)! So I asked Chuck what he thought about it. He coolly replied: "I'd rather try to tame a great white shark/kraken hybrid blindfolded than play that song again."
So he learned a valuable lesson with this song: it's so epic you can tame a great white shark/kraken hybrid with it.

DragonForce ROK | Reviewer: GH King | 10/24/10

DRAGONFORCE TOTALLY ROK MAN!! I luv the intro to this song its just so awesome! i canz also 100% Through the fire and Flames on hard in GH III.(I still need practis on Fury of the storm in GH Warriors of Rock)But this is one of my all time fav DragonForce songs!I reckon Neversoft shood make a GH DRAGONFORCE.