All-Time Favorite Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/10

ALL TIME Favorite song, favorite band. As a pianist I play their songs on piano by ear, which however difficult that is to do, this was the hardest one I've done so far. I understand that they do use studio-generated SOUNDS but they can play their songs LIVE. They are 2 of the best guitarists in the world

!!! | Reviewer: #0 fan! | 11/21/09

I would just like to say that I have been a dragonforce fan for almost 5 or 6 years now (can't remember). I have always found this song to be one of their best. I have all their albums and all their merchandise (love the tabbed song book the most!). I will always be a fan in this life and beyond so keep up the great work DF! You are what strives me to live!

whoah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

this song has possessed my room. i can not ebeter it without this awesome song getting stuck in my head. it tells us of a fellowship devoted to a quest and will stop at nothing to fulfill it. they have harnessed the power of the universe and they are not afraid to use it. i cannot help but view keyboardists in a whole new way after hearing the [167.3756 second Instrumental]and actually paying my full attention to it. i cant imagine how long it has ta take to get as skilled as dragonforce. without a doubt 9.8/10

The best | Reviewer: QuiltedStew | 10/6/09

Into the fires of forever we will fly through the heavens with the power of the universe we stand strong together through the force in our power, it will soon reach the hour for victory we ride, Fury of the Storm!
Thats my favorite part. But my all time fav of dragonforce is Body Breakdown. That one is kick ass

all-time best dragonforce song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/09

been a follower of dragonforce since sonic firestorm, i honestly havent heard any song better than this one on any dragonforce albums, i think this deserved to be in GH3 over TTF&F, but who knows maybe they'll make a dragonforce edition, but it might cause every xbox, ps3 or anything the disc is put into to explode from the awesomeness.

¬¬ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/09

yes,FLAMING LLAMA, i'm a fan, and i can name you all the 40 songs (not 18 xD), since invocation of the apocalyptic evil until E.P.M. those 5 songs i named before are my favorites so please, read before comment.

FAVORITE BAND | Reviewer: Flaming Llama | 5/26/09

Oh yeah, Anonymous? You think your a Dragonforce fan for naming 5 songs? FIVE!? I can nameat least 18!! Scars of Yesterday, through the fire and flames, fury of the storm(obviosly), the fire still burns, revalations, heroes of our time, reasons to live, heartbreak armageddon, the last journey home, revolution deathsquad, the warrior inside, trail of broken hearts, dawn over a new world, prepare for war, starfire, valley of the damned, cry for eternity and my spirit will go on. All awesome songs!! Also if you dont believe me about my email, try emailing it. Its real, unless I didnt type enough spams:)

AWESOME SONG | Reviewer: Flaming Llama | 5/25/09

¡¡This is one of my favorite Dragonforce songs!! ¡¡ZP is amazing for saying all that so fast and not messing up once!! ¡¡I cant say it slow without messing up!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡And Herman Li and Sam Totman are awesome too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragonforce | Reviewer: Mike | 5/22/09

While Dragonforce is an amazing band, and Herman and Sam are the best guitarists of there time. I do not think you can put them in best ever for the main reason they do shit that has been done for years, just at a sped up pace. If slown down it sounds like something written by an 80's hair metal band. Best is Randy Rhodes for the reinvention of the guitar, Dimebag for taken 3 notes and making one of the most metal riffs ever, and Jeff Hannemen (Slayer) because face facts Slayer was, is and always will be the fastest heaviest most brutal band to ever come out.

ownage | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/09

i love this band and have done for many years, i h8 the fact these kids think they have been sped up, if anyone thinks this they should see them live, herman is the best guitarist in the world and teamed with sam they are just an immense duo, i love this song aswell as many others and i hope they dont finish any time soon and i hope we have another load of albums to come from this band, ZP has 1 amazing voice and vadim is just insane, for any power metal fan these are a must see band!!!