omg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/09

i have followed the force since i was 11 and im now 14 and i have all their albums and i think this and reasons to live are the best songs they have ever done. (i also think that where dragons rule is a kickass song too)

holy gods of the olimpus! | Reviewer: gh newbie | 3/19/09

wowowow! this is probably the fastes song i have ever heard!!! i mean.... if out there is a guitarrist that can play faster than that, he or she can suck my shiny guitar,specialy if its a she *laughs*

it's really fast | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/09

WOW... fast and awesome!!! i meet them because gh3. after that i downloaded this song and where dragons rule (demo). since the beginning i liked this song. i think this song, revolution deathsquad, black fire and E.P.M are the fastest songs of dragonforce because ARE VERY FAST DURING ALL THE SONG (not like other songs that only the solos are very fast)
and my favourites are fury of the storm, revolution deathsquad, revelations, dawn over a new world, lost souls in endless time and reasons to live.

just started...already like 'em | Reviewer: nikko connors | 1/20/09

i first started to listen to Dragonforce in 06...i got their cd sonic firestorm...(i dont know of others) and i liked them from the star, even fury of the storm, but when i got Inhuman Rampage the advanced album...i went crazy!!!! All of their songs are awesome, even the solos in every song. My favs now are Fury of the storm, my spirit will go on, revolution deathsquad, through the fire and flames and body breakdown....Dragonforce forever!!!

df | Reviewer: kamakazikilla | 1/4/09

DF is god, period, no other two people can even compare to herman and sam.... not even van halen, and he's fuckin insane, so even if you dont like the music, apreciate the dedication of being the two best guitarists to be in the same band, and possibly up for nomination in best ever..... and for people who think DF is all about the video games, they are not, go see a live show, you will shit your pants........ oh and as for guitar hero... they are featured in guitar hero solely because there is nobody better..... suck it up. guitar hero is kick ass anyways so who cares?

fury of the storm, through the fire and flames, operation G&P, Revolution deathsquad, heroes of our time, my spirit will go on

and the next time you decide to hate on DF.. remember they are the best =p

HELL YEAH !!!! | Reviewer: genta | 12/17/08

Good song, average lyric, best guitar (solo, but twin), good drumer, unique vocal, crazy keyboard (please just focus to keyboard XD). Well thats just my opinion...
But they concert really rare, so some people think they just speed up. They should see the live concert, its amazing...
For some people who just say bad thinks about them, I dare them to say it again after see the live concert !!!

Dragon Force to Awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/08

omg! i love dragon force's songs!!! i went to one of there concerts and the guy who plays key board is wild :) he swings his arm around in a way that looks like hes going to dislocate his sholder and does an exagerated irish dance or something with his feet at the same time. to awsome to watch and hear!!!

z0mg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/08

Dragonforce is the best band EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF u dont like dragonforce you are NOT human!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not a n00b who only knows the songs from the games. I can name 5 different songs. Fury of the storm, through the fire and flames, starfire, where dragons rule, and my spirit will go on.

oh well | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/08

as some1 who dislikes (or more practicly, HATE, DESPISE, WICH THAT IT WAS NOT EVER EXIST) power metal, i think this song is pretty cool. nice solo. but gay lyrics. oh, come on, riding cross the distand sun to defeat the darkness? well, we are not 8 years old, and this is not DBZ. MUSIC IS ART! NOT SOME DRAGON BATTLE SHIT!

for dragonforce, the band itself i say, that there is a place for them peoples, and its called WORLD OF WARCRAFT



HELL YEAH!!!! | Reviewer: Connor Wenzlaff | 10/27/08

This song is just so awesome! I can not stop listening to this song! If anyone says this song is a piece of crap they deserve to be shot in the head with a rocket launcher then their corpse be cut into a million pieces!